Sethan Valley Trip Guide: Heaven In Himachal, Hamta Valley 2023

Sethan valley is a suburb restricted area located 14.1 km from Manali. Almost 800 meters above Manali, this place offers you a flock of breathtaking views.

For travelers who are more interested in spending time in the lap of the tranquilizing environment than the suburban congested alleys, offbeat areas near Manali are the most suited options. An example of such a place is Sethan valley also recognized as an “Igloo village” in Himachal Pradesh.

The bustling backpacking address of the Himachal Pradesh, Manali is renowned for the numerous exhilarating experiences disseminated across the hill station. Manali has become one of the tourist mayhems in modern times with endless train of traffic and stench of diesel in the air to be found.

Best time to visit sethan

Sethan is comprised of a Buddhist community. From Sethan, you can observe the lofty Dhauladhar ranges of the Himalayas enclosing the village and the river Beas cutting the Dhauladhar with the rich Pir Panjal range, possibly several thousand feet down. Sethan is found to be wrapped up in blobs of pure white snow. Therefore, as the attack of scorching summer advances, Sethan can be your go-to place for a proper unplanned escape. You can find the perfect combination of winters plus nature in here. Not only this, Sethan offers many ice activities like skiing, snowboarding, and hiking trails like Pandu Ropa.

There is an interesting fact behind the name “Pandu Ropa” which means “Rice fields of the Pandavas”, it is believed that Pandavas stayed here and meditated before the period of the Mahabharata and the meadows was once a field of rice grown by them.

Seems unbelievable because of the present conditions. This place is still worshipped and held an important place in the lives of the villagers. distance from Sethan to Pandu Ropa is merely 2700 meters.

Sethan Valley Hampta Pass

Along with all of this, the cherry on the top is the peaks you can see from Sethan. As you explore more of this area, you will definitely come across Indrasana Peak denoting which is believed to be the throne of the God Indra. This peak is considered to be one of the most difficult to climb. in fact, the whole trek is meant for the able-bodied and is labeled as a moderate trek.

Chandigarh to Sethan

Sethan is inhabited by a Buddhist community. They are the immigrants from Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh and the neighboring areas of Tibet. They brought their collective culture with them in the calming meadows of the Himalayas as a crux on the biscuit.

Nomadic herdsmen or the Gaddis were the first modern-day settlers of the Sethan Village followed by the now Buddhist farmers known as the Khampa tribe.

The inhabitants of Sethan are the original migrants from Tibet and Spiti Valley, drawing a strong Buddhist community with their unique origins of being horse herders in the history. They were assigned land in the enclosing areas by the then Government of India when Himachal Pradesh was still a part of Punjab.

But in december its not advisable to go sethan valley its better to go for kasol in december or you can plan a trip to kheerganga from tosh

How to Reach Sethan from Manali

You can take a cab from Manali which will take around an hour under the best conditions to reach a sethan village. or if you are a bit adventurous you can trek up all way up there which will take about 8 hours to reach Sethan.

If you are looking for How to reach sethan from manali , Positioned in Hamta valley, Sethan village is comfortably accessible from the popular center Manali, throughout the year.

Simply take an overnight bus from New Delhi to Manali. AC Volvo, sleeper, semi-sleeper, ordinary, and state-run HRTTC Buses are available every day.

Delhi to Manali distance is 530 kilometers which take more than half a day approx 15 hours to reach your destination, Manali.

  • Distance from Manali to Sethan is 12-13 kilometers.
  • Fares – Delhi to Manali bus fare ranges from INR 850 – INR 2000.
  • Manali to Sethan village by cab is INR 1500.Approx

Things to do in sethan village

Trekking and hiking are some of the most popular things to do in Sethan. In fact, you can discover sethan village from the trails of the Gaddis. The journey of the trek would not disappoint you; it is covered with lush green apple orchards and the pure natural wilderness of the area. and not only this, Sethan is a prominent stop pit for the popular Hamta trek.

Sethan Valley Hampta Pass

Hamta trek is one of the hard treks in India ranging from 4 to 8 days! If you trek a few more extra days from Hamta pass, you may even drop up in Spiti Valley – the real home for people residing in Sethan village.In Manali you can also enjoy the amazing jogini waterfall trek.

During the harsh winters, the majority of the locals relocate to the lower altitude villages in Kullu Valley, leaving Sethan a divinely abandoned hamlet, before going back in summertime over, and reopening their routinely farming business. But even with its less settlement consisting of few houses and a couple of visitor hotels Sethan, throughout the year, persists to be a wonderful unusual spot for relaxing.

Nevertheless, during wintertime, Sethan suits to be a famous destination for snow-related activities. to attempt your first-ever snowboarding and skiing in the Himalayas with relatively less crowd than Solang and Rohtang Pass, besides some of the most gorgeous ski hills in the area. Annual snowfall furthermore makes it a go-to for the weekend getaways to fancy some time with their family.

Sethan, further, stores enough for enthusiastic stargazers and night photography connoisseur.

Where To Stay in Sethan village

Sethan Village has few houses only. There is an availability of a couple of hotels etc, not many.
You can even choose to stay in a lounge or you can stay in a luxury or simple tent under the enchanting sky or you can even pick an Igloo in the igloo Village.

Sethan Valley Hampta Pass

Accommodation fare is generally from INR 300 – INR 1500

Where To Eat In Sethan Valley

Tea at Sethan Valley Hampta Pass

There are not many places or restaurants here. You can find Maggi stalls or your local cuisines in the village. You can also enjoy your favorite Masala Tea at the top of the mountains, I just love to have my favorite tea during trek

Tea at Sethan Valley Hampta Pass

Best Time To Visit Sethan Valley

February to May is the ideal time for ice activities including skiing, snowboarding, or trekking.

June to November is the summertime here, you would not witness snow. This time is perfect for spending time away from the summer heat of metropolitan cities. an ideal time for season walks, treks, and camping in the ranges.

Budget for Sethan Valley trip

Just in case you are wondering about the budget for your Sethan village trip, then it is a pocket-friendly option if you spend wisely and stick to the help of locals. For cheap staying, there are camping alternatives and homestays.

Average Cost for a solo traveler: Rs.4,000 – 6,000 approximately

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