Where is Best Hiking in Lake District? (Best Hiking Routes)

Lake District is England’s largest National Park. It is a gem of a place to visit including something for every kind of visitors for literature lovers there is another article on this site which you can read here. The breathtaking lakes, soaring mountains (locally known as ‘fells’), picturesque valleys are sure going to steal your hearts away.

The city has inspired countless writers, artists, poets and people in general who have visited it or ever called it home. The majestic hills and not only the beauty of lakes with an exquisite romantic setting but the it is a terrific place for outdoor activities.


In my previous blog you must have read about some spots which you can visit if you have a taste for literature but this article is going to focus on the places in general which you can enjoy visiting especially for hiking or trekking or simply walking.

Best Hiking Routes In Lake District U.K.

You can watch here historic sights, country pubs and just take a simple walk to fells. The place has to offer something to everyone. There are many attractions and places to visit covering a wide area waiting for you to explore. Well, let’s begin the list.

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Well, of course the first one is to be Grasmere. A picturesque village where Wordsworth has spent a few of years of his life. It is filled with tea shops and stone cottages. You can visit here Wordsworth Museum (has been discussed in detail in previous blog) and Art gallery.

CAFE In Lake District

You can head to the café for a rest here named Faeryland providing you with a tasty afternoon tea and an extra delightful treat to your eyes for the exquisite views of the lake.


Just outside the café you can hire the colorful wooden rowboats just waiting for you to hop in and enjoy the day.

Kendal Castle:(trekking)


The ruins of Kendal Castle are a historical landmark prestigiously located at the top of a steep hill offering you chance for trekking while enjoying the majestic views of the hill, the city and the beauty in general. The castle was built in late 12th century (an approximate and rough idea) and has been in ruins ever since the times of Tudor. The museum named Kendal shows an exhibition on the castle to give you a rough idea what it must have been looked like when it was fully standing.

Kirkstone Pass

This is going to be proved an incredible spot for hiking. A perfect picturesque excursion for adventure lovers who prefer long arduous journeys over driving. Even those who have done hiking before might find their heart racing and beating fast as they climb the steep gradients and blind curves of the pass. Same goes for the driving. It is going to be daunting but it is the most beautiful route.

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Scafell Pike

It is the highest peak in England (as have been mentioned earlier in the previous article). Climbing this beauty is just for experienced hikers, amateurs must stay away. It stands at 978 m high which is 3209 in ft.

Offering you the glorious and mesmerizing unobstructed views of the Lake District. If you get lucky and arrive here on a clear day you can have glimpses of Scotland, Wales and Ireland. And also, how can I forget, you get a view of the Isle of Man too. This hike is going to be proved a rewarding challenge for your all-day event. It is going to be super windy.

TIP: you must watch the weather before leaving for it even the quickest way takes around 3 hours and double check your equipment and tools. Also make sure you bring a map or two.


Ambleside is filled with quaint shops, stone houses and fantastic delicious restaurants. Its location is central and it provides a number of amenities making it a perfect picnic spot or holiday spot in the Lakes. The village does not lack in walks with picture-perfect views.

You can walk to the Stock Ghyll Force, its short but steep jaunt head start beginning heading up to the roaring waterfall amidst and then walk to the Jenkins Crag. Oh! What else can you ask for a perfect day, walking to such beautiful sights enjoying the excellent views of the iridescent Windermere (Lake). You cannot miss the quaint Bridge house that straddles the Stock Beck River. This tiny property belongs to the National Trust now but used to be a house of a family with six children.

Best Places To Visit In Lake District, U.K. (A Day Trip)

Castlerigg Stone Circle

It is an archaeological site. The 38 stones  in the circle were erected around 3000 BCE by Neolithic inhabitants and they still stand stoically on a high point off the snaking roads of Keswick. The circle is set against a dramatic brilliant backdrop of High Seat and Helvellyn.

Although the precise use of it might be unknown or lost over time but its importance and significance can still be felt. This is one of the oldest stone circles of the country and the area has not been excavated extensively so we may never know what might lie under the surface.

Tarn Hows

It is another hiking trail, located near Coniston Water and formerly belonged to Beatrix Potter but now is a National Trust property. The highlighting feature of the spot is that it is manmade water expanse of water and is one of the most famous spots in Lakes owing to its majestic picturesque views. The ambience is calm and a light walk would suffice for a picnic or just relaxing in the beauty of the place.


It is one of the deepest lakes of Lake District, located on the road to Wasdale Head, a small hamlet at the head of Wasdale valley. The mesmerizing lake is surrounded by yet more mesmerizing mountains including the highest of them all- Scafell Pike. Our beloved poet Wordsworth has described the lake as

“long, narrow, stern and desolate”. In the year 2007 it was voted for Britain’s favorite view, yeah that beautiful it is.

Shap Abbey

Well, this is basically a church but the route to it can be a good option for trekking. As it is one way into the abbey: a very narrow and steep road that winds around the side of a hill. Sounds fun right. Iti s set on the banks of River Lowther, founded in the late 12th century. There is a melancholic 15th century beautiful tower that still stands among the ruins scattered of the older building. You can simply opt for a walk to it.

Helvellyn: It is also one of the highest peaks in Lake District. Not only that but this is another heaven for the people looking forward to hike in the city. It is one of the most popular hikes in Lake District. It suits to both the beginner casual climbers and those who relish a rugged scrambling.

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Ullswater from the steamer

This is one of the most fun activity in lake District where you can enjoy the magnificent and panoramic lake views via taking a ride on the Steamer. Also, it is a perfect activity for clicking pictures and having a photo session. The ferry here offers a special excursion as in a specialist photography cruise if you want and also if you are more into wildlife photography there is an option for bird or wildlife watching trips (by the cruise or ferry).


This is yet another spot for boating. The lake is less than 5 km long and lies in the northern part of the national park. It is just a 10 minutes’ walk away from the center of Keswick. In Keswick it is really hard or just next to impossible to miss a stop at the Pencil Museum. Here you can learn how pencils are manufactured and trace back to the discovery of graphite which began a whole local industry.

On the west of the lake lies the ridge of Catbells and in the east is Friar’s Crag- one of the favorite viewpoints. And a beautiful Borrowdale Valley lies at its southern end.

Keswick Launch Company makes a one-hour circuit of the lake on small boats stopping at seven points, where you can hop off to explore the exquisites of the place and can also follow lakeside trails if you wish and can catch the next boat at any other stop.

Aira Force Waterfalls

The lake District’s most prized waterfalls. You are never gonna forget the beauty of this 19 meters high waterfall with a graceful stone arched bridge poised over its top adding to the beauty giving it a finishing touch to make it unforgettable. To reach here all you have to do is to park the car and go to the falls and then follow the nature trails with a wide variety of local trees.

This was formerly a hunting ground that inspired Wordsworth’s poem “Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” and those who want to see more of it can follow the new off-road footpath between Aira Force and Glencoyne Bay. You can approach the valley from Ambleside (spot mentioned above), over the steep and solitary Kirkstone Pass and you can also choose to relax on board a ferry if you wish avoiding the parking fee; Ullswater Steamers would bring you here.


It is the place for history lovers, nestles in the Eden Valley and is literally located just outside the National Park. The town is preserved by walls of Penrith castle. A little walk away are the better-preserved ruins of Brougham Castle sitting prettily on the River Eamont. The ruin inspired Wordsworth the poet and J.M.W. Turner the painter.

Eskdale: Glacial Valley

Here the city presents you a beautiful glacial valley to explore. It stretches into the heart of the lakes along the River Esk and is truly a hidden gem to explore. You can reach most of the sites by Eskdale Steam Railway and Ravenglass which will drop you directly to the places of your interest. There is a charming and

enchanting Roman Fort over the valley named Hardknott offering you its glorious views. There is an impressive cascading waterfall of Stanely Ghyll Force for you to enjoy amidst the wooded pathways. Ther is also a Japanese garden, vestiges of Iron Ore mines and all punctuated by excellent country pubs renowned for their finest selections’.

Well, this is the list. You can visit these places while planning a trip to Lake District. Do check out our next article which focuses on where to stay in lake District.

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