How To Reach Manali From Delhi

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by questions like “How to reach Manali from Delhi?” or “What’s the distance from Delhi to Manali?” and pondering the best mode of transportation – train, car, or bus – fret not; you’ve landed in the right spot.

Just as migratory birds seek warmer climes to escape the biting cold, denizens of tropical regions like Delhi seek respite from soaring temperatures, often reaching a sweltering 50°C. The optimal solution? Retreat to cooler locales, and for Delhiites, hill stations top the list.

Among the plethora of options, Manali reigns supreme. It’s not just its proximity to Delhi that makes it enticing, but also its affordability and ability to cater to diverse needs, whether you’re vacationing with family or embarking on a solo adventure. So, why Manali? Because it ticks all the boxes and then some . Jibhi Himachal Pradesh And why it wouldn’t be. It is closest to Delhi, pocket friendly and satisfy all your needs!

Why Manali is famous?

The breathtaking vista of the majestic green Himalayas, coupled with the tranquil flow of the Beas River, offers a soul-stirring experience in Manali. Nestled in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, Manali stands as one of the most beloved destinations, its allure enduring through the ages.

For adventure enthusiasts, Manali is a paradise. Embark on exhilarating treks amidst stunning landscapes, with options like the Kheerganga Trek, Jogini Waterfall Trek, Hampta Pass Trek, and many other renowned trails awaiting exploration. Trek in Himachal Pradesh like  kheerganga trek ,Jogini waterfall trek ,Hampta Pass Trek and lots of other famous trek.

You must have seen the magnificent green valley of the Manali in the 60s – 80s songs, if you listen to them. If not, you must have definitely seen one of any movies from Jab We Met, Raaz or Heena, which shows the lush green mountains covered with thick fog? Yes, that is the aesthetic of Kullu Manali valley and roads.

No wonder you can feel the beauty in yourself. Not only this, Manali heads at the middle of many other tourist attractions situated at the higher altitude. It offers as a resting place for travelers heading to Solang Valley , Rohtang pass, Ladakh, Spiti etc. to enjoy the snow-covered mountains.

How far is Manali from Delhi? The distance of Manali from Delhi is approx. 530 km. You can reach Manali by all the 3 ways of transport – flight, bus, your own car or a hired cab. There is an option of the train too but there is no direct train route. You will have to take a train till Chandigarh and then a cab.

How to reach Manali from Delhi

How to reach Manali from Delhi by air

If you are one of those people who do not want to waste even a single minute to reach Manali. Then taking a flight from IGI (Indira Gandhi International) airport to Bhuntar airport, Kullu will serve your purpose in the shortest period of time.

The closest airport is in Bhuntar, Kullu only.

The airport is 49.4km away from Manali. You can take cab from Bhuntar airport to reach Manali which will cost you around ₹3000. Don’t depend on flights to reach Manali though.

Also it cost you almost same to travel Vietnam From India Vs Delhi From Manali if you Go By Flight , Also Vietnam Offer Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian Travelers.

There are very few services. That too get canceled or delayed due to Manali’s unpredictable and harsh weather conditions.

How to reach Manali from Delhi by train

As I stated before, there is no direct train since Manali does not have its own railway track or station.

The only way is to take a train from Delhi and reaching Chandigarh railway station or either Shimla Railway station

After reaching Chandigarh /Shimla your question is converting to

How to reach manali from chandigarh / Shimla

After reaching Chandigarh /Shimla  you can take a cab or a bus to reach Manali which is 294km away from the Chandigarh railway station.

Cab from Chandigarh to Manali cost you around ₹3000. If you get a bus that is better and cheap rather than cabs that can increase the amount to even ₹10,000! Depending on the peak season and festivals.

How to reach Manali from Delhi by bus

After all this you might be looking at the “direct route” and possibly more budget-friendly than its predecessor ways. Fortunately, we have it covered as well. If you are one of those people who prefer hassle-free traveling where you do not spend time on checking in and out at various hotels, then you should opt for bus.

Bus is the ultimate choice for a comfortable ride. Buses are the cheapest way to reach Manali from Delhi . There are an ample amount of bus services you can choose from. Ranging from sleeper A.C.

Volvo to a much cheaper alternative like HRTC (Himachal Road Transport Corporation).

It takes around 14 to 17 hours to reach Manali which is fair, looking at the distance of 550km along with 2 stops for breakfast and dinner, plus Chandigarh to Manali traffic. I would prefer you to take the overnight journey so that you do not get bored on the long way..
You can take a bus from ISBT Kashmere gate Delhi.

How To Reach Manali From Delhi

You can book your seats online which is a very comfortable option during the peak season. AC buses will cost you around ₹2000 whereas non AC cost around ₹800. Bus will drop you at Manali bus depot, Siyal, Manali.

How to reach Manali from Delhi by car

Do you belong to the group of true adventurous traveling spirit that want to take in all that the road has to offer before reaching your destination? If yes! Then keep reading.

If you are looking for,

Is it safe to travel to Manali by car at night?

Mind you, you can attain this only by stopping at multiple places. First things first, NO! You cannot drive to Manali at night in your car. It is a mountainous area and you are not used to the sloppy and steep routes.

Even an experienced driver do not drive on mountains at night. Highly accident prone!

Also if you are a kind of traveler who want’s to stay at affordable and luxury hotel in Manali ,than we have a detailed list of Best affordable 5 star hotels in Manali

How many days will it take to reach Manali by car?

It will take you minimum 1-2 days or more depending on the weather conditions. It rains a lot in Manali and the never-ending traffic of mountains. If you do opt for this, then your first stop should be at Chandigarh or before that, depending on your capacity.

Do not overdo yourself. You will be exhausted instead of refreshed in your vacations. Road after Chandigarh gets rocky which will further make it hard to drive.

Which month is best for Manali?

The best month for a Manali trip is during March to April. Because this time you get Snow at solang valley  Plus  during March to April there is less tourist in Manali, So you can enjoy everthing at an affordable cost like Hotels or Cabs

Let’s back to point , Your second stop would be either Swarghat or Kullu if you push yourself and then finally Manali! But it not as easy as you think. Although the distance might be 30-50 km but it is a mountain road.

The curves on roads make it a longer journey than the straight road of plains.


If you want to save yourself from the long and tiring ride, why not hire a driver and take a cab which will cost you ₹6000 excluding all taxes, fuel and toll taxes. Expensive, innit!

Also if you are looking for How much will a trip to Manali cost? than we have a dedicated article for you on Manali trip cost for couple

Till now, I Think you got all the answer related to your question about How to reach Manali from Delhi ,But i think you have another question like the Best route from Delhi to Manali by road? So Lets’s Discuss it too

Best route from Delhi to Manali by road

How To Reach Manali From Delhi

There are again two best routes from delhi to manali by road you can follow as mentioned below –

1st Best route from Delhi to Manali by road

Delhi – Panipat – Karnal – Kurukshetra – Ambala – Chandigarh – Naggar – Manali

This is the route where you can rest a lot at different stops along the way, for example-

  • PANIPAT: You can witness the historical city in Haryana which witnessed three famous battles. To know more about it you can check the Panipat War museum showcasing the then used armors and weapons with admirable glory.
  • KURUKSHETRA: You must have heard about this place in Mahabharat. Fact states that the soil of Kurukshetra is still red from the blood of soldiers. Creepy right? Kurukshetra is a pilgrimage site housing many temples for your interest.
  • CHANDIGARH: This can be your stop to rest. Or you can visit Sukhna Lake, the famous rock garden, rose garden or forests of this advanced city.
  • MANDI: Mandi is situated at  around 100 km From Kullu . Mandi is also known as “Chhoti Kashi” or “Varanasi of hills”. This area has 81 temples! You would not run out of places to visit if you stay here. There are many lakes and even a hot water lake known as Tattapani.
  • KULLU: Manali is just 50 km ahead from Kullu, Kullu have its own importance and beautiful tourist places to visit  ,Most of the travelers visit the top most places of kullu like Nagar Castle, Jana water Fall etc ,Also kullu is well known famous for its International Dushera Festival
  • NAGGAR: Naggar is an ancient town in Himachal Pradesh which was once the capital of Kullu Kingdom. You can see the Ancient Naggar castle and temples here.

2nd Best route from Delhi to Manali by road

Delhi – Hansi – Samana – Patiala- Sirhind -Swargaht– Mandi-Kullu – Naggar – Manali

This is a longer route than the previous one and covers 650 km.

  • HANSI: Hansi is an ancient town in Hisar famous for the Gujari fort.
  • PATIALA: The royal city of Patiala is a perfect blend of Rajput, Punjabi and Mughal culture. There is abundance of palaces to visit in this Royal City. Like – Maharaja Narinder Singh’s Sheesh Mahal decorated with colored glass and mirror, 18th century Qila Mubarak, palace-turned-museum Moti Bagh Palace.
  • SIRHIND: Once the most significant town in the history of India now buries down some of the most magnificent glories and brutalities of the past. You can witness those moments in the remains of the few monument that withstood the sand of times.
  • SWARGHAT: Things to visit in Swarghat includes the huge Guru Gobindsagar Lake that you are going to regret if you miss it. Moreover, it entertains a lots of water activities like sailing, a game of fishing and many more water sports activities. You can visit Naina Devi temple and Bhimakali temple along with the Nalagarh Fort which is a 4-star resort offering everything you can think with an outdoor pool!

Special Tips: Not to forget, To enjoy the amazing  Jogini WaterFall Trek at Manali

Happy journey!

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