Best Destination Idea’s for Summer Vacation 2022

Summer Vacations also called summer breaks or summer holidays are a good way to escape from the pressure of daily routine life. It applies equally to children as well as adults. For children, it is a good break to free them of heavy loads of homework and bullying. For adults, it is a break from peer pressure and the heavy workloads of other office works.

Summer Vacation Ideas

It is the most awaited time of the year in the lives of adults as well as students. Even for the grandparents because it is the only time when they get to meet their children and grandchildren.

Summer vacation ideas For singles

It is easier to go on vacation. As they are already alone and want to have peacetime far away from their normal boring city lives. That same routine of college or office. There are many options. They can visit their parents or grandparents after a long time and get some cozy moments with close ones.

Summer vacation ideas For singles

Or with their backpack, they can actually roam around their country to explore it even more. And if they are looking for another country travel that seems pretty easy for them too.

First, they are single they need a budget for a single person and that can’t be hard enough. Second, all they need to be responsible for is themselves, that’s all. Voila! And they are set to go for an adventurous tour.

Summer vacation ideas For couples

Well after a long year it is the perfect time for them to spend some quality time. There is no workload and nothing to be really worried about except for the FINANCES, which we are gonna discuss later. Now is the time to go to the hill stations and have some FUN as hill stations are considered to be the best places for “ROMANCE”. Also if you love to travel and don’t have sufficient funds to manage your summer vacation expenses then go through our article Travel Loan For Couples.

Summer vacation ideas For parents or rather a FAMILY

Summer Vacation for parents

Well, the above idea doesn’t really work if you have kids. It is because for kids it is FAMILY TIME. And you gotta spend time not only with your spouse but with your children too. As they are also excited about summers (the vacation time).

With them, you can actually go to a place which is rich in culture or architecture or nature or art either in the country itself or out of the nation too. Children love to go to Museums, zoos or anything which is not a part of their routine life. Just anything outside the homework and hometown really works for them. That is the best part. They would never complain even if it just 1000km away from their home. Even if it’s a jungle. No, I am not kidding they love the adventure part of life for a while.

Summer vacation ideas For Family including GRANDPARENTS

Now let’s get to the joint families planning for a tour. It is the only time of the year when their kids and grandchildren can spend not only weekends but weeks with them.

Exciting no! Going on the tour with old people is another kind of fun. Listening to their stories, their life incidents are way more interesting than any classic novel, trust me. You should try it this summer. This not only makes you happy but this also makes them happier.

Even you do not want a tour with them, you can take them to their native place away from the busy and hectic city life. They are gonna love it. This way you also get to know the benefits of country life, how does it feel to breathe in the fresh air. Away from the noisy hustle-bustle life of the city.

Best Summer Vacation Destinations

Best Summer Vacation Destinations

The best summer vacation destinations depend upon your interests. You can use for your next summer vacation trip to enjoy a hassle-free travel experience, Booking.Com offers a lot of benefits like Pay@Hotel or Free Cancellation you can check all the details before booking your favorite Summer vacation destination Package.

For instance, if you are a lover of ARTs (including interests in culture and architecture) the list of best destinations for you would include the places like: –


French Fine Arts need no introduction in the world of creativity. Its deep and rich paintings produced a number of religious subjects and court portraits.

17th century paintings of peasants by Louis Le Nain, of allegories and classical myths by Nicholas Poussin, and formally pastoral scenes by Claude Lorrain are amongst the best for Art Lovers.


A center of western avant-garde- sets a whole new value to your traveling. Internationally celebrated works of Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Alfred Sisley are showcased here.

The Louvre Museum is one of the exquisite art galleries in the world. It is the home of treasured iconic artistic work dating back thousands of years to the contemporary world. From the enigmatic Mona Lisa to the stunning Venus de Milo, it contains over 35000 pieces to be admired.


 The subtle ingeniousness of Raphael’s brushwork owes its origin to this Nation. Rome- the city is almost an open-air museum where you can simply walk to the Ponte Sant’ Angelo admiring the minute details of angel’s wings.

The Vatican Museum- popes and officials of the church not only collected artworks over here but they also provided patronage to great artists. It is one of the largest museums in the world containing 70000 pieces of artistic value.

The Sistine Chapels showcases two of Michelangelo’s magnum opus – ceiling frescoes and his LAST JUDGEMENT. The nine ceiling panels depict stories from the “Book of GENESIS” including ‘the Creation of Adam’.

The U.S.

This country has a dazzling suite of art destinations, whether it be for antiquities, Native American art, or its puzzling modern art.
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has its renowned controversial building designed by Herzog & de Meuron. Don’t miss the Smithsonian’s stunning sculpture garden incorporating beautiful works by Calder, Miro amongst others.


a country rich in culture, architecture, art is worthwhile. Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), it is one of the most prestigious art galleries in Beijing and a highlight within 798 art districts.

Red Brick Contemporary Museum- designed by reputed Chinese Architect Dong Yugan. And if you are a nature lover this is a bonus point over here, it is surrounded by tranquil Chinese gardens. Don’t forget the Egg gallery.


Hub of Hungarian art. The city’s National Gallery showcases the history and evolution of Hungarian Art. The Museum is located in Buda Castle.

The feature works include medieval and renaissance carvings from the 11th Century to modern-day pieces.
If a museum is not what you are looking for and history might really bore you then discover Budapest’s Street Art, a walk-through Jewish district to see a large no. Of stunning paintings.

Best Summer Vacation Destinations In India

It is my favorite, the country of unity in diversity, enriched in culture, traditions of various ethnicities. I can write a whole new article about it but my motto is to provide you summer vacation destinations, so here is another list.


the land of Rajput, from dresses of vibrant colors to folk music everything is magical over here. It beats the best of bests when it comes to history and heritage. The state encompasses 5000 years old Culture. Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaipur are the places if you are looking for the history and lifestyle rulers of Rajasthan.


the city is the pen named as Golden City in Punjab. It layouts the heart of Sikh Culture in India. The Wagha Border exhibits the peaceful and beautiful relation between India and Pakistan despite the enmity the countries hold against each other.


the cosmopolitan and capital of India. Different rulers came here and ruled and therefore. It is a potpourri of different festivals and literature. The monuments erected by Mughal rulers are worthy of a visit.


If you are a trekking lover then Tosh to Kheerganga trek in Kasol is the best summer destination for you,


once the capital of India and now the cultural capital of India. Nobody calls it a “city of JOY” without any reason. It is suitable for bucket-list if you want to explore the roots of the modern Indian sub-culture.


One of the most popular destinations for summer vacations in India. People of All age groups love to spend their summer vacation in Manali we have a complete article on the Manali travel guide. Manali also offers you a lot of activities like trekking, Boating, Fishing, and much more

You can even enjoy a decent Jogini Waterfall Trek at Manali with your family because the Jogini waterfall trek offers you a decent route so that travelers from any age group enjoy the beautiful snow mountains from the hilltop.

I can go and on and on but…. this time I’ll focus on summer vacation.


Hiroshima Memorial Peace- how can we even forget it? It is to commemorate the many victims of the World’s first Nuclear War. It is the symbol of lasting peace.
Temple City- for centuries the hub of Japanese Culture. The city of Nara is home to a large number of historic buildings.


The place is an astonishing blend of natural highlights and cultural diversity. Ha Long Bay – it is one of the most charming, spell bounding sea views and it is a UNESCO world heritage site (FYI). There are plenty of bays that can be entered including Hang Sung Sot, and the Hang Dao Go.

I would like to include the city of Ho Chi Minn because it is the cosmopolitan and buzzing and commercial hub of the country.
The above list includes the most incredible wonders, you will see in a lifetime.

This is the list. I know it’s a short summer vacation essay in English but I don’t wanna bore you with a long list of places right. I want to give you some insights into some of the best places to travel to. I hope you enjoy it. Also if you love to travel I think you love to read the article traveling as a hobby.

Budget Summer Vacation Destinations

Cheap Summer Vacation Destinations

Now we come under the head of “cheap summer vacation destinations” which means the places where you can visit without actually going broke. There is nothing like really a place which would be cheap to visit. There are only some ways which I can suggest you plan a financially economical tour. The steps which you need to look after to ensure your tour within your budget.

  • You can book a flight or train or bus or any other kind of transportation which costs you the least for the place you wanna visit.
  • You can book the hotel or rather a place which charges you the least as per day calculation including the food or you can actually go for the street food as comparatively, their rates are not as much as that of the famous restaurants.

You can actually visit some places totally free if you follow the particular conditions of a place. For instance,

Washington DC- the city has some of the most important museums and the visit is usually free to most of them.

Another example is China’s UCCA if you visit there on Thursdays – it’s especially a great day to come here as admission is free. And it is free for students all the time. Except for Thursdays, it charges 10 yuan per person.

I would include the last example from the EU as it provides a free pass to EU residents to visit over 55 museums.

And last but not least,

If you really want to have a secure tour you must consider travel insurance. It would be a great idea for covering unforeseen losses encountered while traveling, either internationally or nationally. The basic policy covers emergency medical expenses while overseas, and comprehensive policies include trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight delays, and other expenses.

These are some means to minimize your loss while planning a summer vacation.

I hope it is of some help to you.

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