Snowfall in Mussoorie: Best time to Visit (Queen of Hills) 2022

SNOWFALL IN MUSSOORIE, The word “snowfall”, automatically excites many people and seeing the beautiful view of snowfall is like a dream to many. People come from different places across the country or even across the world to tourist spots like Mussoorie to witness the magic of falling of snow.

When visiting some hill station for vacations, getting to see the snowfall becomes our only motive as we don’t get to see it often in our day-to-day life. As a result, we plan our vacations accordingly. But sometimes, the things don’t go according to our plans. That’s why having a complete idea of snowfall becomes necessary when visiting a hill station like Mussoorie or Kasol In December.

If you guys have read the last blog on Mall Road, Mussoorie, then you all must be knowing that it does snowfall in Mussoorie during some particular time of the year.

This blog includes more details about falling of snowfall in Mussoorie and some other famous places in Uttarakhand like Dehradun and Rishikesh.



Knowing that snowfall does take place in Mussoorie alone is not enough, knowing about the locations or places where snowfall occurs is also important in order to take the complete advantage of the snowfall.

If we are visiting a new place for the first time, it is obvious that we are unknown to some basic information of that place which includes finding the site of snowfall too.

It starts to snowfall in Mussoorie from the mid of December officially, which you can experience till the mid of January or sometimes even longer. You can experience the snowfall on Mall Road as well as on your way to reach Mussoorie, especially during the first week of January.

Also, if you want to experience snow at a higher altitude than Mussoorie, you must try to visit Dhanaulti Or Just travel to Jibhi Himachal Prdaesh

For those who do not know where is Dhanaulti situated, then let me tell you that it is located at a distance of 24 kilometres (km) from the hill station, Mussoorie.

So, start planning your vacations to Mussoorie in order to witness the snowfall as its November already.


The ongoing month is November and it gets difficult to expect snowfall in November in Mussoorie.

Once. I have visited Mussoorie during the month of November (mid of November as far as I remember) and I didn’t find snowfall anywhere around me. So in my opinion, November is not the right time to visit Mussoorie if you are the one who wants to enjoy the eye captivating view of roads and hills being covered with snow.

But if you want a break from your busy schedule and want to enjoy with your family or friends, then you can surely visit Mussoorie in November or in any other month of the year as the climate over there is quite soothing and relaxing like Manali Himachal



Okay, so many amongst you wish to visit the Queen of Hills, Mussoorie during the last month of the year that is, December as the ending of the year and Christmas of course bring families and friends together. It’s a great time to spend your vacations with your closed ones. And everyone knows that when we are with our family or friends, the entertainment level rises automatically.

Every family and every group of friends is an overall package of fun and happiness. Just think of the last time when you sat with your family or with your friends and remember the fun you had just being with them. Feels NOSTALGIC, isn’t it?

Yes, it does feel nostalgic. Even I feel the same when I remember those lovely times when I have been with my closed ones. And, the visit to Mussoorie gets even more fascinating if we go there during the times of snowfall (it is like “sone pe suhaga”).

December (end week of December) is probably the best time to acknowledge the beauty of Mussoorie along with the snowfall.

Therefore, there would be nothing wrong if I say that it does snowfall in Mussoorie during the month of December (end of December to experience heavy rainfall).

Plan your new year’s eve with your family and friends as soon as possible.


In this part of the blog, I will be sharing my own personal experience of visiting Mussoorie.

So, I visited Mussoorie in the first week of January this year,2020. I consider myself super lucky as I got to see the beautiful and satisfying view of snowfall on my visit to Mussoorie.

The sides of the roads were covered with snow. Ah! Now when I think of that scenery in front of my eyes, I feel like visiting the place again. But for that to happen, I need to wait for at least one more month.

Though, Mussoorie witnessed a good amount of snowfall last year but as me and my family wanted to experience a more fascinating view of falling snow, we visited a place which is at a distance of 24 kilometres (km) from Mussoorie. Yes, I am talking about another such tourist spot, Dhanaulti.

On reaching there, we got astonished after looking at its beauty. The place was covered with heavy snow (much more than Mussoorie). Just like Mussoorie, Dhanaulti also provides the staying facilities to its guests. And the other interesting thing which you can do in Dhanaulti is camping and staying in those cute-looking tents.

So, I would like to give an advise to you people that if you are visiting Mussoorie, do not skip visiting Dhanaulti.

Also, Try to book you stay at Mussoorie by to enjoy free a lot of customer friendly features like  Free Cancellation or Pay@Hotel, Better to check all the details before booking your hotel stay



Many of you are concerned about the safety of your closed ones if you are visiting Mussoorie with them during the time of snowfall and this feeling is natural as you care for them.

But, you guys need not to worry as visiting Mussoorie during the time of snowfall is completely safe except for the fact that you may get sick with cold and fever because of the extremely cold climate there. So, pack your bags accordingly. Except this, there is no trouble as such for you as well as your closed ones even when you are visiting Mussoorie at the time of snowfall.

But sometimes due to heavy snowfall, roads may get blocked. So, you need to go through the news before the time you plan to visit Mussoorie to get to know about the occurrence of any such situation to avoid any kind of discomfort or uncertainty.




Rishikesh, is another famous tourist spot located in the state of Uttarakhand. Just like Mussoorie or any other tourist spot in Uttarakhand, Rishikesh is the preference of many such tourists as a source of their enjoyment.

We already know that there are many admirers of snowfall so there is a high possibility of people those who wish to or are planning to visit Rishikesh to think of a question that is, “Does Rishikesh have snowfall’? OR “Does Rishikesh experience snowfall”?

The answer to this question is NO, Rishikesh does not experience any snowfall as it is not considered as a hilly area or a hill station. But, don’t get disheartened if you have already planned your visit to Rishikesh as it has many other exciting things to enjoy. The famous one being, rafting.

And, if you really want to experience the snowfall then cancel your visit to Rishikesh and plan a visit to Mussoorie or nearby places like Dhanaulti.


Personally speaking, I don’t think anyone of you reading this blog is unknown or ignorant to the beauty of the City of Love, Dehradun ( capital city of Uttarakhand state).

In this section, I am going to tell you guys about the status of snowfall in Dehradun.

Famous for its climate, the weather starts to get cold in the month of October in Dehradun. That’s when the winter season begins in Dehradun. And by the month of December, it gets extremely cold in Dehradun. This time signals the beginning of snowfall in nearby places like Mussoorie, Dhanaulti and Chatkara.

When talking about snowfall in Dehradun, it gets hard to predict the falling of snow over there. There are some cases of snowfall in Dehradun but this phenomenon is not seen frequently and also the time when it happens is not fixed.



If you are the one who wants to visit the places in Uttarakhand apart from Mussoorie and Dhanaulti in order to acknowledge the beauty of snowfall, then reading this part of the blog may turn out to be beneficial for you. So, read this part of the blog carefully.

The state of Uttarakhand is a land to many beautiful as well as famous tourist spots and Auli is one of them.

Auli, (apart from its beauty and climate) is a famous tourist spot mainly for the winter sports which can be played and enjoyed if you plan to pay a visit to Auli.
You all might be knowing that Auli does experience snowfall but you might be wondering about the time when snowfall takes place there.

Though, it is less likely to experience the snowfall in Auli during the month of November but it is not something which is impossible. There are few occurrences of falling of snow in Auli in the month of November.

We can’t do injustice to other beautiful tourist spots in Uttarakhand by talking just about Auli. So, let me provide you with the names of similar tourist spots in Uttarakhand.

Kanatal, Pittoragarh, Nainital, Pauri (Garhwal), Chopta, etc.

The snowfall here in Auli and other mentioned places begins around the month of December and lasts roughly till the month of February. Same Like Rohtang Pass In Manali. But, the visit to these places remain fun and exciting throughout the year.


To wind up, the ideal time of viewing and enjoying the snowfall in Mussoorie or other tourist spots in Uttarakhand that experience snowfall is during the last month of the year, December. So, if you are still confused about planning your vacations to some place with your family and friends, go to Mussoorie if you live in nearby places to Mussoorie or even far from Mussoorie as the place is worth visiting.


Don’t forget to take your cameras along with you as you might be wanting to capture those beautiful views so that you can keep the memories of that place with you forever.


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