How To Make A Perfect Snow Angel? (Fun Exercise)

Amidst the challenges posed by lockdowns and the ongoing pandemic, prioritizing mental and physical well-being has become crucial. Many individuals have seized this opportunity to enhance their lives by mastering cooking, finding inspiration in autobiographies, indulging in soothing music, acquiring new skills, and dedicating time to hobbies.

The current lockdown or isolation period presents an ideal opportunity for introspection. Mental fitness is just as vital as physical fitness, as emphasized by the age-old wisdom that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. However, achieving physical fitness without access to a gym may initially seem unfamiliar, given our reliance on these resources.


There are numerous ways to enhance physical fitness without needing to step out of our homes. Many home workout routines can be performed without any equipment, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, or weight plates. While many individuals prioritize workouts that target areas like the stomach, legs, back, and buttocks, fitness experts emphasize the importance of developing strong upper body muscles for achieving a well-rounded physique. To assist with this, I’d like to introduce you to a back exercise known as the Snow Angel, which can be easily performed at home.

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How To Make A Perfect Snow Angel?

How To Make A Perfect Snow Angel?

After the first snowfall of the season, it is a must that you have to put your snow gear on and run outside and do some snow activities especially to make the Snow Angel. Making a perfect Snow Angel is a Canadian thing to do in the winter season.  Here we would like to share some tip to make a perfect Snow Angel-

  1. First, find a big patch of undisturbed white snow. To make a perfect Snow Angel it is required that you have fresh powdery snow that usually after a big and strong snowstorm rather than hard-packed snow.
  2. After that carefully fall backward with your arms outstretched and make sure that your land in a perfect T position.
  3. Then you have to move your arms and legs like you are doing jumping jacks. Move your arms above your head and back down your sides and move outside and then back in its straight position.
  4. Now just gently press your head into the snow to make an indentation to make a perfect Snow Angel’s head.
  5. Now you have to just get up slowly and try not to spoil your amazing Snow Angel
  6. Then you must take a moment to look at and admire your hard work.

How do you make a Snow Angel for kids?

How do you make a Snow Angel for kids?

If you are looking for activities for your kids to do in winter that also helps to keep your kids active and outside for more than five minutes in the snowy season, then making snow angels is the best thing to do for your kids.

Try to work on your kid’s coordination by making a snow angel in the fresh powdery snow. Snow season activities help to keep your kids active in the lazy winter season and making snow angels is also an exercise that also helps to keep your child healthy and fit in the winter season.

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What does Snow Angel mean?

Snow Angel is an image made in fresh snow by lying down arms open and sweeping the arms and legs in a semi-circle. By doing this movement creates a shape of an angel when you stand up.

Here we provide you a step by step instructions to perform the standard version of the Snow Angel exercise at home-

  1. Snow Angel is one of the exercises for the people like swimmers and tennis players who need excellent overhead mobility.
  2. Like any other exercise, you should only be continuing to do this exercise if it is pain-free during, after, and the next day of the exercise.
  3. Starting position lies down on your back on a yoga mat and bends your knees until your feet are positioned flat on the mat about 13 to 15 inches apart from your butt.
  4. And place your arms at your sides and fully extend your elbows with palms facing outwards, now breathe deeply for about 30 seconds and relax your body and gently pull your lower back and shoulders towards the floor.
  5. Now pull your shoulder down and back but make sure that you do not increase the arch in your lower back and do not lift your butts from the mat or floor. Then squeeze your abdominal muscles to flatten your back in the floor or mat and try to hold this posture throughout your exercise.
  6. Then you have to slide your arms about from the sides and make a 45- degree angle with your torso but make sure that you are keeping your upper arms are in regular contact with the mat or floor. Now bend your elbows to a comfortable position and make your wrists in a neutral position by aligning the backs of your both forearms, hands, and wrists.
  7. Now make an upward movement with exhaling while gently rotating your upper arms and slide the mat to an end position where you can touch overhead and making your elbows to a comfortable bed. Try to keep much of the back of your upper arms, hands, wrists, and forearms in contact with the mat or floor, and try to avoid arching your lower back while you rotating overhead.
  8. Now it’s time to make a downward movement with inhaling while gently rotating your arms to your initial position.  Try to keep your upper arms, hands, wrists, and forearms in regular contact with the mat or floor, and try to avoid making an arch in your lower back while you are rotating overhead.
  9. But remember that you should not lose your lower back muscles or shoulder blade positions and should keep your arms in full contact all the way out.
  10. Now you have to return to the beginning position and repeat the same steps.
  11. You should perform 10 to 15 steps with 2 to 3 sets daily.

This exercise makes a stretch in your shoulder muscles in a stable and isolated manner. Try to reduce movement restriction in the shoulder that helps to minimize the shoulder pain and any injury. While performing this exercise try to be in front of a mirror to monitor any undesired movement in your ribs, hips, back, lower back, and shoulders

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What is the Snow Angel exercise?

Snow Angel is a strength exercise. It strengthens your shoulders and helps to stabilization musculature. Strengthening your shoulder muscles helps to pull the shoulders back to support good posture and decrease neck, shoulder, and back pain. Snow Angels is not a Pilates exercise, even it is not required that you have a foam roller when you are practicing this exercise.

This exercise opens your chest and stretches your shoulders.  This exercise helps to improve the flexibility of the shoulders and also you can make it advance by doing some variations like standing Snow Angels, Reverse Snow Angels when you are ready to make it quite harder.

Reverse Snow Angels

The Reverse Snow Angel is another variation of Snow Angel that helps to improve your body posture and also improve your range of motion. This workout not only helps to strengthen your abdomen muscles but also the shoulders. This exercise needs stabilizing functions in each movement because of this, it has become one of widely exercises in fitness as well as sports. Here are the instructions to do the perfect Reverse Snow Angels-

  1. To start the exercise you have to lay flat on your yoga mat with your face down, then make your legs extended and feet together then slightly and slowly lift your head from the ground.
  2. Then extend your arms out from the front while making palms down and pull your elbows down toward your sides. Make sure that you don forget to squeeze your scapula and shoulders and keep your legs straight throughout the exercise.

This exercise is perfect for beginners,  not because it improves your shoulder mobility but also it benefits in scapular stability and rotation.

Standing Snow Angel Exercise

Standing Snow Angel is another version of the Snow Angel exercise that is to do the exercise standing up against a wall. The Standing Snow Angel Exercise targets scapular alignment and movement by using a wall to perform this exercise. Here we give you the instructions by which you can perform the Standing Snow Angel exercise correctly-

  1. Start by standing against a wall by facing away from the wall, then put your arms down just to your side with your palms facing away from the wall.
  2. Now slowing slide your arms up to the wall in a snow angel or jumping jack motion, then hold it for seconds and then slowly return to the beginning position to complete a repetition of the Standing Snow Angel exercise.
  3. Once you reach 90 -the degree to angel it is quite difficult to keep contact with the wall, especially when you experience little tightness in your shoulders. If this happens to you then you should try to slow down the speed of your motion and focus on your performing technique.

The objective of the exercise is to improve and strengthen the range of motion. So you do not need to add some extra weight, You just have to focus on proper technique, controlled, and slow movement throughout your workout.

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What Muscles Does Snow Angel work?

The Snow Angel exercise focuses on the external rotators of your shoulder. It works on the back muscles, shoulder muscles, and neck muscles. By doing this on regular basis it helps to build strength in the shoulder area and also helps to improve the mobility in your upper body. The Snow Angel exercise helps to improve the posture of the body. If you looking for a simple exercise that also can target different muscles then Snow Angel and its variations are perfect for your training plan.

In this article, we have discussed different variations of the Snow Angel exercise that includes the standing variations and reverse variations and also the standard exercise that can help to improve your posture as well as mobility.

Snow Angel exercise is one of the perfect exercises to add your regular strength workout and must be included 3 to 4 times a week in your training.  It is a simple workout and not so difficult to learn and it takes only a matter of moments to master it.

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