Delhi to Kasol (Solo Traveler Trip): Itinerary, Budget & Weather

Planning a trip from Delhi to Kasol? Here’s everything you need to know to ensure a seamless journey. Kasol, nestled in the serene embrace of the Himalayas, is a favored destination for hikers and campers seeking solace amidst nature’s bounty.

Escape the urban hustle and bustle as you embark on a journey to Kasol, where tranquility reigns supreme. Offering a plethora of vacation ideas and adventure opportunities, Kasol caters to every traveler’s whims and fancies. From trekking enthusiasts to those seeking a peaceful retreat, there’s something for everyone in this enchanting locale.

Embark on treks of varying difficulty levels, from the leisurely Tosh trek to the exhilarating Kheerganga expedition. Kasol beckons with its scenic trails and breathtaking vistas, promising an unforgettable adventure for all.

Tosh trek to exhaustible Kheerganga trek.

Delhi to Kasol Trip Budget

The perfect way of traveling to Kasol from Delhi as a solo traveler is by the AC Volvo bus which customarily starts from the Kashmiri gate ISBT during the evening. The price of the ticket ranges from INR 1000 to INR 1300. You will be dropped at Bhuntar which serves as a pit stop for Kullu-Manali and Parvati Valley. Time taken from Delhi to BHuntar is 12-14 hours. You can also take the HRTC bus which will cost you half the price ranging from INR 700 – INR 750.

Next getting to Bhuntar you can take a local bus from Bhuntar to Manikaran or Barshaini which will leave you at Kasol in approx 2 hours. The distance from Bhuntar to Kasol is 23 km. local bus ticket costs INR 50 – INR 70. You caaan take shared cabs as well for a cheap and comfortable alternative.

later, reaching Kasol you can jaunt through the village. Find a place to stay. Ask locals for cheap homestays. You can pick cheap Guesthouses, hostels, and hotels too. Put your bargaining skills at work and get a room in INR 200 – INR 400. If you are traveling during the peak season like May or June, book a hotel online as due to overcrowding there will be a lot of difficulties to get a room. otherwise, during off seasons you can easily get a room at someone’s home.

Food is cheap at local cafes and if you want to stay on budget and eat street food like momos etc. and try to avoid munching at expensive restaurants so that it would not affect your budget much.

NOTE: The off-season is the time for a cheap trip! You can aslo read Kasol In December

Planning a trip to Kasol?

Some extra useful information about Kasol before you go:-

Because of a humongous number of Israeli sightseers in Kasol, making up about more than 50% of the Kasols population, and it was started to be quoted as “Mini Israel”. The real reason behind this huge influx of Israelis; is actually hidden in the cruelty of wars. One cannot deny the fact that even soldiers get affected by wars.

Israeli law makes it mandatory for all male and female Israeli citizens and residents to military service of 24 to 32 months.
to forget about the military and to relax their minds, they find peace in Kasol, in between the calming Himalayas.

Also, one more significance is that of the Gurudwara Shri Manikaran Sahib, capturing the attention of tourists and the Sikh population by its hot water springs.

The distance from Delhi to Kasol is 520 km roughly. In the Himachal Pradesh scenario, Kasol extends 33 km from Bhuntar and is dwelled 4 km before Manikaran. A utopia protected from the outer world, Kasol is huddled in the Parvati valley.

Kasol Weather

Kasol is honored with phenomenal weather throughout the year including encounters the intact cycle of seasons. Whether it is the affability of the harvest months or the gale of the winter months, the weather in Kasol is gifted by the gods.

Monsoon in Kasol presents a rich grassy view with dense jungles sheathing the valleys along with the Parvati river moving ‘neath, and it is quite a pleasure. Therefore, depending on whichever vacation you would like to undergo – it is your wakeup call!

If y’all read about Kasol temperature, it is mostly amiable all-round the year excluding winters. it is when the colds in Kasol can dive to minus degree Celsius.

Also, it is not recommended to plan a trip to Kasol in monsoon time.

Best Time to Visit Kasol

March to June is the most suitable time to plan a trip to Kasol for the pros and amateurs with a lot of activities to do. Seasoned guests who want to feel the charm of diverse climates can choose to do so in practically any month excluding monsoon. Roads are principally well managed throughout the time.

The Summer months render excellent weather ranging around 15 degrees Celsius, and hence, travelers from all across the earth can be observed relegating and hiking. The place has begun getting extremely congested during Summertime. There is a tonne of parties going on in the quarter throughout this time. You can aslo plan a trip to Rohtang pass & Sissu by Rohtang Tunnel

To feel less economic activities and be a part of the tranquillity, picking the post-monsoon period that is from September to November is preferable. The weather might be freezing, yet the lush green forests post-monsoon is a spectacle to view.

Avoid hitting Kasol in monsoon time as this section of mountains is inclined to landslides, the treks will not be as safe because of the slipperiness, and things would be dangerous.

Reach Kasol from Delhi In Minimum Budget

The alluring trip to Kasol can be exercised in many ways, leading to the same, thrilling point. Be it a budget-friendly solo trip to a calming expensive family trip. Down I will be listing all the ways you can take to reach Kasol.

Kasol from Delhi By Air

The nearest airport to Kasol lies in Bhuntar, Kullu which is approx 31 km away. There are not many flights to Bhuntar. Air India operates these flights. The weather of Kullu Manali is a major factor that influences these limited flights ending in delaying and cancelation. The next airport is Chandigarh which is 295 KMs away from Kasol. You can take a taxi from Bhuntar airport, which will take around an hour or so to reach Kasol center.

Air travel will cost you a total INR 3000 approx.

Kasol from Delhi By Train

There is no direct train to Kasol. You can mix and match a lot of train routes to reach your destination.
The nearest railway station to Kasol is Joginder Nagar railway station in Chandigarh, located about 144 km away. You can hire a cab from there to reach Kasol, costing around INR 1000-1500, which will take you about 4-5 hours.

Alternatively, you can take the Shatabdi available early in the morning from Delhi to Chandigarh (12011), which will reach Chandigarh before 11 AM and cost you around INR 700. From Chandigarh to Kasol, you can either take a taxi or bus to reach Kasol.

Kasol from Delhi By Road

By all means, going to Kasol by your own car might seem like the most comfortable option, which by default is not. The total distance from Delhi to Kasol is 565 km by road and will need a driving period of 14 hours.

Given that you will want to stop on the way for a wearisome ride, Chandigarh can be a good pit stop. The distance between Chandigarh and Delhi is 244 KM by road. Undoubtedly lined up with a lot of dhabas serving luscious North Indian food on the entire Delhi – Chandigarh highway. Also, once you move way past Chandigarh and the tricky hilly areas begin, all your weariness will vanish by witnessing the lush green trees, along with the music of the river cutting throughout the mountains.

The roads of Kasol from Delhi are in excellent condition for the most portion. All acknowledgments to Parvati Valley being a popular place, notably amongst foreign vacationists. The aspects are astounding, nevertheless, and repays for the long tedious road route to Parvati Valley.

You can also opt for hired cabs for hill stations costing INR 9 per KM. Excluding all other fares like toll tax and stops etc.

This traveling option is not suitable for our budget savvy travelers but it is perfect for family trips. The cost of reaching by car depends on various factors like the Toll booths, your stops, and hotels on the way eateries, etc. You can spend as maximum as INR 30,000 to as Minimum as INR 10,000.

Kasol from Delhi By Bus

Several buses are available at ISBT Kashmere Gate, Delhi for an overnight trip to Bhuntar. Volvo/Mercedes buses are available from there starting from INR 1500 to INR 1000 or you can take state-run HRTC buses available as Semi-sleeper or sitter costing around INR 800. Buses from Chandigarh take 8 hours to reach Kasol.

the bus services to bhuntar are quite frequent, you would not be wasting time from it.
From Bhuntar, you will need to switch buses and board the one going to Manikaran and get off on the way to Kasol.
Now from Bhuntar to Kasol, you will discover state local buses that will charge you INR 50 per head.

Aslo read a complete guide on How to reach Kasol from Delhi

Local traveling in Kasol

Local traveling in Kasol

The best way to explore Kasol is undeniably on foot. Exercise a lot of day walks or treks around the area. the options of treks are uncountable and everything you can think of. Enjoy the serenity of lying on the shores of the Parvati river.
Kindly keep in mind that you should not trek alone in the woods as numerous people have lost themselves while trekking alone. It may seem tempting but it is not worth the danger.

Kasol Kheerganga Trip Itinerary

Where to stay in Kasol

In Kasol, the most attractive form of stay is, of course, the profoundly budget-friendly hostels. You may come across a lot of certain budget places and hostels in Parvati Valley directly from Kasol, Tosh, and other nearby hamlets.

You can stay at hostels or dorms in Kasol if you are a solo traveler. in a dormitory one bed charges as cheap as 200–300 per head for a single night. As for the hotels or guesthouses, they are also available at the rate of INR 400.

How many days are sufficient for Kasol?

Whilst for some people 2-3 days in this hamlet is adequate, whereas others stay as long as a month!

Kasol is all about original natural satisfaction. It is not like other suburban cities of the Himalayas. The authentic event of Kasol lies in the fold of mother nature. Infinite unexplored, boundless paths are already unfolding in Kasol and other parts of the calm Parvati Valley, which you can examine on your trip to Kasol.

Kasol Trip Cost Summary

As usual, a 4-5 day Kasol trip cost will be about INR 3500-7000 depending on your stay, whatever you consume, and how you travel. You will find an abundance of Kasol packages or Kasol – Tosh packages within the range. If you like to read more about Kasol History you can go through Kasol Wiki.

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