What to do in Thailand for a Week? (Places, Food & Local Transport)

Thailand is a country that appeals to travelers with luxurious tastes and backpackers on a budget trip. Thailand is a gem in Southeast Asia and it is famous for short holidays. The country is blessed with a tropical and warm climate and there are lots of islands with amazing and stunning beaches.

What To Do In Thailand for a Week

Tourism is the most important sector of Thailand’s economy. Thailand is the only country within Southeast Asia that has never been colonized. Thailand is also known as the ” land of smiles” and lives up to that expression as the people are welcoming and friendly. If you are researching places and things to do in Thailand then you must check out this article.

Top Best Places to visit in Thailand For A Week

Top places to visit in Thailand


Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and it is a buzzing city with over eight million people. Bangkok is famous for its cosmopolitan feel and street life and it is also the best gateway to Thailand’s best temples and palaces.

If you are a shopaholic then Bangkok is the perfect place for you because it is home to many shopping centers like uber- luxurious Siam Paragon and travel-inspired Terminal 21.

You should never miss the Chatuchak Market as it is one of the largest outdoor markets in the world. At the top of the things to do in Bangkok is the Grand Palace it is a complex of buildings that has Wat Phra Kaew- a temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Royal Reception Halls and Wat Pho- a 46 meter long reclining Buddha that is covered with gold leaf.

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Ayuttaya is a place located about 80 north of Bangkok it is an ancient city and was once Thailand’s capital in the 14th century when the kingdom of Siam was there in Thailand.

Ayuttaya is home to many prang- reliquary towers, wat and stucco statues there is a park that is surrounded by three rivers and deep moats and covers an area of 289 hectares. There is also a temple called Wat Phra Mahathat that thanks to a statue of a Buddha’s head entwined in tree roots.

Wat Phra Si Sanphet is the largest of the temples within the park and it features three large silver-looking Chedis while Wat Yai Chai Mongkol is known for its giant reclining Buddha and the hundreds of sitting Buddha statues that surround the temple and they all are draped in golden cloth.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is home to the best palm-fringed beaches in Thailand and there is a number of luxury hotels. Koh Samui is a place that has a lot more to offer than sunbathing heaven.

It is one of the most known tourist spots in the country. Koh Samui is a place of mountainous rainforests, beaches and sunsets. There is a number of spas and temples including the famous Wat Phra Yai and its 12 meters tall Big Buddha. Koh Samui is one of the major scuba destinations in Thailand.

Top Best Traditional Thai food In Thailand

Top traditional Thai food

When in Thailand then you must go for these top authentic Thai recipes while journeying between Bangkok and Chiang Mai or hopping from Phuket. From restaurants on Sukhumvit Road to the beach-side tables, you can find these traditional foods in Thailand-

Massaman Curry

Nobody knows that this rustic curry dish came from, some historians say that it was brought from Malaysia through Middle Eastern traders and its name massaman is originated from the archaic Thai word for Muslim, while others point that its history in the Thai royal court. Massaman curry is different from other Thai curries by having less commonly used spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and anise.

It is coupled with aromatic and complex paste that is fried on a pan with some coconut cream and tamarind paste. If you go for massaman curry then you can expect a dish that has both spicy and savory flavors.

Pad Kra Prao

You can go for Pad Kra Prao when you unsure about what to eat on a night out. This minced pork and rice la carte dish can be eaten any time of the day. Pad Kra Prao is a dish that is served with steamed jasmine rice and it comes up with a side of fatty minced pork stir- fried with special Thai holy basil and topped with fish sauce and chopped chili.

There are also other variations of Pad Kra Prao that inlcudes beef, chicken and some seafood ingredients like cowpeas and bamboo shoots. Pad Kra Prao can also be topped with a fried egg.

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Khao Soi

Khao Soi is an iconic Northern Thai staple, it is a yellow curry rice noodle soup that comes in different styles and you can find it anywhere in Chaing Mai from roadside kitchens or stalls to luxury restaurants.

Khao Soi has its roots in Myanmar and Laos and Northern Thia Khao Soi soup have a similar spicy, coconut flavors like massaman curry. In a single bowl, you can find boiled egg noodles and deep -fried egg noodles that are stepped-in curry soup with some toppings like shallots, pickled cabbage, minced pork and a chicken leg.

Each serving of Khao Soi comes with some condiments such as fried chili paste, coriander leaves and lime on the side. Khao Soi comes in hundreds of variations spread across Thailand and you can find the debate for the best Khao Soi in the whole country especially in Chaing Mai to be quite heated with no apparent winner.

Local Transport in Thailand For A Week Trip

Transport in Thailand

Thailand has different modes of transport that come in all different sizes and shapes and these shapes and sizes are quite different in cities and smaller towns. Bangkok has everything when it comes to transport and there is a great variety of modes of transport that meets everyone’s needs.

We provide you a transport guide that covers everything from Songthaews and motorcycle taxis and taxis to the Bangkok BTS Skytrain and Tuk Tuks.

Travel to Thailand By Taxi

Bangkok is the most visited city in the world in 2013 and it has one of the largest proportions of taxis to people in the whole world.  Bangkok has different taxi systems from the big western cities, as Bangkok taxi system is reasonable thanks to the meter system that was introduced several years ago. Taxi starts from 35 Bhat and thereafter 2 Bhat for the first 2 km and then 2 Bhat for per km.

But the traffic in some parts of Bangkok is appalling so motorcycle taxis can be a better option for you if you want to travel a short distance in Bangkok. Taxis are air-conditioned which can be a good option to take a break from the ridiculous heat of Bangkok. In other towns and cities of Thailand, there are not many taxis like Bangkok and there is no meter system that allows taxi drivers to rip you off and they are not easy to barter with as there is a high demand for them in the smaller cities in Thailand.

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Travel to Thailand By Motorcycle Taxi

Motorcycle taxis can be your best option to take if you are looking for immediate and cheap transport to travel a short distance in Thailand. You can find motorcycle taxis in most of the cities of Thailand.  But when you are traveling on the back of a motorcycle taxi then it is not possible to carry a lot of luggage, otherwise, this is the best mode of transport for a backpacker.

There is one more great thing about a motorcycle taxi is that you can also go two people in the back and this would not cost you much. The standard rates for motorcycle taxis in Thailand can costs you around 30 to 120 Bhat but it all depends on that how much distance you have covered.

Travel to Thailand By Bus

Thailand is a country that has a developed bus transport system and Bangkok has the largest bus transport system in the country. But when it comes to traveling around the smaller cities and towns then most of the people go with Songthaews but many smaller cities have bus system that provides you long- distance transport to other smaller cities and towns.

Bangkok has a variety of buses of all different sizes and colors some of them are private and others are public buses. The cheapest bus option will cost you around 7 Bhat within Bangkok, on the other hand, other buses not costing you more than that. There are also long- distance buses that depart from Bangkok to all over Thailand like Pattaya, Krabi, Hua Hin, Pukket and Chiang Mai.

Travel to Thailand By Songthaew

The word Songthaew means two rows in English, it is a small pickup truck that are comprised of 2 rows of seats at the back end of the vehicle for passengers to rest their legs on. But there is limited space at the back of Songthaews for people to stand.

Drivers of Songthaews drive reasonably slow but you should remember to hold on. If you do not mind waiting for 10 to 15 minutes for a ride then this can be the best mode to transport and it also costs you cheap as 10 Bhat for one side of a town to the other one. To stop at your destination by a Songthaew ride you just have to simply press one of the stop buzzers that are located on the roof of the vehicle.

Travel to Thailand By Bangkok BTS Skytrain

Bangkok is a city with congested roads so city planners have come up with the idea of an overground and underground train network. The BTS Skytrain is an overground railway system that is comprised of the Sukhumvit Line and the Silom Line.

This overground train network is a developed system as the large Western cities of the world and in Bangkok, it stops off at a number of areas which makes it an easy and convenient way to find you path around the city.

Thailand travel Tips For A Week Trip

Here are top tips for your next trip to Thailand-

  • I recommend you to carry cash with you while going to the local markets of Thailand because credit cards are usually do not work at many local shops or stalls.
  • Wear sunscreen as Thailand is a tropical getaway and hot season in Thailand is usually from March to June.
  • You should be more careful while enjoying the nightlife of Thailand like do not leave your drinks unattended, avoid getting heavily drunk and avoid going to ill-lit areas.
  • You must keep in mind to remove your footwear while entering temples as it is a common mistake that tourists make.

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