What to wear camping in the summer: (Look Cute & Simple)

Summer marks the pinnacle of adventure, with its favorable weather and often a chance to steal away from the confines of work. But what should you wear for a summer camping trip? What to wear camping in the summer?
Summer beckons adventurers to load up their cars and embark on a journey into nature’s embrace. With this in mind, we offer you the ultimate guide to summer camping, ensuring you maximize the delights of balmy nights and clear skies. Whether you’re a newcomer to the great outdoors or simply new to summer camping, you might be wondering what attire is best suited for your adventure.

What to wear camping in the summer?

When it comes to summer camping attire, the key is to opt for light-colored, breathable, and loose-fitting clothing. Consider packing long sleeves to shield yourself from the sun, and prioritize fabrics that are lightweight, quick-drying, and aid in regulating your body temperature. Materials such as technical synthetics or merino wool are ideal choices for your outdoor adventures.

While cotton clothing is an option for summer camping, it’s essential to be aware of its limitations. Cotton garments can become uncomfortable and may cause chafing once you begin to perspire, as they do not dry quickly when wet. For optimal comfort, consider packing pants that provide warmth during cooler nights and offer protection from bugs, along with a lightweight, moisture-wicking shirt that provides sun protection. The key to versatile camping attire is dressing in layers, allowing you to stay comfortable in fluctuating weather conditions.

Summer camping trip tips-

We provide you with,

A list of some important things and tips for camping in the summer season

Camping Hats

Let’s start with the top, hats are a no-brainer in winter but they also make sense in summer when you want that shield that protects your eyes and face from the sun. We can say that baseball caps are good for that but some extra protection for your ears, neck, and shoulders and consider adding a bandana or wearing a broad-rimmed hat.


You must carry light colors and moisture-wicking fabrics that give you a way to go in the summer sun especially if you will be hiking. Light-colored clothes will also help to reflect some of the ultra-violet rays. In case if you are particularly sensitive to the sun then a very lightweight long- sleeve shirt can provide some extra protection. You can bring tops like tank tops, tees, sports tops, racer-back, shirts, and light fleece, etc.

Camping Bottom Wear

You must check the forecast before and you will likely want to bring a mix of hiking shorts and pants. Loose-fitting pants also allow airflow and jeans are nice for some activities like horseback riding and cargo pants are a good option especially the convertible pants that can zip down into shorts. You can wear bottoms like shorts, jeans, leggings or yoga pants, and cargo pants.

Camping Shoes 

Your comfort level during camping is directly related to your footwear. Camping means spending time in the outdoors so athletic footwear can be your best choice. Your favorite hiking shoes can be sneakers and sports shoes. You should bring water shoes if you planned to hike narrow steeps. And you should not forget flip-flops for the shower.

There are also some extras that you should take while camping in summer seasons like sunglasses, sun protection lotion, some pair of extra socks, sports bra, swimsuits, fast-drying towels, rain gear, and outerwear.

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What should you not wear while camping?

What should you not wear while camping?

If you have not been a big camper up until now and you are in search of what to pack then here we are providing you some ideas that what should you not wear while camping.

Do not pack denim

Jeans seem a thing like natural to bring but they are not ideal for camping. Jeans can be heavy, hot and stiff and not to mention that jeans take forever to dry. So it is better off with a lightweight pair of pants in a very quick dry fabric like yoga pants, leggings and joggers, etc.

Do not pack white clothing

White clothing is rather obvious as jeans but first-time campers may not realize that white is not going to stay white for a longer time. While you are camping you should be ready to bushing around bushes, sitting on rocks and walking on dirt or muddy paths. So, if you love your whites and like to keep your whites white then leave them at home.

Do not bring jewelry

You might be love to wear or bring a cute pair of casual earrings or a casual necklace but do not. Any kind of jewelry is bound to get broken or lost so it is best to leave it at your home.

Do not bring cotton socks

Your camping socks should be breathable. Cotton socks are breathable but they are slow to dry and nothing makes you feel worse than wearing wet socks. You should go for lightweight to mid-weight woolen or synthetic socks that are antibacterial and also your feet do not stink. Higher socks also can be a good option to prevent tick bites when you are hiking.

Do not bring beauty products or any perfume

Camping is an excellent opportunity to give your skin a rest and go natural even without makeup. But if you want to bring some lipstick and a few beauty products then keep in mind that a strong smell of perfume can attract bears.

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How can I look cute while camping?

How can I look cute while camping?

Everyone wants to look good while camping and of course you do. If we put words like ‘camping’ and ‘gorgeous’ in one sentence then it could feel like a paradox but we know that nothing is impossible. We will give you some beauty tools, tips and tricks for you camping when you go on a journey to explore the inner beauty and peace of Mother Nature but that does not mean you have to look unpleasant while camping.

Go with BB Cream

While hiking in the woods it may not be the best time to put on foundation, but if you are a makeup lover and cannot live without wearing makeup then you should go for a BB cream. BB cream will not only give you lightweight coverage but will also keep your skin moisturized and protected from the sun.

Stick to the makeup basics

I will advise you that you should stick with BB cream as your one and only makeup while camping but I can understand that number of people would not be satisfied with just a BB cream. So if you want to look a bit more made up then I recommend you to keep those eyebrows on the point, after all, a perfectly shaped eyebrow is all you need to look cute.

But keep in mind that you should keep your eye makeup plain because even waterproof mascara and eye- shadow can be a pain while camping. But you can go with a waterproof eyeliner to give your eyes some definition and to keep things simple and mess -free you can go for an eyelash curler that would be more than enough.

Pack makeup remover wipes

While camping, you probably would not have easy access to water so to remove your makeup you cannot rely on water. So you should bring your trusted makeup remover wipes to do the job.

Makeup remover wipes will also remove any dirt and oil because these are the two things that you will get plenty of while camping. I want you all to look and smell good while camping so keep in mind that you must bring your toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant.

Dry Shampoo

In most cases, while you are camping, it is not easy to have access to a shower but it should not be a problem if you bring your trusted dry shampoo with you. Greasy hair can dampen anyone’s spirit but we must thankful that there are dry shampoos available to soak it all up and leave you with fresh hairs and scalp.

A simple hairstyle

While camping then it is best to go for simple hairstyles, that are easy to maintain. I will give you some simple hairstyle ideas such as ponytails with a hat or a bandana for some more added style and a braid, but you must keep in mind that whatever hairstyle you go with, it should be simple and relaxing.

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What do you wear to sleep in a tent?

You should organize your tent and camp before dark that also gives you some time to relax and enjoy the evening. That is the only thing that can contribute to a good night’s sleep. Here are some tips-

Wear dry clothing

You must change out your dirty and sweaty clothes before sleeping. Your sleepwear or sleeping gear will depend on where you are camping and also the weather while you are camping.

For example; if you are camping in the winter season then you have to wear multiple layers on when you are sleeping so that you can keep the cold at bay. A good sleepwear choice while camping includes clean, warm, comfy long underwear, top, bottom,  and clean socks. You can wear socks and a hat if there is cold outside and you can also go for a t-shirt and shorts on warm nights.

Avoid overdressing

You should avoid overdressing while sleeping in a tent or a sleeping bag. Wearing bulky or layered clothing inside a bag or tent actually reduces the bag’s or tent’s ability to trap your body heat.

But you can go for a draping item like a jacket on the outside of your sleeping bag for an extra layer of insulation or you can bring some older comforters from home to serve as some extra layers when sleeping in a tent while camping.

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