The Reasons Why Everyone Love Samaila Village Himachal Pradesh

Where Is Samaila? The perfect guide for first time visitors

Samaila Village Himachal Pradesh is not very famous tourist destination. Samaila Village is  located at the south of  district Mandi Himachal Pradesh and close to the border line of district Bilaspur.

But Samaila Village have its own kind of beauty that attract solo travelers, The blog will give you some highlight on various travel destination around Samaila Village Himachal Pradesh

There are Some Hidden Travel Destinations In Samaila Village Himachal Pradesh For Travelers On A Budget.

Samaila Village is a famous and prosperous village with beautiful  temples , some of the temples have their  own strategic characteristics.

That keep us connected to our mythological background. Samaila Village is around 4000 feet above sea level.

If you are on this blog by some how than you must be wondering about,

How To Reach Samaila Village ? Or Where Exactly Is Samaila Village

So let me just clear your doubt that Samaila Village is a very Small and beautiful  Village of district Mandi himachal Pradesh ,If you want to explore Samaila Village or just say to reach Samaila Village than here’s the,

Best Route to Reach Samaila Village

Delhi-Chandigarh-Bilaspur-Ghumarwin-Kuthera-Samaila Village

When you reach Samaila Village you first see the temple of Mata Shailaja which is very mythological and philosophical also there is a Small  market along with the temple in which you will get all the things you need.

But unfortunately there is no Hotel or Homestay available at Samaila Village to Stay but don’t worry

Within 15 km from Samaila Village basically at Jahu you find decent hotel to stay also Jahu offer’s you alot of buse’s to different tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh

Some nearby tourist destination at Jahu

  • Santoshi Mata Temple Ladror
  • Sarkaghat Himachal Pradesh
  • Rewalsar Lake Himachal Pradesh

But as per my suggestion do stay a affordable and luxurious hotel in Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh and enjoy the beautiful

Bandla HillTop at Bialspur Himachal Pradesh ,that help you make your Himachal Pradesh trip more relaxing

Let’s back to Samaila Himachal Pradesh ,

There are 2 bank’s and a Post Office at Samaila Village

  • Himachal Gramin Bank
  • Himachal Pradesh State Co. Bank
  • Indian Post Office Samaila
  • Samaila Village Pincode :175034

Basically Samaila village is situated in Tehsil  Baldwara Distt. Mandi Himachal Pradesh, India. Samaila Village is about 50 km fro the City Center of Distt .Mandi

Some of the people in Samaila Village are farmer and they are very good in crop cutting techniques

Its an awsom idea to explore himachal pradesh by your own and if you are a real nature love than you must be hear about Jibhi Himachal Pradesh if not just go through a detailed Jibhi Travel Guide

Now let’s talk about few tourist places /The Reasons Why We Love Samaila Village Himachal Pradesh

(1) Shiva Temple Samaila Village

The Shiva Temple Samaila is the main and most famous place to visit for locals as well as for travelers they came and pray for their auspicious life. This holy place is located at a distance of about 500 meters from Samaila City Center

There is a very old banyan tree in the courtyard of this temple. There is a hut under the tree in which an unbroken flame is ignited.

The Shiva Temple Samaila is situated near to Govt. Medical hospital,

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How To Reach Shiva Temple Samaila Village

The Shiva Temple Samaila Village is around 500m from Samaila Village City Center So you can easily reach Shiva Temple Samaila Village by a walk around nature or just book a cab from Samaila Village Taxi Stand to Shiva Temple Samaila

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(2) Lakhdata Peer Bhyanu Temple

Lakhdata Peer Bhyanu Temple

The Lakhdata Pir Bhanuu temple is situated at a small hilltop ,So if you have plan to Go Lakhdata Peer Bhyanu than make sure to enjoy the small trek form Taleli to Lakhdata Peer Bhyanu.

According to the believes of the temple, Thursday is very important.

Every Thursday a fair is organized at Lakhdata Peer Bhyanu. Where you can see alot of small shop of household goods with some sweet shops, On Thursday there are  hundreds of people visit Lakhdata Peer Bhyanu.

Lakhdata Peer Bhyanu Temple

Lakhdata Peer Bhyanu temple is surrounded by high mountain grasslands on all three sides and is situated in a secluded place, far away from the noise, at an elevation of about 4444 feet above sea level.

The view around the Lakhdata Peer Bhyanu hill top temple is so beautiful and dynamic in nature, the place Lakhdata Peer Bhyanu temple is 15 kilometers from Samaila Village.

Lakhdata Peer Bhyanu

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How To Reach Lakhdata Peer Bhyanu

Lakhdata Peer Bhyanu Temple

Either if you want you can enjoy a trek from Samaila to Lakhdata Peer Bhyanu Temple which is around 6km one way and enjoy the journey with your friends and family members

You can book a cab from Samaila Village Taxi stand to Lakhdata Peer Bhyanu Temple which again cost you around Rs 500

You can plan your journey to Lakhdata Peer Bhyanuu Temple by bus till Taleli,  one way fare is around Rs 30

Its always a good idea to take some Good Dark Chocolates with you during any trek it help’s your body to get enough antioxidents

(3) Murari Mata Temple

Murari Mata Temple is a famous Shaktipeeth. In the present time a grand temple has been established there, People come from different places wide to Murari Mata Temple.

There is an executive committee in this temple through which food and lodging facilities are provided to the devotees who come here.

This temple is situated at an altitude of 7000 feet above sea level. This temple is surrounded by dense, forests and deep hills which adds to its beauty. The cold wind of the pine makes the mind swell and it feels like it is happening. This is one of my favorite places. Whenever I take time, I definitely go to Murari Mata Temple

You can also must  have to visit the shiv temple at near Murari Mata Temple

How To Reach Murari Mata Temple

Either if you want you can enjoy a trek from Samaila Village to Murari Mata Temple which is around 10km one way and enjoy the journey with your friends and family members

You can book a cab from Samaila Taxi stand to Murari Mata Temple which again cost you around 1k

You can plan your journey to Murari Mata Temple by bus one way fare is around Rs 30

Hope the article about Samaila Village Himachal Pradesh give you idea about some hidden and awesome places in Himachal ,

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