A Fantastic Trip At Manali Travel Guide 2021 With Minimal Spending? Here’s How.

Manali Travel Guide help you to get detailed overview of your Manali Trip. Manali  the valley of love is not less than a paradise. Mostly peoples came Manali to get relaxed and Spend some time with Nature

Manali Travel Guide Overview

If you are planning a trip to Manali than this Manali Travel Guide help you a lot to get an Idea about Manali . Manali  the valley of love is not less than a paradise for all age group peoples . There is some thing for everyone. Every age Group people find something to Relax in Manali . That’s why Every year there is Lakh of repeated tourist arrived in Manali.Mostly peoples came Manali to get relaxed and Spend some time with Nature .There are almost a Hundred Of Tourist attractions in Manali ,

Manali Travel Guide

Best time to visit manali

Manali weather generally changes without any prior signal, you will see the rainy weather in summertime or snow with rain its full of adventure

Best time to visit manali  is during March-May, This time you will enjoy snow at solang valley and enjoy your trip without any fear of heavy rain or so much chilled weather

Manali During (Dec-Feb)

During Dec-Feb there is a winter season in Manali so Manali Weather  during this time is too much cold you have to carry your winter clothes this time, also you can enjoy snow on the Manali Mall Road or Near Hadimba Mata Temple During Dec-Feb Months.

If you love snow than this is the Best time to visit manali  and enjoy a cup of tea at Manali with Mountains Cover By Snow

 Manali During (March-August)

During (March-August) mostly there is summertime in Manali, but don’t you get distracted by summer season because there is no summer season in Manali its a combo of the summer season with the rainy season, you can enjoy a sunbath during afternoon time but in the morning and evening time, you have to feel the chilled weather of  Manali . So its better to have 2-3 winter clothes with you when you travel during (March-August), so that you take care of yourself when Manali Weather change instantly

Manali  During (September-November)

During (September-November) there is almost Winter season, but you can’t enjoy snow during (September-November) but you can enjoy an apple garden with full of red apples hanging on the apple tree if you love to see an apple garden with fuller of apple than (September-November) Manali Weather time is for you. You can enjoy a long walk surrounding by apple trees

Places to visit in Manali

Hadimbha Mata Temple

It is one of the best place to add in Manali Trip   , one of my favorite place , As per my experience you definatly find peace of mind and your soul get relaxed here,As for your information if you remember MAHABHARAT than you must be aware of  BHIM So basically Hadimbha Mata Is Wife Of Bhim.

 Vashist Temple

In Vashist Temple  Mostly People Came for the holy hot water bath.  Here you find hot spring water where you can take a bath and than visit the vashist temple You can also go to a trek to Jogini water fall from vashisht Temple must add to your Manali Trip

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The Mall Road

It is the most common and demanding tourist attraction for couples, because its the heart of manali where people can do Shopping / eat different kind of local snacks Shiddu/Momo’s/Thupka etc

Van Vihar Manali

Van Vihar is in front of mall Road its basically a park based on theme of forest, where you can spend some quality time with your loved one’s, there is also alot of thing for childrens, aslo there is water boating available at only Rs 50

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Solang Valley

Solang Valley have a very great view . Its has its own value just go there and feel by your own . You also find some shops here for Maggie and Tea. So just Go and enjoy with Mountains the valley of love is calling you

Anjani Mahadev Temple

Anjani Mahadev Temple Is Situated at a Trek of Around 3 k from Solang Valley Which is almost 50km from Manali City CenterYou Will find many shop of tea and snacks during your trek for refreshment

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is the Most trending tourist destination amoung all places . Because majority of tourists  came in month of june and july only for snow . So in june when Sun is in its peak the only possible place to see snow is Rohtang Pass.So if You love snow than Rohtang Pass is the place for you


Mankiran Is Also Famous For its own Reason .In Manikarn there is Gurudwara Sahib and also a hot water spring where you can take a bath in the hot water spring and enjoy langar and explore some native place if you have time


Kasol Its Very much trending among youngsters , Because it is called as Mini Isreal . You can find alot of  foreign tourist here . So you must have to visit kasol if you planb a trip to manali. It Can’t be described in words you’ll have to came here to feel the heat

Jana Water Fall

Jana water Fall Is basically a man made water fall, it become very famous among tourist because they can spend some quality time here and enjoy tea and snacks here

Nagar castel

Nagar Castle is very unique place to visit , Many movies also shoot there scene here. So Must add it in your list ,to see how the old castel is , And Enjoy a amazing coffee under Nagar Castle Roof

Manali hill station Trek

Trek to Anjani Mahadev Temple

My Manali travel stories

Anjani Mahadev Temple  timing :- 7:00 AM to  7:00 PM (As per My Knowledge)

You can enjoy the beautiful trek with your friend and family ,because its not like another trek ,it offer a great treaking experience because of its amazing path .whole path is covered with green grass surrounded by beautiful mountains

If You are planing to go to Anjani Mahadev Temple but don’t want to trek , than you can opt for motor bikes and horse, you find plenty of motor bikes and horse their

The trek to Anjani Mahadev Temple is by a river side so you can also enjoy the running river during your trek to get your soul relaxed

I Must Say if  you are planning a trip to Manali you must have to visit the temple , it will also help you relax your mind and fill you soul with alot of positive energy.

How to reach manali

By Air

By Air You Can Take A flight Till Bhuntar Airport From Bhuntar airport you have to book a cab or take a bus till Manali

Now Days

You can aslo go for PawanHans Helicopter From Chandigarh and shimla till Bhuntar Airport

By Bus

There are more than 50 buses on the route Delhi to Manali Daily Including Volvo/Ac/Non-Ac

By Cab

You Can hire a cab according to your budget from delhi /chandigarh/Shimla

Delhi to manali

Delhi To Manali Distance is almost 550km on average, you can enjoy your journey from Delhi to Manali by different available transport mediums

1. Delhi To Manali Distance by Road

By Ordinary Bus

If you are a budget traveler than you, must consider this medium because it will save you money and also give you a very exciting travel experience

You will find a lot of buses from Delhi to Manila

Bus fare from Delhi to Manali is Rs 900 approx by HRTC ordinary Buses

Delhi To Manali Distance By Volvo Bus

Delhi to Manali distance by Volvo bus is 550km on average, If you are a traveler who want some comfort during your trip from Delhi to Manali, then you must have to travel from Delhi to Manali sleeper bus or Volvo bus. Travelling by Volvo bus  offer you a comfortable journey and comfortable sleep  during night, because in ordinary buses your sleep may disturb

Volvo Bus fare from Delhi to Manali is Rs 1500 approx Volvo or Sleeper Buses

Delhi To Manali Distance By Cab

If you are a couple or traveling with your friends and family, then you must hire a cab from Delhi to Manali to enjoy a comfortable journey, and also cover all the famous places like Chandigarh, Mandi, Kullu during your journey from Delhi to Manali

Delhi to Manali distance by car is 550km approx

Cab fare from Delhi to Manali is Rs 6000 approx for one way

Delhi To Manali Distance By Flight

You can Also book a flight of air India  from Delhi to Bhunter airport, it will save you time, so then you can utilize your time by enjoying another attractive destination of Manali

Delhi to Manali distance by flight, you can complete your journey by flight from Delhi to Manila by 2 hrs approx

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