Top 5 Best (Luxury Stay) Treehouses in Jibhi Tirthan Valley

If you are tired of the rush and bustle of city life and want a vacation in a serene and peaceful environment, what better place to go than Jibhi. Jibhi is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit if you want to spend some time in the lap of mother nature. A charming location in Himachal, full of lush greeneries and landscapes that may help you forget about your worries. Jibhi hamlet is located in the Tirthan valley of Himachal Pradesh and it is one of the state’s untouched areas.

Best Treehouses Jibhi Himachal Pradesh

Jibhi is 70 kilometers from Mandi and this place is at an elevation of 1600 meters or 51250 feet. Jibhi is distant from the crowds and will definitely appeal to you. Serenity descends on you when you are Jibhi because all you will hear is the sound of the bird songs and gurgling river down your window.

The architecture of Jibhi speaks for itself as this place is constructed in an ancient Himalayan way. Most of the houses at Jibhi are built of wood and stone. Galgal trees and apple orchards adorn the backyard of every house or homestay in this gorgeous Himalayan village. Jibhi is also considered to be a part of the greater Tirthan Valley that is famous among backpackers, hikers, travelers, tourists and trekkers.

This place makes for a vital stop on the road of Manali from Shimla and Jibhi and also serves as a base of trekkers enough to nearby places.

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Best Places To Stay In Jibhi

Until the mid-90s, Jibhi was known only to a handful of pro trekkers but in 1992, a local ex-army man named Bhagwan Singh Rana started the first even guesthouse in the entire valley. He offers not only lodging and food but also conducted tours around his hometown thus opening up Jibhi to the world outside. As his guests grew in number the reputation of Jibhi grew as a scenic Himalayan hamlet and became the destination we come to know today. All this inspired more locals to put this village on the world travel map by offering them a classic Himachalese experience with culture, food and tour packages.

the weather in Jibhi is pleasant throughout the year like in other places in Himachal. The winter season is cold and chilly and the summer season is warm and cool. You can visit Jibhi throughout the year depending on what your travel agenda is. But the best time to visit the place is from March to May, at this time temperature is most conducive.

Best Treehouses in Jibhi

Best Treehouses in Jibhi

When it comes to staying in Jibbhi, treehouses in Jibhi can be the best option. The treehouses are surrounded by lush green pine forests, maize and wheat fields,  apple and pear orchards on all sides.

Treehouses in Jibhi are built with all wooden exteriors and interiors, have bedrooms, a garden, a lawn and all other essentials such as kitchen utilities and groceries, etc. In this article, we will let you know about all the best treehouses that are located in Jibhi. You must mark our list of the best tree houses in Jibhi and plan your trip now.

List of the Best Treehouses In Jibhi

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Luxury Stay In Jibhi

 Jibbhi Heaven Treehouse in Jibhi

If you an introverted then Jibhi is totally heaven for you. The calmness, beauty and quaint view of the village. Jibhi Heaven is situated on the sunny side of the hilltop while the river is flowing below. Jibhi Heaven Treehouse has everything you need for a staycation. This treehouse offers a very beautiful view of the Himalayas.

A private balcony offers you very scenic beauty and this tree house is surrounded by a beautiful apple garden and pine trees. All basic amenities are offered you must come and enjoy a unique style of hospitality. Rooms in Jibhi Heaven tree house offer facilities such as a private balcony, wi-fi, doctor on call, free parking, fresh bedsheets, attached bathroom, towels, shower, room service and fresh homecooked food. Check-in and check-out time at Jibhi Heaven tree houses is 12;00 to 12;00.

Their cancellation policy is that you can make cancellations 15 or more days before the check-in date will be free. Cancellations made more than 7 days in advance but less than 15 days will incur a cancellation charge in 1 nights tariff. No shows and cancellations made 0 to 7 days in advance will incur a 100% charge of the booking. Smoking and drinking are not allowed in public spaces.

They accept payments in cash, online money transfer and Paytm.

The Treehouse Jibhi Himachal Pradesh

The Treehouse Jibhi is located in Jibhi valley with lovely views from your window. This is a handsome little Himalayan Cottage that stands on a hilltop. The honeyed aroma of pear and apple-laden trees will fill your noses while your stay in the treehouse. The Treehouse Jibhi basks in the soulful and calming experience with a book and a cuppa of simply just tuning in to Nature’s music. You could plonk yourself on a chair on the verandah and philosophies about the rising and the setting sun.

The famed and exotic flying squirrels grant you an audience at night. The owner hosts of the property are local villagers and live up to the image of village folk being gregarious and generous hosts as they insist you on taking care of all your requirements. A comfortable and happy experience awaits.

Check-in time is 11 am and early check-in allowed of the room is available. Check-out time is 11 am and late check-out is allowed if the room is not booked for that day. Pets are also allowed in The Treehouse Jibhi. You can hear the sounds of leaves, winds and birds while being inside The Treehouse.

The mountain views are just breathtaking from this Eco hotel. The jungle walk is adventurous and full of discoveries. If you are looking for peace in the lap of nature then this should be your choice. If you want to cancel your bookings then they will open the dates in the calendar and will refund only if somebody else books on your dates.

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Cottages in Jibhi

Oak Suite Treehouse in Jibhi

Oak Suite Treehouse is located 47 km away from Kullu and it is a perfect place for couples. This treehouse in Jibhi is an ideal place for vacation in the mountains and to get away from the hustle-bustle of cities. Opening onto a balcony with garden views, the air-conditioned holiday home consists of one bedroom.

Kasol is 47 km from Oak Suite Treehouse, while Tosh is 48 km away. The nearest airport is Kullu Mnalai Aiport which is located 37 away from Oak Suite the tree house. You will have several amenities at this place such as free parking, air conditioning and pets are also allowed.

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Best Homestays in Tirthan Valley

The Hidden Burrow Treehouses in Jibhi

The Hidden Burrow is located in the picturesque town of Jibhi and it is situated away from the hustle and bustle across the road, by the ver melodious Jibhi river, A rustic luxurious abode to soother your mind, soul and body. Quality, personal touch and warmth are the things that set them apart. Get a taste of their hospitality at their in-house Hobbit Cafe.

You will be rejuvenated at their Burroes in exquisite locations. You will experience authentic Himachali culture in between the greenery of Pushpa Bhadra Valley, throughout the year. Their Hobbit Cafe runs from 8.30 am to 9 pm, it is surrounded by a beautiful mass of land that serves as a lawn where you can enjoy your morning tea or play with the stray dogs in the vicinity.

The Hidden Burrow has waterfalls all around and also has walkways or trails amidst the jungles. Your evenings at the Hidden Burrow will almost always end with a sunset and a cup of tea or coffee followed by a bonfire to keep you warm.

Latoda Eco Lodge Treehouses in Jibhi

Before visiting Latoda Eco Lodge, you should know about the geographic status. Latoda Eco Lodge is a delightful eco-friendly cottage nestled on the lap of mother nature in the beautiful valley called Jibhi Valley. Latoda Eco Lodge is not simply a cottage or just a homestay. The specialty of this cottage is that it has been made by the family here itself, it has designed its architecture, washroom, bedding and furniture all by themselves.

The cottage is made of wood and the chief of the Latoda Eco Lodge family, Mr. Teja Singh, has built spent his whole life designing the houses of wood that is Kathkuni Shelley. He has built more than 80 wooden houses so far and this tree house is his last project and now Mr. Teja Singh is working on this project only. Jagdish Thakur started the work of Ltoda Eco Lodge in Jibhi in the year 2011 and believes that whenever a tourist comes to your, he must be made familiar with the people, culture, food and drinks of the place.

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Best Places To Stay in Tirthan Valley

Little Wood Tree House Jibhi 

Little Wood Tree House is located o.6 km from the city center, this treehouse is an amazing place to stay in Jibhi. The location is just awesome from here you can see the sunrise from your bed.  Every room in the treehouse is equipped with a balcony and kitchen area. The food made by Jaggu Bhai is something you should never miss.

All the hosts are very supportive whenever you need them whether a cup of coffee or a warm bowl of maggie. It is a picture-perfect place like a scene from an animated movie and this place will definitely relive the fantasies of your childhood.

Offbeat Stay Tree House Jibhi

Offbeat is a great option for any nomad that aspires and looks forward to sitting down with a warm and friendly neighbor from places that are not that home and getting to know the very welcoming and friendly Himachalis and get s a taste of homecooked food from parathas to maggie and not toe mention the garam chai on the gleamy sunset in the evenings is just so soothing that you will never feel like leaving the place and surely develop a truly pleasant connection.

You will definitely enjoy several facilities here such as parking, bonfire, cafe or restaurant, sanitization housekeeping service, garden or lawn, hot water and toilet amenities, etc.

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