Where to See Northern Lights (Best Igloo Trip From India)

As we all know that it is better to see something once than hear about it 100 times, so going by this principle you should plan your trip to Northern Lights. In this article, we are going to talk about a trip from India to Northern Lights.

Where to See Northern Lights (Best Igloo Trip From India)

Northern Lights (aurora borealis) is the centerpiece to see and the best season to visit here is from October to February during the winter season in Europe. The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis can be spotted in Scandinavia and parts of Scotland, Alaska, Canada and Russia. But it takes a healthy dose of good luck and planning to get the most of your experience so you can decide to hunker down to make this guide for readers to make well- informed decisions before they are going to plan a trip to the Northern Lights from India.

Where to See Northern Lights

Where to See Northern Lights 

A trip from India to Northern Lights will be going to be a 7 country trip- Finland, Norway, Iceland, Amsterdam, Belgium, Luxembourg  and the Netherlands it will be a mixed Northern Lights trip from India. Here we give you a itinerary

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Day 1- Day 2 Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is the capital of Finland and will be the first stop on your trip to the Northern Lights from India. You can take your flight from Mumbai with a stopover at Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris. Then all your immigration formalities will be done here at Paris airport and after immigration, you can head to any lounge for having some breakfast.

Then after a few hours of  beautiful plane, you will be landed at Helsinki and can sync up with your friends that are coming in from all over India. After taking a shower and having some coffee  you can go local sightseeing in Helsinki. You can explore Helsinki Cathedral, Helsinki City Museum and Upsenski Cathedral, etc. If you are in Helsinki then is it a must to plan a day trip to Suomenlinna or Sveaborg. It is a stunning sea fortress that is built on eight islands and about 4 km southeast of the city center of Helsinki.

Day 3- Day 4 Norway -The land of the midnight sun

Norway should be the most important country if you are planning a trip to the Northern Lights from India. You can plan 2 days stay in Norway, 1 day in Tromso and 1 day in Bergen. Tromso is the designed spot for hunting the Northern Lights. Though you have a day in Tromso so this day will be all about Aurora Borealis.

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Where is the best place to go and see the northern lights?

Where is the best place to go and see the northern lights?

You can take a flight from Helsinki to Tromso via Oslo. You can experience drizzling or it can be super chilly so you can go with some hot black coffee ad cookies. By 4 pm you should be settled in your hotel room as the Aurora hunt will be going to start from 6 pm and it will be the right time to grab a quick and hearty meal for yourself. You can go from one direction to another based on the app predictions and inputs from other guides and imagine that suddenly you stopped your car and a slight streak in the sky and yes these are the Northern Lights. It can happen that the lights are not visible with the naked eyes so you can see them in the camera. It will be once in a lifetime experience so you should click ample photos and videos.

Next morning you can take a flight from Tromso to Bergen but you should be ready for bad weather as in all Scandinavian countries weather changes pretty quickly but the European weather forecast agencies do their job well to get the right predictions. A day in Bergen is enough to cover most of what the city has to offer. You can cover three to four main attractions such as St. John’s Church, City Center, Bryggen, Bergenhus Fortress and The King Hakon’s Hall. But the food can be a little expensive in Bergen.

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Day 5 to Day 8 Iceland- the land of Vikings

Iceland is a dreamland and can be your favorite country on the trip in terms of the terrain and the natural landscapes. After exploring Iceland, you can  that New Zealand had a twin or a cousin and it would be Iceland. You can easily spend 4 days in this amazing country. Iceland has countless volcanoes, hot springs, lava fields, geysers and massive glaciers in Vatnajokull National Park.

Some of the best ways to explore Iceland are by hiring a self- rented car, by tour bus and flying in from Norway to Iceland. On the first day in Iceland, you can explore Golden Circle, Blue Lagoon, South Coast and can spend some quality time in Reykjavik. On the second day you can go for Southeast Iceland, East Iceland and North Iceland, and on the third or the last day in Iceland you can explore West Iceland, Ring Road drive and you can also add some more nature excursions.

Day 9 – Belgium

You can go down to Schipol Airport, Amsterdam and can take a cab from Hertz. Belgium is the country number 4 on your trip from India to Northern Lights after Finland, Norway and Iceland. When it comes to romance in European cities then people think about Paris and Venice but I can assure you that Bruges in Belgium has that old- world charm and romance.

Belgium has not any love monuments or symbols  but  the vibe of the place is enough. You can stay at the house of local farmers, bakers and ranchers in Burges to have an amazing experience. The farmers in developed countries are rich and well provided. If you are in Belgium then there are a number of things that you must have or do such as the world -famous Belgian waffles, eat and shop plenty of chocolates, canal cruise and Drink De Garre- A local beer. When you are in Belgium then you must visit places like the old town, the local market, the lake of love and go around Burg Square.

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Day 10 – Luxembourg

After exploring Burges, in the next morning you can leave for Luxembourg. You can plan an entire day to spend in Luxembourg and can  have dinner and then drive late in the night to Amsterdam. Luxembourg is additionally known as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is a landlocked country, that is located in Western Europe.

Luxembourg is the 5th country to visit on this trip and you should have a plan so that you can cover the whole city in a day. You should be done with the research about some places that you want to cover. You can visit Pfaffenthal lift Luxembourg, The Old Quarter of Luxembourg City, Casemates Du Bock, Notre- Dame Cathedral, National Monument to the resistance and deportation, Place Guillaume, Passerelle Viaduc, Adolphe Bridge, Neimenster Abbey and Chemin De La Corniche.

Day 11 and Day 12 -Netherlands

You can stay back for some more days in Amsterdam, Netherlands. And on day one in Amsterdam you can spend some time going around Amsterdam city again and can do a canal tour while having some special cookies and stuff and can spend the night roaming around the red light area and then for clubbing. On the second day in Amsterdam, you can go for a trip to Giethoom- Netherland’s Venice.

Cost of a trip from India to the Northern Lights

Cost of a trip from India to Northern Lights

Flights Expenses

Total  expenses on flights are around Rs 86,500.

  • Flights from Mumbai, India to Helsinki via Paris can cost you around Rs 45,000 and a flight from Amsterdam to Mumbai can cost you around Rs 42,000.
  • Flights from Helsinki to Tromso cost you around Rs 14,000 or 150 EUR.
  • Flight from Tromso to Bergen cost you around Rs 9150 or 120 EUR.
  • Flight from Bergen to Reykjavik cost you around Rs 13560 or 1610 EUR.
  • Flight from Reykjavik cost you around Rs 8600.

Accommodation Expenses

  • Staying in Helsinki can be a cheap sleep for you as it cost you around 25 to 30 EUR per person for a 6- mixed bed dorm or night.
  • Staying in Tromso costs you a little expensive than Helsinki as it cost you around 70 EUR per night for a double room.
  • Staying in Bergen costs you around 70 EUR per night to a twin room.
  • Staying in Iceland is 50 EUR per person it can be a little expensive as compare to other places.
  • Staying in Burges costs you around Rs 5800 per night for 3 people.
  • Staying in the Netherlands costs you around Rs 6500 for 2 nights.

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Food Expenses

Food expenses are one of the major factors that can really influence your trip cost.

  • My suggestion is that you should carry some ready -to- cook food packets with you, they cost you around Rs 60 to 100. And you can cook these food packets in the hostel kitchens.
  • I have one other option that you can buy food from the local supermarkets and cook that in hostel kitchens too.
  • I can roughly give you an idea that a meal in Finland, Iceland and Norway will cost you around 14 to 22 EUR.
  • In Netherlands and Belgium, a meal costs you around 8 to 14 EUR.
  • But I must tell you that beer in these countries is actually cheaper than water.

This 12 day trip from India to Northern Lights costs you around Rs 2 to 2.5 lakhs. If you want to keep your cost low then the following tips can help you-

  • You can swap your hostel, hotel and Airbnb booking with couch- surfing as this is an amazing way to travel the whole world at low prices but somehow the concept of staying in someone else’s place. But if you do not want to share a couch then you must go for hostels.
  • You can cook your own food or can go for eating ready to eat food but if you are a food lover then this is probably the toughest choice to make because the local food tells you more things about the culture of the place.
  • If you want to save some extra money then staying in hostels can be a big advantage as sometimes it is easier to do club activities in a larger group of people and can save a lot of money.

Some travel tips you must know before planning a trip to the Northern Lights from India-

  1. You should book your flight tickets 3 to 2 months before the trip.
  2. You must check the free cancellation options on hotels or hostels and inter -city transport.
  3. You should apply for visa  2 months before the trip.

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