Jacksonville to Gainesville Bus: Shuttle (Price & Time) Travel Guide

Jacksonville to Gainesville Bus, If you are a fan of America’s Southern football then I am sure that you just recognize Gainesville is home to the  Florida and Florida Gators. Gainesville is not like any other place in Florida. This place is a combination of college- town and protected natural beauty makes us one of a kinda place, at this place nature and culture meet.

Jacksonville to Gainesville Bus

Jacksonville to Gainesville Bus

Gainesville offers you more than 30 miles of biking and hiking trails whereas looking at the wildlife such as birds, bison, wild horses or alligators in seven areas Florida State Parks. Floating down the spring0 fed river at lchetucknee Springs State Park is a place that has warm weather tradition. You should spend some afternoon time antiquing in Gainesville’s which is surrounding by small towns and you can grab a bit downtown at some of the best local farms- to fork dining around.

No matter your passion is however the wonder of nature and culture of the town and Alachua County expect. This place has a rich history dating back thousands of years to the time of hunter-gatherers and several of its wild forests and wetlands have been carefully preserved till now.

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Distance from Jacksonville to Gainesville

The distance from Jacksonville to Gainesville is around 99 km or 62  miles and this distance can be covered in 6 hours and 45 minutes. But the scheduled buses from Jacksonville to Gainesville may arrive slightly later or earlier depending on traffic conditions. The gap is that the same either manner if you’re flying a line or driving constant roads back and forth. Booking the fastest option will see your destination in approximately 1 hour 40 minutes but if you are looking for a  faster journey  and looking for express routes then you should know that these may only depart at fixed times of day or on certain days of the week.

However, if you would like a true trip then there square measure many variations thus move and you ought to check the reverse directions to get the distance from Jacksonville to Gainesville. You may also find that you can go to Gainesville from Jacksonville  faster by making connections rather than taking a direct route.

Your bus travel from Jacksonville to Gainesville

If you are planning a trip from Jacksonville to Gainesville and finds it difficult that from where to start but that is where we come in. We will show you all possible routes with all the information that you need to make your decision

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Price of bus tickets from Jacksonville to Gainesville

The cheapest bus ticket from Jacksonville to Gainesville will costs you around Rs 885 and on average you can expect to spend around Rs 1980 for your bus travel. We will help you to find a journey that fits your budget. You can expect costs to vary between different travel providers and methods that you choose to travel as faster means of transport will costs you more than the slower ones.

You may be able to find cheaper bus tickets and prices of the tickets may fluctuate a little from day to day basis and you may also find lower prices by looking at a particular times of day to avoid rush hour traffic.  If you are a traveler on a tight budget then we give you one tip that you should look for connecting journeys as it cost you lower than direct trip to your destination. Most of the times  it can be cheaper to make a change to two along the way rather than on a direct route.

Jacksonville to Gainesville bus Time

If you want to set off early in the morning then you should take the first bus of the day from Jacksonville to Gainesville. The first bus starts at 8.15 am to reach Gainesville. The last scheduled bus departs of the day is at 8.15 pm. The exact number of journeys from Jacksonville to Gainesville can vary from day today.

Some bus services  may only run on certain days of the week and others might be seasonal. But in general, an average of 2 buses leaves each day. These bus services are run by a number of different transport providers but there are two main bus service providers on this route are Amtrak and Greyhound.

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Jacksonville to Gainesville Shuttle

You can also expect that there are more connections on weekdays in this route. There is a number of transport providers that run fewer journeys on weekends or public holidays. However, you can find more options available for you if you want to take a connecting route from Jacksonville to Gainesville.

As not all travelers like or feel comfortable taking multiple connections but if you are then you will enjoy greater flexibility of daily departures to Gainesville from Jacksonville. You will find 2 direct buses from Jacksonville to Gainesville  with no changes leaving each day. If you are a traveler who is happy to choose an indirect route then you will find, on average zero journeys with one change or more.

Things to do in Gainesville

Jacksonville to Gainesville Bus

If you are wondering to know about the coolest to do in Florida then here we give you a few things that you can enjoy-

Museum of Natural History, Florida

Museum of Natural History is one of the most popular destinations in Gainesville and it is a huge, sprawling complex file with everything from life-sized dinosaur bones to living butterfly rain forests and this place has something for everyone in terms of interest, age and gender. If you have interest in fossils then there are dozens of displays that offer ancient animal remains.

If you are interested in history then there are a number of carefully- preserved artifacts from the indigenous tribes of Florida. And if you are a nature lover then there are things from where you can wander through leafy hails and underwater domes that mimic real- life caves, cliffs, rivers, lakes and waterfalls.

There are discovery zones that will let your kids get their hands dirty by doing activities and playing games. You’ll relish here while not paying a dime and this factor makes the  Florida Museum of Natural History is of the best free things in Gainesville. If you are on a budget trip then you must check this place out.

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Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park

If you have not explored a gigantic sinkhole then here you have the chance in Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park and this is the only place that is  located in a sinkhole. This Geological Park stretches more than 120 feet deep and 500 feet deep a feet wide and you will descend to rock bottom with the assistance of winding picket steps and boardwalks that cause an observation deck. 

The sinkhole is a marvel of nature for many reasons, this is not only is filled with water and limestone but it is so big that this sinkhole has three distinct ecosystems within its walls. There is a swamp in a forest and a sandhill that all developed independently to one another due to their different exposure to sunlight and rain.

A number of people joke about Florida being the end of the world but traveling down into Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park makes you feel like you are experiencing doomsday. This event got a devilish name from the fact that a number of animal bones that were found scattered at its bottom. It is believed that the sinkhole was their final destination before hell.

Downtown Gainesville

There is one thing that you just will relish in downtown town, you will relish here from old- intentional motion-picture show theaters to state- of – the- art searching centers wherever you will pay your whole weekend  exploring its facilities and still not set it all. During the daytime the sun- dappled streets are filled with the sights and sounds of commerce.

If you that one that prefers to eat and revel in a burger at the Paramount Grill or a platter of seafood at the Dragonfly Sushi and Sake Company. And if you like to make your meals then you can shop for fresh produce at the Union Street Farmer’s Market. Downtown Gainesville is the place that comes even more lively at night.

The Hippodrome Theater offers you live show every week of the year and the Swamphead Brewery services ice- cold beer in thick- bottomed mugs. You can add  some novelties such as Rockey’s Dueling Piano bar where pianists have interaction in a variety of competitions and take music requests from the live audience engage in a number of competitions and take music requests from the live audience. If you are in search of a good place that can give a good start to your vacation then you should start it with Downtown Gainesville.

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Conservation Foundation -Carson Springs Wildlife

If you want to travel a few miles outside of Gainesville, sceneries here will transform from paved asphalt to lush green hills. This conservation Foundation was established by a duo of animal lovers and the name of the wildlife has been taken from their names.

This is an animal sanctuary that houses more than 2 dozen of rare and exotic creatures. Cheetahs, pumas, lemurs, giraffes, tigers, hyenas and tortoises are conserved in this wildlife.  All these animals are treated like royalty and visitors can watch feeding demonstrations and can set up right up to the habitat enclosures.

You have to schedule your tour to this wildlife in advance so you can make sure to call ahead before you fly to Florida.

Depot Park

If you want to visit one of the liveliest places in Gainesville then Depot Park is the place to visit. Adults can picnic in the pavilion and relax or can play a life- sized chess match set in the grass and kids can jump, run, slide and climb on the playground equipment.

If you get hot then you can visit the blue grotto and splash around a miniature waterfall that is primed with water cannons and water jets. So you have to schedule according and hit the park to enjoy fun things that are happening in this natural and liveliest place.

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