Why Traveling is a hobby? Benefits of Travelling as a hobby

For adventurous souls, traveling isn’t just a pastime; it’s a passion-driven pursuit that leads them to uncharted territories and novel experiences. When an individual finds joy and fulfillment in exploring new destinations, it becomes more than just a hobby—it becomes a way of life.

But can we truly equate traveling with other hobbies like painting? While they may seem worlds apart, both involve an inherent creativity and personal expression. Whether traveling is pursued as a hobby or a career, there’s no denying its profound impact on shaping one’s experiences and outlook on life. So, whether you’re painting on canvas or painting your journey across the globe, embrace the joy of pursuing what sets your soul on fire.


But the hobby is always considered as a secondary activity. Simply, they’re what you do in your spare time. A person who is travel lover for them traveling is always the primary thing. They plan everything around it making it as their priority. Travelling gives you exposure that you cannot get from anything else. When you travel to another country, you gather knowledge about that country, about their culture and heritage.

You’ll learn about their history, their cuisine and much more. Every country, like a book, holds within itself a wealth of knowledge.
It gives us energy to rejuvenate ourselves. It gives a break from our daily routine. You’ll be far away from office deadlines, work-related worries and the difficulties of life.

Exploring new places,like Kasol In December helps to create new conversations and even the stranger can be your friend. Sometimes meaningful discussions with strangers can be so relaxing and enjoyable.

You never know that stranger might turn out to be a close friend sometimes.

Travelling to new places exposes you to people that can be opposites of what you are. They will tell their own stories, and may teach you their own life values and beliefs. You may look at life in a whole new way and this may surprise you.

Travelling makes you smarter on the streets because you have to figure out everything on your own.

Travelling helps to try out new things like tosh to kheerganga trek .We are ready to take risks and we do adventurous things. During our travel, we dance and party like mad people, we take up new hobbies and try all kinds of sports. And you never know, any of these activities can turn into your passion, and you’ll find yourself with all- new kinds of skills you were not aware of.

The street food of Singapore , the perfect Italian pizza, or wondering in the streets of New York, these are all the experiences you can have only when you travel. The world is a food paradise. Rest assured that a traveler will eventually become a foodie. And for those of us who are already foodies, jumping, travel is food.

Travelling as a Passion

It is often seen that people list travel as one of their passions in life.
Getting away, doing something fun and adventurous, seeing cool things, and meeting different people. It all sounds so exciting.

Our lives are so busy and complicated. We find it difficult to get away from our commitments, and responsibilities. Taking time out for a trip and then planning it in a budget is tougher and is enough to make you hyperactive. Due to these reasons many of us spend time dreaming about traveling rather than actually doing it.

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But traveling is one of the best activity ,that you can do for yourself. It helps to bring out your inner personality. It provides happiness and satisfaction long after the jibhi trip is over.

Now the question arises why do we need traveling and how does it help us?

Benefits of travelling as a hobby


You will become more interesting and knowledgeable person.

You have respect for all cultures and their lifestyles. Tasting a dish from a country you visit can be enjoyful for all the foodies and scary for people who are picky eaters. Some countries have really very nice and delicious food, I really suggest that whenever you travel other countries try at least five of their best dishes. It can turn out to be the best meal of your life.

You get out of your comfort zone and you can be adventurous.

I think the Top 10 Travel Websites in Indian help you book your desired tour package in India

You can share you travel experiences with your friends. There are so many cool beaches, jungles, different heritage buildings and forests around the world that bring adventure to you life . You can try some crazy stuff like cave hunting, bungee jumping etc.

You get to meet new and interesting people. You also get to meet people all over the world. At a particular place you can find people from around the world. For example Manali  if you are going to Africa ,there you wilI not only find natives but people from around the world from many different countries. Hence the best part about traveling is getting to meet people from all over. Socializing is a thing, and you never know who you’ll meet

Every country has their own culture Like Kasol in India .You can find entirely different culture in India and America .Not only countries but different states and regions of same country have different cultures and lifestyles. Hence when ever you travel you should try to get integrated into their culture and ask afraid to ask questions about their culture .This will not only maintain your curiosity but also help you to gain knowledge.

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They can appreciate beauty in the most possible way.

It helps us to be mentally and physically fit.

It is the best method to utilize time and ignite your creativity.

Travel enriches the soul of every human being and plays an integral part in their life. You experience feelings of happiness and positive memories. Travel is one of those peak experiences that you can revisit in your mind for a lifetime. As a hobby, it keeps us busy during our leisure time. When one cannot find satisfaction in their life. It helps to create a peaceful environment around us. Travelling helps us to achieve this break. One can live life with curiosity and zeal. Curious to know and gather all the information about the place which he has neither read nor heard before.

Travel hobby Ideas

Planning is an important part for making your travelling more smooth and fun .You don’t necessarily have to stick to the exact plan you create initially, but this pre-planning will provide a framework .

First sit down with your travel companion for a travel planning meeting.

Write down how much travel time you have. Look for all the possible breaks you might have .Mark them down in your notepad.

Determine whether you need to adjust your travel weeks.Budgeting is also another important factor ,we need to keep in mind while travelling. Plan in advance for a budget friendly trip.

You can also put some money aside a call it as a travel fun.

Write down all your answers to above mentioned questions and your basic travel plan is ready.

If money isn’t a big issue, then plan how much you want to spend on travelling and write it down.

Discussing Travelling locations

Start discussing places you want to consider for your travel weeks and weekends. Write down every possible place you are considering. You can divide the destinations according to your by season. If it doesn’t matter the season, make a separate column for those destinations. Compare your lists to see where you have listed the same destinations. Determine 3-4 locations and then finalize one out of them.
Once you’ve determined possible traveling locations for your first trip. Look at the costs to travel there, the possible hotels, a and all other the highlights of the trip.

Travel checklist

  • Getting necessary medications
  • Updating your passport
  • Doing all the important household and office work in advance, so that you can travel without any tensions.
  • Packing your clothes according to the weather and climate in the place you are travelling.
  • Keeping a good camera for capturing the best memories.

Apart then planning and going to a trip ,for all those who think traveling is their passion you can make travelling your career and add it to you resume. For example, you might list “international travel” as a hobby if it’s something you do on regular basis. If the employer is interested to know more about that hobby, you may be asked to elaborate during an interview. If you are interested in travel but have done very little of it, that would be considered an interest.

Yes anything you are passionate about can be your career .
Some top career options in this field includes :
Travel photographer – If you have a niche in photography and you can capture the world, consider becoming a travel photographer. Channels like National Geographic need full-time photographers for them.

Travelling as a hobby Travel Guide

Travel guides plans and arranges tours for groups and individuals .These guides organize full activities and events and provide information to their customers. They are knowledgeable of the geography of the destinations and plan travel routes that best accommodate the group. They are familiar with all the situations and can handle an emergency very well .Guides also take care of the group’s transportation, accommodations, and even meals

They also solve any problems that may arise both before and during the tour and make sure the clients are satisfied and taken care of throughout their travels, especially those individuals with special needs.

They handle stressful situations well and are flexible and professional at all times. After the group’s travel experience has ended they may also request feedback to improve their services.

Tourism marketing – It usually refers to a  business discipline by which the visitors are attracted to a particular location. It is important , as it helps to increase awareness of the customers, economy growth nationally and internationally both. They help in promotions of some of the beautiful destinations for awareness and to attract visitors.

Traveling is not only a way to get away from every day hustle but a way to learn and experience life through different cultures and pushing yourself above your capacity and increasing your strength. If you cannot travel to far of places you can try anywhere in your state, in your region. It helps to grow as a person and build your personality.

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Travelling alone can be scary ,so travelling with your loved ones can always help you to take new risks, boost you with more energy and you can possibly create some unforgettable memories .

As one would say, the world is your oyster,  and travel to a place you haven’t been before. You can never judge a place until you visit and see the beauty of the place.See Rudraksha Tree.

It is generally a lifestyle choice. It gives you a sense of freedom where you can move around , explore and do lots of fun. It keeps our interest and enthusiasm alive and encourages us to keep our journey on.


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