Snowfall In Kasol (Solo Traveler Journey) in Winters

If you’re considering a trip to Kasol in December or during the winter season, you likely have questions about safety and accessibility. This article aims to address your concerns and provide guidance for planning a hassle-free winter trip to Kasol.

Kasol is not widely recommended as a destination in December due to its unpredictable weather conditions. If it snows, the journey can become challenging and potentially hazardous.

During December, temperatures can drop to around -5 degrees Celsius at night and reach about 10 degrees Celsius during the day. However, if you have a strong affinity for snow and adventurous spirit, visiting Kasol in winter is still possible with proper safety precautions in place.

Keep in mind that Kasol is a small village with limited infrastructure, so emergency assistance may not be readily available. It’s essential to rely on local assistance and be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

For a more moderate snow experience, consider visiting Kasol in early December. Alternatively, early January can also be a suitable time to explore this charming village.

Shocking Facts About Kasol In December Snowfall In Kasol | Kasol In Winter

The temperature will go below minus and weather conditions will be quite challenging for the road trip. It is quite unsafe. You can take a bus if you want to be within the budget. Choose a car for comfortable traveling, if you can spend a few more bucks.

The hotels are pretty much open and in the business.

December is not safe for trekking unless and until you have prior expertise in the climate condition. Be cautious and be safe. Even if you are an adventure seeker do it with prudence.

Safety is the prime most factor you should keep in mind. I would rather dodge the idea of riding my own vehicle for the journey to kasol. Kasol is clear but when it comes to villages around Kasol, the roads are covered with snow which results in the slipping of vehicles. Anyway, the trekking in December is beautiful but not worth it over your safety.

Some Tips you should follow during your Kasol Trip in Winter

7 Shocking Facts About Kasol In December |Snowfall In Kasol | Kasol In Winter

  • Try to Avoid walking riverside (Its common for every traveler at any time alongside Parvati river)
  • Most of the area from Kasol to Malana is covered with forest. Do not be surprised if you might witness black and brown bears as during winter animals come down from their frozen places.
  • Trek will become notably tough if you are progressing from barshani to kheerganga. the maximum path you can cross will be Rudranag.
  • Reaching kheerganga is next to impossible due to the harsh weather and lack of easy commute.

Is Kheerganga open in December?

Kheerganga is a fascinating trek to be performed. The time to trek totally depends on your enthusiasm and resolution. December is a hazardous time to do kheerganga trek. And please do not try to trek on your own. Hire an experienced and certified guide.

The trek is really hard in winter. The roads get blocked due to heavy snowfall, the trail becomes slippery, dangerous, and landslides may occur. The whole path is covered with snow and the paths are wet. The snow becomes hard and there are big chances you will slip there. There are deep troughs on both sides so once you slip there are no possibilities of you to be alive.

It is necessary to begin the trek with a lead since they know the best route in such weather which can be undertaken. It is not possible to do without a guide since you can be lost on the way or you may start to go on the wrong way.

7 Shocking Facts About Kasol In December |Snowfall In Kasol | Kasol In Winter

Once you reach the top it was biting cold. You will find camping tents and bonfire ready. Though the unique and beautiful hot springs of Kheerganga might help you. Use good quality trekking shoes if you want to trek in winter and a good quality jacket is much needed to trek in winters. And yes, GUIDE is a necessity.

But one thing is for sure the appeal of kheerganga in winter times was breathtakingly gorgeous. The whole area was covered with white sleet and amidst the snow the hot water spring. It is never meant to be a missed opportunity aka once in a lifetime encounter.

Special tip, Have Night Vision Sports Sunglasses Kasol Tips

So, if you are an adventure fanatic and with a lot of stamina and capacity to endure in the chilling cold weather, no one can stop you from trek kheerganga in winter. But its advisable not to try it without a guide as it is not at all safe.

But if you don’t want over adventure in your life then must go for the trek in summers. The weather will be pleasant and relaxing so you can enjoy the trek on your own.

Yes, Kheerganga is definately a difficult trek to do in December where you will witness snow and biting cold all at once. Without a trek leader, it is not even possible to think about the trek. Sometimes, even you reach the top but it is very difficult to trek back.

Complete Guide On How to Reach Kasol from Delhi at Nominal Cost

What is the best time to visit kasol?

The Best Time to visit Kasol for camping purposes is from May to the outset of July. Since there are many astonishing options available for trekking in and around Kasol, this small town is the best place for adventure freaks who wish to trek and camp in the numerous scenic camping sites.

The Best Time to visit Kasol for trekking is in mid of May and June. This is a time when the days can be a little hot, but the weather is generally tolerable. Try to avoid trekking in winters as there will be too many troubles to count for.

The Best Time to visit Kasol for parties is during the summer months, between March to June. The weather during this time is quite favorable, with temperatures ranging between 15 to 20 degrees celsius. It is also during this time that many tourists from all across the globe, visit Kasol to take hiatus from the scorching summer heat.

What is special in Kasol?

Kasol is one of the most stunning calming places near Manikaran in District Kullu. It is about 26 km away from Kullu. It is famous for its tangible beauty with river Parvati flowing at one surface. Kasol is also known as mini Israel because of many Israeli tourists bustling the streets.

Every kind of facility is available here just like any renowned hill station. Few guest houses, hotels, cafe and restaurants are reserved for Israels only. It is also the center for kheerganga, Tosh, and Malana tracks. Malana is known for its top-quality weed known as Malana Cream.

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Kasol is well united with roads. Bus and cab services are available all the time from Kullu. The nearest airport is Bhuntar situated at Kullu and daily on Air India flight is available from Delhi’s IGI (Indira Gandhi International )

Why is kasol called Mini Israel?

“The peaceful valley kasol has become a harbor for lakhs of Jews who migrate Kasol for many reasons – including karmic cleansing, and a constant feast of  adventure,

Israel is lying near the sea and mostly a desert and crowded by cities so such Himalayan beauty is rare in Israel. The recent increasing relationship between India and Israel makes them feel like India similar to a second home.

7 Shocking Facts About Kasol In December |Snowfall In Kasol | Kasol In Winter

After completing tough and tired military training, they come to India for leisure and spend some time in harmony. For that purpose, Himalayas are the most suited destination.

According to some sources, a decade before Israeli people started visiting the Kasol and then some of them settled here. Now the place becomes the hub of the travelers who are coming here in groups. Israeli people feel more protected here because locals’ villagers are also trying to provide the services according to their needs and thus the tourists are contributing a lot to the economy of the local village.

As the Kasol becomes the hub of Israeli travelers, the locals are getting more employment in the hospitality sector.
Mostly Israelis settled here to provide work and shelter to the Israeli tourists who visit Kasol. Thus, more and more Israelis are getting attracted to the Kasol and helping in the development of the local economy.

Is there snowfall in Tosh?

Winters in Tosh are generally seen from October to March. you can see snow if you like it. But, due to the extreme freezing temperatures, winter season is the limited preferable time to visit Tosh. As most of the roads are blocked due to heavy snowfall. And trekking becomes next to impossible.

Is Manali better or kasol?

As far as service and luxury are concerned Manali is much better than Kasol in these regards. Manali has better hotels and service standards in comparison to hamlet Kasol. Manali is a mountaineous urban city while Kasol is laid back village.

Kasol is better suited for individuals or friends who are not much concerned about the stay and want to explore nature. That means people who fall into the category of solo travelers.

while Manila is for people who want a similar city like a getaway in the mountains. or people who are on a family trip.

Where should I stay in Kasol?

Kasol is basically like a gateway to different villages around Kasol Like Chalal, Tosh, Kalga, Pulga, Jari, Malana, etc. You can either stay in Kasol or those villages. Kasol also serves as a starting place for loads of treks.

So most of the people either go to Chalal for the stay or explore the Kasol market & take a bus to barshaini or direct taxi to Tosh.
Chalal can be a good option with a lot of cafes & places to stay but it is too crowded. If you still want to stay in Chalal I will suggest you ‘Parvati Kuteer‘ best place in Chalal.

Similarly, there are a lot of places in Tosh to stay & one of the famous is ‘Pinki Didi’ you can stay there if you wanted to stay in Tosh.
Come to barshaini & go to Kalga or Pulga any of these villages are the best places to stay in Kasol, where you can enjoy peace in between apple orchards, the mesmerizing sound of the Parvati river, and the enchanting scenic views. My go-to place in Kalga is ‘Holy Cow Cafe’.

Is kasol and Kasauli same?

Both places are different but both are located in Himachal Pradesh.
Kasol is near to Kullu Manali and Kasauli is near to Shimla.

Relatively, Kasol is a better place to visit, as more things are to explore as in comparison to Kasauli. Kasol is a hub for many treks and a famous tourist attraction which will provide you with many facilities of hotels and cafes.

Is Parvati Valley Safe?

Certainly, yes with few normal precautions to bear in mind.
The locals are very co-operative and helpful. Adhere to their advice.

Only a word of precaution: Dodge strangers while you are at a party in Kasol. Even do not accept invitations from strangers for a party. Consult the locals before you wish to join a party there.

Apart from that yes Kasol and Parvati valley is completely safe for girls.

7 Shocking Facts About Kasol In December |Snowfall In Kasol | Kasol In Winter

Here are some points you should keep in mind.

  • Avoid drugs: if you happen to encounter such a situation, stay with the group. Stay calm. Everything will be fine.
  • Avoid trekking alone: people sometimes try to be daring and happen to go on their own in deep forests and get lost. No matter how tempting it may seem, do not try it.
  • Avoid walking on the riverside: You cannot predict the nature of the flow of water.
  • Avoid going out at night: universal rule. Slippery path, Animals, losing the way are all the stymies for night travel.

What should I buy in Kasol?

In Kasol just like any places, you can find its handicrafts, necklaces and bracelets made from precious stones, Himachali clothes like caps and jackets, dreamcatchers etc. would be your perfect souvenirs.
Brush up your bargaining skills before going for shopping in Kasol markets.

How many days are enough for kasol?

You can stay there for a month or a few days, depending on your recreational idea. Explore Kasol and its nearby villages like Malana, Tosh, etc which too are equally lovely and serene. As for a peacefully long weekend getaway, 3–4 days are enough to explore the place to have a remarkable “Kasol” trip.

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