Air India Web Check In (Domestic & International) Explained !

Air India is a national carrier with a fleet of refurbished and new aircraft that connects about 100 cities all around the world. The airline is part of the renowned Star Alliance network that enables passengers to travel to over more than 1300 destinations all across continents without any hassle.

For seamless service, Air India offers web check-in, mobile check, and a number of other facilities. Web check-in service is one of the most famous check-in options as it is time-saving and quite convenient.

The check-in time window to avail of the facility of check-in online begins 48 hours before departure and is put to 2 hours before the takeoff. The complete web check-in process, including seat selection, check-in baggage, and many more things can be done in just a few minutes. So, do not waste your time and effort, you should go for the easy Air India web check-in option.

Air India Online Check-In

There is a number of ways for passengers to check-in online depending on their route and preference. But the process can be slightly different so it is vital to check the details carefully before your flight.

Air India Domestic Check-In

Air India domestic check-in is easy and you just require to visit the Air India Website and get the option for Web Check-In. It must be in the header menu, once your click on the page, you have to choose between the option for using your Booking reference or e-ticket number of Frequent Flyer Card Number. Once you choose an option, you just need to fill out the form with the following-

  • E-Ticket Number that is of 13 digits or Booking Reference Number that is of 6 digits.
  • OR Frequent Flyer Program Airline or Program along with Frequent Flyer Number
  • Departure Airport
  • Passenger Seat Selection
  • Passenger Information

And once you entered all of these details you can check the summary of the information and then can print the domestic flight boarding pass. If you do not need to check in any luggage then you can just have to walk toward the boarding gate and get on the flight. If you do need to check baggage, then you drop them off at the baggage counter and head for the gate.

Air india Web Check-in 

The Air India Domestic Check-in time starts 48 hours before your scheduled flight and closes one hour before your scheduled flight. You must know that baggage check-in is open 6 hours before the flight is set to depart.

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Air India Check-In International Flights

Air India Web Check-In International flights are very similar to the check-in for domestic flights. You have to enter the details and follow the steps that are mentioned above. The details include-

  • E-Ticket Number that is of 13 digits or Booking Reference Number that is of 6 digits.
  • OR Frequent Flyer Program Airline or Program along with Frequent Flyer Number
  • Departure Airport
  • Passenger Seat Selection
  • Passenger Information

These details apply to most of the international destinations Air India serves. However, the timings for international flight check-in are different. The window opens 48 hours before the scheduled flight but closes two hours before the scheduled flight. Another detail that you just have to keep in mind is the Air India boarding pass.

Air india Web Check-in 

Once you have done with the international flight check0in the process then you would not immediately get the boarding pass. Instead, you will need to print out the Confirmation Slip and hand it over to the Air India agent at the dedicated counter. After that, you will get a boarding pass after you follow through with the international travel check-in formalities. Baggage check-in is open 6 hours before the flight is set to depart.

Air India Express Check-In

The check-in process for Air India Express is exactly similar to that for Air India. The same processes that are mentioned above have to apply to Air India Express. For international flights, you have to check in two hours before the departure of the flight.

And for domestic flights, you have to check in one hour before departure. Although, the website for Air India Express check-in is different and you have to visit the dedicated Air India Express website to carry out the check-in process.

Air India Web Check-In on Mobile

If you fly Air India frequently and depend on web check-ins then it may be a good idea to download the AI Mobile Application. The application makes web check-in easy to use and quick. You must have all of the information that your need regarding your travel in one place and within easy reach. You have to keep a few things when it comes to Air India web check-in on Mobile-

  • You can check-in by using the mobile application for all Air India and Alliance Air flights.  But, you can not check in on Code Share flights, You have to use web check-in or direct check-in for this.
  • You can check in on the application that begins 48 hours before the flight and neds 90 minutes before the departure of the flight.
  • You have to print out the air boarding pass to board the flight. You also can have a copy of the boarding pass that is emailed to you from your phone to print out. Just showing your boarding pass on the application may not be enough.

Air India Check-In Methods

Air India Web Check In

Air India Kiosk Check-in

If you have booked your domestic flights or Indian flights booking and you can also check in using the self-service kiosks at the airport. In Air India Web check-in is not working then you have to complete your check-in formalities by using Kiosks or the Air India’s counter.  The kiosks help you to print boarding passes before proceeding to the security check area. You must know that the self-check-in kiosks facility is available only for domestic flights.

Air India Tele- Check-in

Only frequent flyer members and executive class members could check by using this method. But such passengers can only check in from six Indian airports that are Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad. For example; if you have booked your flight to Ahmedabad or any other Indian destination then you cannot web-check.

Air India City Check-in

You can also proceed with this type of check-in from the city booking offices.

Air India Mobile Check-in

You can even check-in for an Air India flight by using your mobile. Air India we check-in mobile facility is an easy way out for seat selection, check timetable information and other details that are related to your flight. All you require to do is download the Air India mobile application and enter your flight details to check in for your flight.

Web check-in gives you peace of mind that you do not have to stand in long queues just to select seat preferences at the check-in counter. You just have to collect your boarding pass print from the check-in counter and you are done to go to your desired destination.

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Air India Web Check-in Things to Know

Air India Web Check In

Air India extends its web check-in service to all passengers with a confirmed ticket to Air India flights. You can check yourself in form anywhere by making the use of the internet. Apart from booking the cheapest airfares to India and you can now check-in before reaching the airport.

Before you proceed, you must know a few of the following things

  1. Timing- Air India Web Check-in begins 48 hours before the departure of the flight. And the closing time is 2 board before departure. Although for particular routes and flights, online check-in begins 54 hours before the departure.
  2. Exception- There are some exceptions for some passengers like those who are traveling from Dhaka or passengers on codeshare flights who cannot check-in online. You must know that if you are traveling on codeshare flights so you could not avail of web check-in. On the other side, people with special requirements including passengers using a wheelchair and unaccompanied minors, etc. cannot web check in.
  3. Security Check- If you have already performed the web check-in then you can directly move to the security check at the airport.
  4. Confirmation Slip- If you have booked flights from Hyderabad to Seattle then you will be given a confirmation slip instead of the boarding pass. This same process goes for all international flights.
  5. Baggage Tags- You must get in touch with the baggage drop counter at the airport to deposit or check-in your baggage. You must not forget to collect registered baggage tags.
  6. No Registration- You do not require any prior registration to avail of the web check-in service. Anyone with a conformed Air India Flight booking can visit Air India’s official website and can proceed with your check-in
  7.  The number of passengers-  A total nine number of passengers can web check in at a time according to the Air India web check-in policy. It means, that only nine passengers booked under one PNR can web check in together.

Is It Beneficial to Web Check-In On Air India?

If you are wondering whether Air India check-in is beneficial or not, so for your information, the answer is yes. For sure it is beneficial to web check-in in the airline as its saves your precious time as you can avoid long queues at the airport and can directly enter the flight.

Web check-in also offers you various facilities such as you can choose your preferable seats according to your comfort and you can also download your e-boarding pass while remaining at your office, home or where ever you are.

If you find any problem regarding the web check-in, there is no need to worry. You are free to contact Air India customer care to get quick and hassle-free assistance. The Air India customer case is available for 24*7 to help and support the passengers with their needed queries and information. Additionally, you can get all the information and can know more about the web check-in.

You just have to go to the official website and visit the “contact us” section then pick the customer care toll-free number of Air India then dial the number and just follow the IVR instructions you hear on the call.

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