Best Riverside Camps in Kasol (Swiss Tents) Safe Stays !

Kasol is a cold haven that is located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. Kasol is also known as the Amsterdam of India and this place has excellent weather throughout the year. This picturesque village is sitting on the banks of River Parvati and it is one of the most happening destinations in entire North India. Kasol is loved for its scenic views, amazing landscapes, pleasant environment and interesting culture.

Kasol is cocooned in the lap of mother nature, at an altitude of 1640 meters. This place is a huge crowd puller and a backpacker’s destination. Kasol is also a sojourn for nature lovers looking for an escape amidst lush green forests and soothing views. Camping in Kasol has been a tradition over the years as camping in Kasol is a fun-filled activity.

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Best Camps in Kasol

Kasol offers you plenty of opportunities to awaken your inner adventure wandered and rediscover yourself. This place is surrounded by valleys and hills, this hamlet is also an ideal base for trekking and hiking.

The salubrious climate and timeless beauty of nature make Kasol a traveler’s delight. One of the famous attractions in Kasol is the thundering River Parvati, which originates from the ManTalai Glacier, gushes through the Parvati Valley and finally cracks into the Beas river that is located near Kullu. The site of the sparkling river meandering through the snow-capped mountains is soul-soothing.

If you are looking for the best camps in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh for an adventure-filled vacation then we will help you out with this article. Camping is for sure the best way to escape from the city nuisances, hustle and bustle and reconnect with nature once in a while. The prices vary depending on different parameters such as season, number of adventure activities, season and the camping site you choose.

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Best Riverside Camps In Kasol

Best Riverside Camps in Kasol

Other than the price of camping in Kasol, there are traveling expenses to reach Kasol from either air, bus or train. We have gathered some information about some of the best camps that are located in Kasol for a fun-filled and adventurous vacation.

Kabila Camps In Kasol

Kabila Camps are situated alongside the river Parvati and amid rolling mountains and it is one of the famous camping sites among the travelers who come to Kasol, especially for camping. From a Swiss tent to a traditional one, all the camping packages provided by Kabila Camps are at reasonable prices. You can also have the privilege of customizing the camping packages as per your needs and budget.

This scenic camping site will let you lose yourself to mother nature’s shooting vibes and de-stress yourself. Kabila Camps are one of the best camps in Kasol. They provide you with everything to make your camping experience unforgettable.

You must not miss the food that is awesome here. You will have several amenities here such as free wi-fi, balconies with mountain views, bile rentals, local tours, taxi services, an on-site cafe, a tour desk and a garden. Kabila Camps are located 4 km from Kasol Town and 6 k from the famous Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib.

  • Activities- They offer you several adventure activities such as camping, trekking and paragliding.
  • Prices- Price onwards from Rs 1800 to Rs 6000.
  • Contact Number- 095997 20652

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Mahadev River View Camps In Kasol

Mahadev River View Camps offer you the best view of the river Parvati, these camps are the perfect escape for adventure seekers. Mahadev River View Camps are surrounded by a lush green valley and this camping site offers your different opinions including affordable test and luxurious camps.

This camping site is one of the most famous camping sites in Kasol owing to the scrumptious local dishes served here. They serve locals delicacies cookies over the fire and there is nothing like it. Comfortable stays and hospitable staff makes this place an adorn campsite. You will have several facilities here such as food, a house restaurant and river view camps.

Mahadev River View Camps are located close to Kasol City Centre which is just 1.1 km away.

  • Activities- They also offer you trekking packages.
  • Price- Price onwards from Rs 1900.
  • Contact number- 098825 80629

Orchard Camps In Kasol

Orchard Camps are located away from the chaos of the city and it will allow you to lose yourself in the beauty of mother nature. The sound of the flowing waters of the River Parvati will relax your mind as well as calm your soul. The surreal environment surrounded by mountains offers you a breath of fresh air to the visitors.

Orchard Camps offers you several amenities such as a hot spring bath, garden, sitting area, mountain view and lounge.  Orchard Camos are situated close to Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib and Kasol’s main market.  Orchard Camps have state-of-the-art facilities for a test that is located on a hill cut off from the urban noise. Along with a gorgeous view, there is a lust green and beautiful garden that is within the vicinity. The chilly air, a blanket of the tents and warmth for your special ones and this is touted to a be a marvelous experience.

  • Activities- They offer you hiking and sightseeing packages as well.
  • price- Price started from Rs 2000

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Jalpa Camps In Kasol

Jalpa Camps offers you a peaceful escape into the magical realm of nature and it is one of the camps to stay in Kasol. The camps serve awesome taste bud gratifying vegetarian food that will tempt you to come back here again and again.

Jalpa Camps are one of the most famous camps that are located in Kasol. The mesmerizing views of the mountain ranges with the gurgling sound of the water streams are a sight to behold. Jalpa Camps are located near Choj which is 2 km away from Kasol city center. They offer you several facilities such as a hot spring bath, in-house restaurant, outdoor dining area, safety lockers, free wi-fi, 24-hour front desk and it is also pet friendly.

It is also one of the most affordable camps in Kasol. Their vegetarian dishes will linger in your taste buds for a long and leave you craving for more and more.

  • Activities-  They also offer you other adventure activities including hiking, fishing, bike tours, cycling, walking tours and fishing.
  • price- Price onwards from Rs 1800.

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Best Swiss Tent In kasol

Aman Camps In Kasol

If you are in search of a relaxing stay in between lush green areas and a soothing ambiance then Aman Camps is the best place for you. These camps capture the panoramic views of Kasol from these safe and comfortable camps while having all sorts of modern amenities.

You will have some delicious international cuisine as well as flavorful Indian and local dishes. They offer you amenities such as a hot spring bath, an on-site restaurant and parking.  Aman Camps are located in Old Kasol.

  • Price- The price starts from Rs 1200.

Parvati Wood Camps In Kasol

If you are seeking refuge in a cozy bed that is tucked in a beautiful tent that is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. These camps offer you calling views of the surrounding hills and lush greens. Parvati Wood Camp offers you several facilities such as a bonfire, an in-house restaurant, music, heating, power socket and parking.

These camps are located on Manikaran Road.  Parvati Wood Camps are a home away from home and the added perh is that this home comes with breathtaking landscapes. These camps offer sightseeing in the local villages and arrange treks too. Living an adventurous life is the key over here in Kasol.

  • Activities- They offer adventure packages that include trekking, fishing, cycling and mountaineering.
  • Price- Price onwards from Rs 500.
  • Contact number- 099909 92220

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Camp Himalayan Midway In Kasol

Camp Himalayan Midway offers you the experience of a camp as well as a cafe. These camps are beautifully built and are also safe for kids, this is the place where you can be with your family.

In Camp Himalayan Midway you will have food, lodging and ambiance at its best.  Camp Himalayan Camps are located near Shanti cafe, Challal, Kasol. If you want a blend of camps with luxurious cafes then this place is best for you. You will get a wide range of comfortable and affordable tents here.

You will enjoy several amenities here such as free parking, barbeque, hot spring bath, in-house cafes and scenic views.

  • Activities- They also have other adventure activities packages like trekking, walking tours and hiking.
  • Price- The price starts from Rs 2000.

Om Himalayan Mountian Trek and Camps In Kasol

Om Himalayan Mountain Trek and Camps offers you adventure activities in Kasol and gives you a unique experience of living in luxury tents and indulging in bonfires.

These camps comprise well-furnished and modern luxury tents that come with in-house dining, The property is located close to Barshaini base, the starting point for the Kheerganga trek. This property is located in the heart of Kasol but tucked away in a corner. The Chhalal trek starts from here and the Parvati river is a stroll away.

  • Activities- They also can arrange some adventure activities such as trekking, cycling, hiking and bonfire, etc.
  • Price- The price starts from Rs 2000.

Best Places To Stay In Kasol

Lee Garden Camps In Kasol

Lee Garden Camps have homely bedding and rustic tents that are located on the foothills of mountains. The chilly area of Kasol and the sounds of nature will be a constant source of an adrenaline rush.  Lee Garden Camps are situated on the Parvati River Bank, Choj Village which is around 1.5 km away from the main market Kasol.

  • Activities- They also offer you some other adventure activities such as trekking, bonfire, walking tours, cycling and hiking,  etc.
  • Price- The price starts from Rs 1500.
  • Contact Number- 099216 70001

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North Deodar Camps In Kasol

North Deodar Camps is a profound place to experience adventure in the morning and ends your day with a bonfire and karaoke in the nights. The nature all around the camps is the cherry on the cake. You will have a number of facilities here such as free parking, in-dinning, free wi-fi, hot water and heater, etc. These camps are located in Soma Ropa, Kasol Road.

  • Activities- They offer you some other adventure activities like walking tours, hiking, cycling and trekking, etc.
  • Price- The price starts from Rs 2500.
  • Contact number- 084120 24507

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