Why Is Mussoorie Mall Road So Famous? Nightlife & Shopping

MUSSOORIE MALL ROAD is a famous tourist place when it comes to planning your vacations to Mussoorie, specially in the months of June and January. You can see the crowd of people from different places, roaming freely on Mussoorie Mall Road.

I wonder if there is even a single person who doesn’t get fascinated after hearing the term “mountains”. And, I’m sure that you all must be knowing about the Queen of Hills, Mussoorie – a hill station situated in the state of Uttarakhand. It is famous for its eye – catching beauty and the amazing weather over there.

When we talk about Mussoorie, Mall Road can never be left out or neglected.

In mid-January, you get to the see the beautiful view Winter Line.And the most special thing about this Winter Line is that it can only be spotted in Switzerland apart from Mussoorie. Also its always good to plan your summer vaction trip to Mussoorie.

Let’s get to know more about Mussoorie Mall Road.



Gone are the times when night was meant only for sleeping. Now, night is seen as an opportunity to enjoy ourselves to the fullest. That’s the reason, when we plan our vacations to a certain place, the very first thing we think about after the budget of course is the quality of the night life of the place we are going to visit.



The main thing of concern for the female visitors to visit any place is their own personal safety during the night. Safety is something we girls can’t compromise with as the news we get to hear in our day-to-day lives is not so favorable in terms of our safety. But, I have a good news for the female visitors i.e. Mall Road is entirely safe if you are planning for an ALL-GIRLS trip.

SO, you can finally start packing your bags and book your tickets without giving a second thought before visiting the Mussoorie Mall Road.


The night beauty of Mussoorie Mall Road a is little more captivating than its day beauty.

The view of City of Love, Dehradun from the side walks of Mall Road looks not less than a paradise at night. It is a perfect mood-lifter view for all the visitors acknowledging it at that particular point of time.But for trekking lovers there is no trek in Mussoorie like Tosh to Kheerganga Trek in Kasol
Apart from enjoying the night beauty of the place, it is also the best time to enjoy some roadside maggie along with tapri wali chai.


If you are someone looking for a refreshing as well as entertaining evening, this is the place for you. The Tavern is located on the Mall Road and the timings being 11 am – 11 pm.

Music is a great source of relaxing oneself from our hectic schedule. Tavern, provides its guests with live music shows, especially on weekends.

Not only music, but the dine and wine here is something everyone who pays a visit to this place should try. To conclude, this place is an overall package of fun, enjoyment, food and beverages.

When talking about night, I would like to put a special emphasis on New Year’s Night celebrated on Mussoorie Mall Road.

THE NEW YEAR’S NIGHT At Mussoorie Mall Road.

The way new year’s night is celebrated on Mussoorie Mall Road is not less than any big festival. The Mall Road starts to get decorated just after the Christmas same like Mall Road Manali. On new year’s eve, people start gathering together in large numbers on the Mall Road before the clock hits 12.

As soon as the clock hits 12, you get to hear people hooting as loud as they could. Out of all the nights, this is probably the best night on Mussoorie Mall Road.

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The weather on Mall Road remains cool throughout the year but it gets freaking cold during the winter months, especially during the months of December and January. The rainy season and nights are also accompanied by the falling temperature. So, it is justified if I say that the temperature varies like Jibhi Himachal Pradesh.

Even on a fine sunny day, you can feel the gust of wind passing by you. Hence, it gets necessary to keep some woollen clothes along with your other luggage.


All this while, we have been talking about various things related to Mussoorie Mall Road so knowing about the Mall Road’s timings becomes extremely crucial to avoid any kind of confusion or discomfort.

First, let me make it clear that you can roam and enjoy the beautiful sight of the place for the complete 24 hours. But, the shopping sights and some restaurants has got certain timings.

The opening time for them is between 10 am – 11 am and the closing time is 10 pm or sometimes it gets exceeded to 11 pm, depending on the season. If its peak season, then the timings get altered accordingly.



Just like pictures, shopping is also a way of retaining the memories with you from the place you have visited just now and the vacations remain incomplete without shopping.

Mussoorie gives you a chance to shop some good amount of handful items from the various places situated on mall road or at the nearby places.

The Mall Road is a famous shopping site in Mussoorie. It is commonly known as THE HUB of shopping in Mussoorie.

Tibetan Market is one of the most famous spot for shopping on Mall Road. It is famous for its cheap street style shopping during the off season. The prices rise gradually during the on season times. Items which you can shop from Tibetan Market are clothes (for summers and winters both), footwears, wall hangings and other decorative items.

Apart from the Tibetan Market, there are many other roadside stalls and shops to shop from. So, in case you are a shopping lover, don’t be disheartened as this place has a lot for you to shop.



Having talked about almost everything, food is something which can’t be spared especially by all the food lovers out there. Food is not just a term, it is an emotion– an emotion which has the ability to make one happy.

When we are planning to visit a certain place, we start searching about some famous dishes belonging to that particular place. Sometimes, it gets difficult for us to try all those mouth – watering dishes.

Here, I am going to give you a brief idea about some famous dishes which you can eat in Mussoorie in order to please your taste buds as well as the places from where you can get them.

Mussoorie has many cafes and restaurants situated at different places including the most loved place that is, Mall Road. Even in our day-to-day life, we keep on eating from such cafes and restaurants but the taste and fun of street food is something which can not be disliked by anyone.



  • Everyone’s favourite, maggie
  • Masala corns
  • Boiled eggs and omelettes
  • Samosas
  • Chhole Bhature
  • Momos and noodles


For all the non-vegetarians, Mussoorie offers you with a wide range of finger – licking chicken dishes. Butter chicken tops the list to be precise. Apart from chicken, Mussoorie offers you with kebabs too. Make sure that you try these two dishes especially. The taste is going to remain trapped in your taste buds forever.


This question is the most frequently asked question by the people those who are planning to visit the Mall Road by their own personal car.
The last time when I visited Mall Road, I didn’t notice much cars on the road or I must say that I hardly saw any car moving on the Mall

Road during the active hours of the road. The Mall Road mainly remains engaged with the tourists and the crowd remains huge in number. So, to avoid further rush, taking your cars on the road is not a good option.

People those who come to visit the place by their own personal car have the option to park the car in the hotel itself where they plan to stay throughout the course of their visit.

But don’t you people worry as there is availability of cycle – rickshaws on the Mall Road for traveling or you can roam on the Mall Road just by walking, enjoying the beautiful view from the road. The prices of these cycle – rickshaws remain quite high even if you want to cover a short distance.


Who doesn’t love to see the pleasing view of snowfall?

When we think about Mussoorie, the first thing that strikes our mind is the falling of snowfall especially when we are planning to visit the place during the later months of winters. We wish to see the mountains and roads covered with snow like Rohtang Pass Manali.

SO, yes you can experience the snowfall starting mainly from the end of December and lasting till the mid of January. All those who want to see and enjoy the sight of snowfall can plan to visit Mussoorie during the winter season. Trust me, the sight is same like Sethan Valley Igloo Village and is definately worth- watching.

You can try one more thing on Mall Road Mussoorie. There are some people those will provide you with the Mussoorie’s local dress on rent. You can wear it and ask them to click your picture. They will give you your picture hand in hand itself.


Kempty Falls is another most occupied place by the tourists when it comes to spending vacations in Mussoorie. And, the visit to this place can’t be denied if you are visiting the Mall Road already.

Kempty falls takes you a little closer to the nature. You can enjoy a reviving bath here at Kempty Falls and you can click some beautiful pictures here to keep the memories of the place with you forever. Book your tickets in advance if you are planning to engage yourselves in some water sport at Kempty Falls.

Now, the main thing is distance of Kempty Falls from Mall Road.

So, it is approximately a ride of about half an hour to Kempty Falls from Mussoorie Mall Road. The total distance is around 14.5 kilometres, which can easily be covered by a car, bike or a bus.

Mussoorie is a must visit place at least once in your lifetime if you are a fan of nature’s ravishing beauty as the place is situated in the lap of the nature itself. Apart from it,You can get a Travel Loan To Plan your Dream Vacation, the above mentioned things can also be treated as a reason to visit place. So stop wasting any time further in just planning, gear up and pack up your bags to acknowledge this beauty.

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