Day Trip To Belgium & Brussels: Chocolate Waffles, Beer & Best Places

Day Trip To Belgium,


It is a country in Western Europe. Its organization is quite complex and based on linguistic as well as regional grounds. Belgium may be a small country but it is packed with full of sights.

Day Trip To Belgium

Hey, Are you planning a Day Trip To Belgium from different places like London, Amsterdam or from the U.K. then the blog will definitely help you get an idea about you  Belgium day trip itinerary



Well, CHOCOLATES first of all, then beer, waffles, mayonnaise, and french fries (contrary to its name french fries are claimed to have originated in this country- Belgium, although their exact place of origin is still uncertain).

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La Grande Place- it is also known as De Grote Markt. It is named as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is filled with finely preserved guildhalls and other grand buildings that shows the country’s vernacular architecture at its best. At one side there is a medieval town hall which is a masterpiece of Gothic Architecture.

Horta Museum and Town Houses

The museum is named after the most influential architect and designer of the early 20th century style which is known as Art Nouveau. Several of stunning building has been designed by him and survive in Brussels and now forms a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is located in his former home and studio- preserved as he has designed them, with original stained glass, wood works, mosaics, and decorations. The two joined buildings of his studio and house depicts Art Nouveau at its height.

Meuse Valley

It is situated in the south of Brussels. It is the place where you can feel Belgium’s rural offers most scenic river trip with dense forest interspersed with a fairyland (ruined though) kinda view with hilltop craggy castle, forest ruins and waterfront towns backed by limestone cliffs.

You can head to Dinant or Namur (town) to enjoy your river trip. The valley is also a host to hiking and trekking and cycling trails for adventure lovers.

Mons Old Town

This is not less than a delight to explore the place. At its center there is Grand Place, with variety of buildings yet still retaining a sense of symmetry.

St. Peter’s Church, Leuven

Detailed with pointed arch windows and sheaf pillars, it is one of the best-preserved examples of Brabant Gothic Style where some of the finest Flemish illustrating biblical senses are exhibited. The church is nestled in right in the heart of Leuven on the town main sqaure or Grande Place. Art lovers, this is going to be an extra treat for you. Not only this but this whole trip.

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Manneken Pis

Although the best-known landmark of Brussels is Rue de I’Etuve but tourists are more attracted to this. Nothing much is known about the figure of little boy’s origin. It is popularly referred as “the oldest citizen of Brussels”. The present statue was made in early 17th century and has been stolen many times and always recovered.

Belgian Comic Strip Center

This gorgeous building was also designed by Victor Horta and completed in 1906. It is home to the wonderful Comic Strip Centre. It is devoted to the history of cartoons and comic strips that gave the world Tintin and Smurfs. 200 original comic strip drawings by Belgian and French comic artists are being exhibited here constantly rotating.

Belgian Royal Museum of Fine Arts

It combines four separate art museums, which together form the world’s one of the largest and best art galleries. Art lovers, another treat waiting for you.


It is city’s most surreal sight. It is the bizarre 102-meter-high steel and aluminum structure representing a molecule of iron magnified by 165 million times designed by the architect Andre Waterkeyn for the 1958 Brussels World Exhibition. It is the place to explore sci-fi style interiors.



People come to Brussels for three main reasons, chocolate, waffle and Grande Place

(Grote Markt). You will not be disappointed, and fortunately, one day is just enough time to explore the highlights of the city and Belgium’s famous food and drink. The present article presents an itinerary/ guide for first-time visitors to Belgium/ Brussels.


Estimated one day trip to Brussels would likely to cost you around €50 per person.

The above budget is excluding hotel and airfare/ transportation medium cost.

Euro works here, but you need to keep more money in cash cause some places just don’t accept online payment.

You will be needing to keep cards with you too became some places just don’t accept cash. So yeah, read instructions before entering.

A little French to help you connect with locals and the locals interact better when you speak their native language.

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Well, for dining out here, would likely to cost you around €15-30 for a standard meal and a beverage. Yeah, I know Brussels can be a bit costly/ expensive when it comes to food. So here are some Cheap Eats in Brussels.


Brussels is much more affordable than other European cities but eating out can prove to be quite expensive. That is why here is a list of some eatery spots that are not only delicious but budget-friendly too. You can get here from Belgium’s national street food to more exotic taste without getting a hole in your pockets.


Here the best served is Italia Piadina which is more similar to Pitta Bread from Romagna region. With other Italian specialties it will cost you around €7.


It is located in Avenue Louise and is a hidden gem for those who skip the crowd. They serve homemade sandwiches and Thai dishes. This is a calm place which is cheap and serves delicious lunch.

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It is one of the first food trucks roaming the streets of the capital city. The best served are bio beverages and gourmet Croque monsieur made with organic spelt bread and high-quality ingredients. this happy tummy treat will not cost you more than €5.


This is a little cute Portuguese café serving delicious pasteis de nata and light snacks with a local flare like pork steak sandwiches, deep fried codfish cakes and fish empanadas. This cheap yummy spot is perfect for brunch.


Frit Kots is one of the cheapest and most typical Belgian spots in Brussels. Here you can get a cone of crispy fries for a few Euros.

Best Transport For Day Trip To Belgium

Best Transport For Day Trip To Belgium

Yeah, of course, now we should discuss the transports as you are gonna travel the city for a full day. If you are going to Brussels via Air, you will land at Brussels Airport situated in the northeast of the center. From there you can catch IC train to Bruxelles-Midi central train station, for which the tickets are gonna cost you between €7 to €9 taking around 35 minutes. From there the city center is just 25 minutes’ walk away and you can skip public transit and start exploring the city right away.

The city is well connected by public transit, including metro lines, buses and trams. The fare system is also quite simple for it takes the same ticket. You can buy a one-hour ticket for €2.10 via machine. You can buy the ticket after boarding the bus or tram but at slightly a higher price.


if you are planning just a one-day trip to Brussels, it is best for you to stay near city’s center. The city has the options for every kind of budget ranging from affordable yet well-appointed hostels to the high luxurious palace.

Consider staying at “The Dominician”- it is a beautiful historic hotel which is just few minutes’ walk from Grande Place. The price is affordable considering the location. The rooms are spacious and super comfortable. There is an elegant lounge downstairs and dining area for your perfect evening meal and drinks.

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Brussels is the capital city of Belgium. It is the principal seat of the Belgium Royal

Family and also the capital of the European Union. Unlike beautiful Bruges and Ghent, Brussels is the country’s main economic and educational hub. It may not have the star attractions yet it has more than enough things to do with your day trip with a clutch of world-class museums and art galleries, Atomium and some wonderful remnants of old architectural town quarter.

MORNING: Day Trip To Burssels

Porte de Halle (Halle Gate)-

After exiting Bruxelles-Midi you need to head to east on Rue Theodore Verhaegen. This road runs through the St. Gilles neighborhood. It is full of lovely residences and cafes

From here you can take a left on Chaussee de Waterloo and then north and ta da you will arrive at Porte de Halle, which is a 14th century city gate containing rich history of the place and also housing a museum. The opening hours of museum are 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays and 10:00 AM to 5:00 on weekends. The ticket costs around €7.

From there you can head to Mont des Arts it is one of Brussels’ most iconic places as mentioned above the list with a long floral garden and picturesque views of city including hall tower. There is a cube shaped glass building which adds the element of modernity in the traditional architecture. Once you are done with the sightseeing you can head to city center.

City Center, it is just west to the Montes de Arts. However, before you get absorbed into cafes and shops. Would advise you to enjoy the glimpses of Manneken Pis. Brussels has three of them but this is the most famous one.

Grand Place, it is just three blocks away from the famous child statue. The area includes a lot of other landmarks like House of dukes of Brabant and King’s House/ Breadhouse.

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Afternoon: Brunch/ Lunch

well, you can head for brunch now must be hungry no! Peck 47 and Mokafe can be best options for brunch or lunch here in the city center.

Peck 47 serves multiple savory waffle options with poached eggs. It also includes The Drunken Sailor.

Mokafe is a traditional Belgian restro with massive menu serving classics like fruit waffles and quiche. If you are on a day trip and have less time to enjoy I would prefer Mokafe.

Well, after that, you can plan your rest of the day according to the details mentioned above in top tourist attractions in Brussels, you are on your own after all. Just roam around the famous locations including the museums and art galleries mentioned above.


As you have just one day in Brussels try the best here which is Fin de Siècle. It is one of the most famous and well-regarded restaurants here yet the ambiance feels far more casual and homier. It accepts cash only so come prepared. The menu is written on a chalkboard take a picture and take your time to order then while coming to the table. The best on the menu is Carbonade beef stew along with other seasonal European dishes.


This is your guide to a day trip in Brussels (Belgium). Enjoy your trip go for some shopping take gifts for your love ones. The options to go for shopping include Galeries Royale. You can also shop in city center. Hope this article helps. Enjoy your trip. Happy Traveling.

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