Top 5 Best Museum In LONDON To Visit: (Weekend Destination)

TOP MUSEUMS IN LONDON TO VISIT, London, the capital city of England and the U.K., is a city full of wonders and enthusiasm. But do you know it was originally called? ‘Londinium’ and when founded by Romans. Now in the 21st century, it is one of the most important places in this globalized world.

It exercises or exerts influence on applied arts, arts, education, commerce, entertainment, fashion, healthcare, finance, media, professional services, tourism, research and development, and transportation. In short in almost every arena of life the city has played its vital role regarding its importance. Well, today we are concerned with that tourism side of London and that too, in particular, museums.



Museum, an institution that serves every kind of interest and artefact. The main purpose of the museum is to exhibit the cultural development of the country or any particular place including heritage of humanity and its evolution and environment.

London is the city which has something to offer to everyone. If you are interested in cartoons, yeah it has got a museum for that. If you are interested in history… yeahaaaaa it has that too. Someone has interests in Science Voila you are at the right place my fella travelers. Wax models? Got you.

Grotesque artefacts? Again, London has got it all. So, keep reading this article to the end  and you will sure have a list of amazing museums to visit.

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What is the best museum to visit in London?



What is this Museum?

The first one on our list is the British Museum. The museum is an epic heritage among the list of museums in London. No wonder it is unparalleled when it comes to displays and exhibition since it has opened in the year 1759. The moment you step the foot on the land start exploring and find artefacts ranging from the Rosetta Stone to the Parthenon sculptures.

Why you must visit it?

Well, first of all the main galleries are free to visit which means no entry or admission charge. And then if you like something and is interested in bargain, you need to start

early and grab as many as 50,000 artefacts they have on display which is just a fraction of their entire collection of 8 million.

It is busy home for ancient finds and cultural heritage and treasures from across the centuries, and discovered across the world. The galleries are divided by periods in history and location.

Location: 44 Great Russell St., London WC1B 3DG

How to reach there?

Well, the transport is the tube: Tottenham Court Rd/Holborn/Russell Square


Many of the tourists wonder if it is free or

how much is the entry fee? Well, it is free for permanent collection

And admission charges may apply for some temporary exhibitions.

Open and close timings:

It is open daily (Mon to Sat) from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm

And on Friday it remains opened until 8:30 pm

It remains closed on January 1, and December 24.

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What should you not miss at the British Museum?

What should you not miss at the British Museum?


This museum has one of the greatest collections in the field of decorative art, fashion and design and textiles all over the world. It must be something extra-ordinary

when it claims to have opened as Queen

Victoria’s last public engagement. In 1899, the current premises enjoyed that privilege. It has now become one of the world’s- let alone London’s- most magnificent museums. It showcases applied arts from around the globe and is calmer than the Science Museum and Natural History Museum on the other side of the road. If not for V & A (which keeps this sheer beauty closest to our hearts) all three must- visits would be in another city.

Want to get into details. Well, lemme try pouring some. There are about 150 grand galleries covering 7 floors which contains countless pieces of ceramics, furniture, sculpture, paintings, jewelry, metalwork, posters, textiles and dress, glass, traversing several centuries. The key artefacts include the 7 Raphael Cartoons, the finest collection of Italian Renaissance sculpture outside Italy, the Luck of Edenhall and Ardabil carpet.

Why you must visit this?

Well, to check out some amazing designs and just simple eat cake in the sunny Italianate courtyard. Ha such a bliss!


Cromwell Rd, London, SW7 2RL How to reach there?

Well, the most convenient tube is South Kensington

How much is the entry fee? Or how much does it cost?

It is free for permanent galleries/ collection

and for some temporary exhibition some entry fee or admission charge may apply.

Opening hours

If you are wondering about the opening and closing hour or timing of the museum here it is.

Monday to Thursday and Saturday- Sunday: 10:00 am to 5:45 pm

Friday: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

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What is one of the most famous museums in London?

What is one of the most famous museums in London?


This is the magnificent home of around 80 million plants, fossil, animals, rocks and mineral specimens of South Kensington.

The zoology and geology fans this is for you guys. It is both a research institution and a fabulous museum. It was built in year 1881.

Each year the museum features new fresh

temporary exhibition and as well as the regular ones like Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Why you must visit this museum?

Well, if you ever wonder what dinosaurs must look like? This is for you. It exhibits animatronic dinosaurs. And it has a lot more like a human-sized model of fetus, a giant sequoia tree, glow in the dark crystals, a dodo, an earthquake stimulator and a lot more.

Location: Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD

How to reach there? Well, the most convenient tube is of South Kensington.

How much is the entry fee? Or entry charge? Or how much does it cost to enter?

Is it free to get into the Natural History Museum?

Well, these queries have only one answer and that is free for permanent collection and charges may apply for temporary ones.

Opening and Closing time

It opens daily: from 10:00 am to 5:50 pm (and the last admission allowed is at 5:30 pm)


It is comprised of four museums in total in Greenwich, London. Yeah, such a treat to eyes, isn’t it? From deep space to ocean depths, it has something to explore. It holds over 2.5 million items relating to photography and science and astronomy.

Discover amazing stories relating to sea, space, history and creativity.

Location: Greenwich, London

Opening and closing time:

It opens daily 10:00 am to 5:00 pm


This is home to the architect Sir John Soane, who has designed numerous significant buildings including Bank of England and Dulwich Picture Gallery. He obsessively collected furniture, art and of course architectural ornamentation. In 19th century Sir John Soane turned his home into a museum to which he allowed access to

‘amateurs and students.’ And consequently,

we have this amazingly perfect place. Why you must visit this?

Well, there is nothing else like this not only in London but in world probably. Not only the collection is wonderful but the decoration of the house is also something extra-ordinary. Like this is how every architect’s home must look like (hahahahha). In 2015, the private apartment and model room was opened to the public. So, what are you waiting for? Go and visit it. Like seriously like seriously how many chances do we get to look into the private apartments of the great architects.

Location: 13 Lincoln’s inn Fields, London. WC2A 3BP

How to reach there? Well, the easiest and convenient transport is the tube of Holborn.

How much is the entry fee? Or entry charge? Or how much does it cost to enter?

Well, it is free and around £12.50 may be charged for a tour.

Opening and closing time:

It opens from Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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What is this about?

As the title suggests, it is a Science Museum but the interesting part is that you don’t need to be a nerd at chemistry or physics to enjoy this place and to ensure an incredible time. Throughout the museum mad looking inventions throughout the history has been displayed and a lot of shiny machines covering 7 floors. I don’t know what can be more interesting than this.

Why this is must visit? The “Information Age” exhibition is the highlight of this museum.

Location: Exhibition Rd, London SW7 2DD

How to reach there? The most convenient way is tube of South Kensington.

How much does it cost? Or how much is the entry fee or charge? Again, it is free for permanent collection. And for the temporary ones the charges are: £11 for adults and £23 for a family of 3.

Note: booking is recommended to avoid any inconvenience.

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