Best Places To Visit In Lake District, U.K. (A Day Trip)

Explore the Charms of the Lake District, U.K. (Perfect for Fans of English Literature, Especially Wordsworth)

The United Kingdom, a land steeped in history and wonder, is home to the breathtaking Lake District. Today, we embark on a journey to uncover the top destinations you can visit in the Lake District in just one day.

This guide is tailored for those seeking to immerse themselves in the wonders that inspired the poetry of one of the greatest wordsmiths of English literature, William Wordsworth.



Located in Cumbria, the Lake District derives its name from the 16 glacial lakes that grace its landscape, nestled amidst fells, moors, and verdant valleys. Covering an area of 48 by 64 kilometers, this region boasts a total of 180 fells, with elevations exceeding 609 meters. Scafell Pike proudly stands as England’s highest mountain.

The city’s allure extends beyond its natural wonders, drawing tourists to its historic literary sites. The southern half of the region bustles with visitors eager to explore these literary landmarks, while the northern area offers a serene escape appreciated by hikers, trekkers, and nature enthusiasts seeking adventure amid untouched landscapes.

Renowned writers such as Wordsworth, Beatrix Potter, and John Ruskin found inspiration in the Lake District’s breathtaking vistas. It’s a place that has sparked the creativity of some of Britain’s finest minds. And now, we’ve curated the best of these attractions for you to explore and experience firsthand.

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This year marks the 251th birthday of William Wordsworth and the city is poet’s home and muse. He was a nature poet and it can be aptly remarked that his poetries are inspired by the place’s natural beauty. It is one of the most romantic spots in the world. Well then here is a list of top 10 places you can visit in Lake District. You can travel the city by train and hotel accommodation is an easy find here throughout the region

plus there are B&B in country cottages.


It is one of the most beloved places/ spots of Wordsworth. Grasmere is the setting of his cherished sweet home “Dove Cottage”. It is kind of a traditional Lakeland cottage with dark wood-paneled walls and stone floors, heated by COAL FIRES. The cottage is mecca for fans of poet.

It is still furnished with his family belongings, looking as much as it used to when the poet lived here and wrote and gave the greatest of work to England and to the world and is literally a mirror of life in early 19 th century. It offers the chance to step back in time when he penned some of his most loved lines. The years in this cottage were the most productive ones, inspired by Lakeland scenery and the garden he planted outside the cottage with his sister, writing some of his poems amid the flowers, butterflies, birds and vegetables. The spot has undergone a renovation of £6.2 million restoring rooms, a re-creation of half-wild garden, new learning spaces and listening spots.

Next step is Wordsworth Museum, where you can see memorabilia about the poet, his family, his works and his travels. The renovation here is gonna feature modernized collection of manuscripts, new galleries full of artefacts, books and art, an impressive rooftop viewpoint and fantastic new woodland walking trails.

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It is located just a short walk away from Dove Cottage. It is a kind of medieval delight and the final resting place of Wordsworth, here he planted 8 yew trees. The one of the trees marks the grave of both the poet and his wife.

Allan Bank

It is situated in the location which is just a stone throw away from the above-mentioned church. This is the poet’s family house which now belongs to the National Trust Property. It was his house from 1808 with the first three children John, Dora, and Thomas living with his wife.

It is being said for Grasmere that “the loveliest spot that man hath ever found”, so just don’t miss out on the beauty of the place regarding both literary and historic aspect along with the natural attractions here.

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The lake – Ullswater is 14 km long and less than two km wide is the second largest lake in the city. Its setting is under Helvellyn Mountain, is also really beautiful. You can enjoy exploring the lake on the 1887 lady of the Lake or 1889 Raven. Both of them leave from the attractive village of Pooley Bridge, originating back to the 16th century.

Well, if you are not really a fond of literature and much into hiking and trekking and simply walking. You can follow the 32 km Ullswater way around the lake or combine the trail with exhilarating boat rides for a 12 km hike.

“When all at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils”, well, the place is just 40 minutes’ drive away from Grasmere. This is what we call a true scenic beauty. The place also hosts the renowned beauty of Glencoyne Park adorned with the swathes of golden yellow flowers which has been mentioned as Daffodils in his poem. This is the spot which actually inspired the poet to write his famous line “I wandered lonely as a cloud” and was one of his favorite places to walk. The place is a sun-kissed spot, always bright and beautiful.


This place is located at the distance of a little more than an hour of driving. This is the school where Wordsworth was educated, but now this place acts as a museum with 16 th century classrooms. And the area upstairs is filled with fascinating artefacts from the time of the poet. Moreover, it includes the original school desks and some of the poet’s own carvings from his young age.

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The house is located just a few steps away from the school. It is now a family-run B&B, the Grade-II building. It is where Wordsworth lodged whilst studying at the school.


This place is located just over 15 minutes’ drive from Hawkshead School. He lived here from 1813 to his death 1850, at the age of 80. At this final abode overlooking Lake Windermere, Rydal Water and the fells, he has written some of his best loved writings and revised many of his earlier works for publication.

The yet larger rooms were added to the original Tudor cottage in 1750, but the stone floors and wooden beams has been restored in its original form in the dining room which is part of the old cottage. You can also glimpse at bedrooms and poet’s attic study. This is the poet’s birth place, nestled within 5 acres of manicured ground with rock pools, an ancient mound, rare species, terraces and brilliant displays of blooms in various seasons.

The efforts have been put to keep it as it was originally designed. If your visit here falls in the month of march and from March to October, the tea room spills out onto the garden terrace. Compared to the garden created at Dove Cottage by poet, the one at Rydal Mount is more spacious. The flower-clad house from 16th century is home to a unique collection of family portraits and memorabilia.

The house is filled with one-off artefacts belonging to him, and trinkets too. This way the house offers an insight into the poet’s the then life and his family’s life plus the inspiration behind his greatest of works. Throughout the place/ home there are portraits, mementos and first editions of Wordsworth’s works.


The place is just 50 minutes’ drive through the rolling green hills of the city taking you to the quaint Cumbrian town of Cockermouth and Wordsworth House and Garden. This is the place/ house where the poet used to live during his childhood.

This is the final spot of our tour. This was the home of the poet, his brothers, sister and parents from the year 1770 to 1779. This property now belongs to the National Trust Property. It reveals the influence the poet had of the landscape’s rugged beauty. Moreover, the Trust has created a podcast, offering the chance to delve deeper into the life of the poet and the influence consequently on the literature in Britain and the world.

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This is last but not the least. This was bought in 1905, the 17th century farmhouse at Hill top inspired many of Beatrix Potter’s books. She was best loved children’s author the world over. When she decided to leave the house and the farm and bequeathed it to the National Trust, she stipulated that it shall be shown in the condition as when she lived here and therefore, still you can see the objects that relate to her stories directly.

You will see the desk where she used to write along with the Doll House setting for The Tale of Two Bad Mice. The garden is here is charming with seemingly random mix of flowers, vegies, herbs, and fruits. This is one of the very popular attractions, and there is often a wait to enter the place and the timed tickets cannot be booked in advance.

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The city celebrated for its vast and awesome water bodies surrounded by majestic fells and landscapes; Car is the easiest of options. But if anyhow you choose to leave the car, then you are encouraged to travel the city the place bus, train, boat, cycle or just even walk. This beautiful the place is, like this can be enjoyed while walking simply. There are many companies (minibus tours) which offers you the chance to sit back and watch the scenery.

These are the seven best/ top places you can visit while a day trip to Lake District.

All the places fall under the close vicinity to let you enjoy the day trip without much hustle. This article is solely dedicated to and focused on Wordsworth, let’s keep the other famous and most loved writers of Lake District for another article which also you can read here only.

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