Thailand Trip Cost from India: (Budget Traveler Guide)

We’re here to guide you through planning the ultimate India to Thailand trip, complete with cost breakdowns, comprehensive travel information, and insider tips. Whether you’re traveling with family, your significant other, or flying solo, Thailand offers something for everyone. Known as one of the most affordable and popular destinations in Asia, Thailand caters to both mid-range travelers and backpackers, ensuring an unforgettable experience within your budget.

Now, let’s address the burning question: How much does a trip to Thailand from India cost?

The cost of traveling to any destination is influenced by various factors, including transportation, destinations to be visited, the time of year, and the activities or adventures you wish to undertake. The same holds true for a trip to Thailand from India. Taking these factors into account, we’re here to provide you with a calculated average budget for your journey.

Thailand Trip Cost from India

If you opt for a backpacker-style adventure, enjoying stays in typical hostels, indulging in street food, and navigating local trains and buses within Thailand’s cities, you can expect to spend between Rs 45,000 to Rs 50,000 for a one-week trip from India to Thailand.

Conversely, if you prefer a mid-range travel experience, including accommodations in 2 to 3-star hotels and flights between Thailand’s cities, anticipate a budget ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000. While this reflects the average budget, you can further minimize your travel and accommodation expenses by adopting our travel hacks. Delve into the provided details to uncover ways to maximize your planned budget effectively.

Cost of India to Thailand Flight and Visa

The flight from Delhi, India to Bangkok, Thailand is costs you around between Rs 12000 to Rs 20000 for one way depending on the airline service you are going to.

The visa on arrival applies to Indian citizens in Thailand that costs you Rs 2000 per person, visa on arrival is a hassle-free process and even do not take too much of your time. In case you are planning to apply for a visa from India, this might cost a little high.

Do, Checkout Thailand Visa On Arrival Free From India

Local Travel in Thailand

Local Travel in Thailand

It is very easy as well as cheap to go around Thailand. Traveling in between the cities of Thailand can be done by flights, by trains, and by buses. As on an average calculation, the return flight from Bangkok to the south and the side will cost you around Rs 3500 to Rs 4000. If you take a direct flight to Koh Samui, that can be quite expensive and costs around Rs 15000 to Rs 17000.

Traveling by train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai costs you between Rs 1600 to Rs 1700 on one way. Most trains are used on this route between Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Here, you have another option to take trains to Surat Thani which is also known as the gateway to the southeast islands like Koh Samui.

Several buses are also available all across Thailand that connects major destinations and also very affordable with oneway tickets costing you Rs 1000. Here you can save money by taking an overnight train or bus that saves your accommodation money for that night.

You can also book your tickets online as AirAsia offers combos that include flights, buses, and ferries to the southeast islands of Thailand. Booking on online services can cost you around Rs 3000.

Most Common Mode of Transport in Thailand

Most Common Mode of Transport in Thailand

 Tuk-Tuks which we knew as auto, Songthaews is a hybrid between a truck and an auto and private cabs. Traveling in between the cities of Thailand costs you around Rs 800 on an average per day.

If you are planning to hire a bike to explore Thailand then it is the best, easy, and also affordable way to go around which costs you between Rs 400 to Rs 600 per day.

Exploring on a bike gives you the freedom to travel as you like to. Cities like Bangkok offer you the option of the underground metro and sky trains, which costs you around Rs 50 to Rs 80 depending on the distance you travel. Using this way of transport also helps you to beat the traffic of Bangkok city.

Budget Stay in Thailand

Thailand is the destination that offers you the whole range to stay in hostels and luxurious private villas with a pool. The cost of staying in Thailand depends on the place, season, and the type of stay to want. To stay in the north side of Thailand like in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Pai is quite cheaper than to stay in the south side of Thailand like in Phuket, Koh Samui, and Krabi. But it does not matter where you go you will definitely find the options to stay that fits in your budget.

A dorm bed in a good hostel costs you between Rs 800 to Rs 1100.

A room in a standard 3-star hotel that costs you around Rs 2200 to Rs 3000.

If you are planning to attend the full moon party in Thailand then Koh Samui is the place for you. But the rates of the full moon party in Koh Samui island are generally high. The prices tend to be lower in the Koh Phangan island for full moon party dates. So, it is making sense that you should make your bookings in advance as the site is full for moon party dates.

If you want to enjoy a richer experience to stay in Thailand then you must go to properties on Airbnb. It provides you a wide range of staying options on Airbnb and they all are homely apartments. To keep your cost economize, there is another option available that you can share your apartment with the locals. It is the best deal if you are going to Thailand in fewer numbers and need a room only for a night.

Drinks and Food In Thailand

Thailand is also known for its budgetfriendly food and the street food of Thailand is so delicious and cheap that you want to eat everything.

Dishes like Noodle or Pad Thai cost you between Rs 70 to Rs 150 per plate at street stalls. A single plate of multiple dishes including a dessert and a main dish that cost you around Rs 250. Street food is safe, hygienic, and pocketfriendly in Thailand. If you are a vegetarian person then many options available for you also.

If you want to have a meal at a sit-down restaurant, it would cost you around Rs 700. Thai food is generally cheaper than western food.

On average, having three meals per day in Thailand cost you around Rs 1000.

When you are going to a party in Thailand, so obviously you need some alcohol and the best way to get alcohol in Thailand is to buy it from common stores like 7/11 that you can find almost every corner. The local beers in Thailand cost you around Rs 90. In Thailand, you are allowed to drink on roads and beaches or in rooms.

Activities in Thailand

Activities in Thailand

Thailand is known for its adventure activities like scuba diving and water sports, etc. Activities like island tours and visit temples are also popular when you are in Thailand. The cost of the activities depends on the activity you want to do but on average it cost you between Rs 12000 to Rs 15000 per person.

When you are in Thailand you must try scuba diving and it cost you around Rs 7000 to Rs 9000. Scuba diving can be quite cheaper in some places like Koh Tao and Koh Phi Phi, whereas it the most expensive in Koh Samui. In Koh Samui, scuba diving costs you around Rs 12000.

Sky diving, ziplining, and bungee jumping are some other adventure activities that you can also enjoy when you are in Thailand.

Price list of these adventure activities

Sky diving cost you around Rs 20000, Ziplining cost you around Rs 7000 and bungee jumping can cost you around Rs 5000.

The tour of the most popular islands to Thailand can cost you between Rs 4000 to Rs 8000. These tours include the trip to multiple islands, lunch, and hotel stay.

Entry Fee of Some Famous Landmarks in Thailand

  • The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Keaw or temple of the Emerald Buddha have an entry fee of Rs 1000 per person.
  • Famous temples, Wat Pho and Wat Arun have an entry fee of Rs 200 per person.
  • Queen Saovabha Snake Farm has an entry fee of Rs 500 per person.
  • Prasart Museum has an entry fee of Rs 1000 for two people.

Tips for traveling from India to Thailand

Tips for traveling from India to Thailand

  1. Remember to carry cash and a card while visiting Thailand. As we all know carrying cash is more convenient but we should carry a card too, to be on the safer side. Try to carry a multi-currency Forex Card.
  2. Carry the Thailand currency Baht to pay VOA {Visa on Arrival} payment. In case, you have not carried Bhats along with you then you can get them exchanged at the booths in the customs hall.
  3. To can easily get the sim cards. You will also find one service booth at the airport itself.
  4. Thailand Banks charge INR 400 on every international transaction when you withdraw money from an ATM.
  5. You should always prebook your baggage which is 15 kgs minimum for all passengers, this will help you in saving money depending on the weight of the baggage.

Now you are aware of the cost to travel around Thailand so it the time to pack your bags and take off to the land of smiles, Thailand.

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