Guide! Goa to Pune Bus (Fare , Timings & Best Route)

Pune is the Queen of Deccan, this city is busted with teenagers and is amongst one of the fastest growing and developing cities in the country. During the British reign, Pune was called Poona. Pune is the city that plays an essential role in Maratha history and was the headquarters of the Maratha Empire that Shivaji formed. Pune is the city considered to be Maharashtra state’s cultural capital. This city has emerged to be an educational hub over the years, nearly half of the total international students of the country come to study here.

Goa to Pune Bus

Pune has developed itself in all domains like IT, manufacturing, education, industrial and automobile. This development facilitated a number of different professionals and students to migrate to Pune to learn and work. This city is in close concurrence to hill stations and beached which offer ideal weekend gateways, where we can soothe and relax our minds.

Pune is one of the most famous cities in the country that is situated at the confluence of the Mula and Mutha Rivers. This city often referred to as the Oxford of the East, this place is a perfect blend of modernity and traditions. Pune is the 2nd largest city in Maharashtra and is one of the top metropolitan cities in India with multifarious people residing in it.

Pune is a place that has some amazing historical places where you can revel in the architectural gems left behind by time, buzzing nightlife, lip-smacking food and easy access to some amazing places like Panchgani, Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar, etc.

Travel from Goa to Pune by Bus

Goa to Pune Bus

The distance from Goa to Pune is around 500 km and therefore it can be covered in a day. Traveling by bus is one of the ways to reach Pune from Goa. The total journey from Goa to Pune takes around 10 hours and 50 minutes on a bus.

Goa to Pune Bus Sleeper

The first bus from Goa to Pune starts at 10.30 am and is operated by zingbus and the last bus leaves from Goa at 11.30 pm operated by Paulo Travels Private Limited. The minimum bus ticket price is Rs 300 per person and goes up to Rs 5000 per person depending on the bus type and bus partner you have chosen.

Booking a bus ticket from Goa to Pune route is a very simple and easy way to book your bus ticket online. There is a number of private bus operators and Government operators running buses between Goa to Pune. To avail of discount offers, instant discounts and cashback offer you can book your bus tickets online.

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Goa to Pune Bus Fare

The bus journey to Pune from Goa bus ticket fare begins from Rs 300 per person for a zingbus non- AC seater sleeper and the highest bus price on the Goa to Pune route is Rs 5000 per person for a Scania multi-axle AC sleeper (2+1) run by Paulo Travels Private Limited.

Goa to Pune Bus Journey Duration and Timings

Most of the bus operators serving buses to Pune from the Goa route bus journey will start in the morning and evening hours as per the scheduled day-to-day by bus service operators.

Goa to Pune Bus Timing Today

The first scheduled bus leaves for Pune at 10.30  am. This route is run by SRTC and private travel. You can book an AC semi sleeper, Volvo bus, Non- AC semi sleeper, non-AC seater, ordinary and deluxe bus. You can find various types of buses available to book on the Goa to Pune route. You can book the last bus from Goa to Pune at 11.30 pm by Paulo Travels Private Limited. Goa to Pune bus ticket fare and journey duration may vary based on the bus operator and type of bus you are booking for your journey.

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Routes from Goa to Pune

Route 1- Goa to Pune Via NH 48

This route covers a distance of 440 km within 9 hours and the road condition is good. This route is preferred by most travelers and passes through beautiful cities including Kolhapur and Belgaum. This route cover places as follows-

Goa> Belgaum> Nipani> Kolhapur> Uran> Islampur> Satara> Khandala> Pune

Route 2- Goa to Pune Via NH 48 and Pune- Solapur

This route covers a distance of 580 km within 11 hours and 56 minutes and the road condition is good. This route is preferred as a good alternative that crosses the quaint views and places line Kurkumbh and Bhigwan.

Goa to Pune Bus Schedule

Goa to Pune Bus MSRTC

Operator                       Bus Type                                           Departure                 Arrival                 Duration                  Bus Fare

  • Laxmi Bus                   Non-AC Sleeper (2+1)                                19.30                                06.30                     11 hours                       Rs 700
  • Laxmi Bus             Non-AC Push Back Seater (2+2)                    19.00                               06.30             11 hours 30 minutes          Rs 499
  • Laxmi Bus                   AC Sleeper (2+1)                                          20.30                               07.30                      11 hours                       Rs 750
  • Laxmi Bus             Non- AC Seater (2+2)                                       16.30                                04.30                      12 hours                     Rs 600
  • Indumati Travels        AC Sleeper (2+1)                                        20.15                                 05.45               9 hours 30 minutes         Rs 800
  • Jolly Travels         Non-AC Push Back Seater (2+2)                    18.00                                05.15            11 hours 15 minutes            Rs 1499
  • Swag Travels                AC Sleeper (2+1)                                        17.00                                 04.15            11 hours 15 minutes            Rs 1000
  • Anand Travels         Non-AC Sleeper (2+1)                                   18.00                                 06.30            12 hours 30 minutes          Rs 710
  • Prasanna Purple Grad     AC Sleeper                                              17.00                                 04.35             11 hours 35 minutes          Rs 1020
  • Prasanna Purple Grand   AC Sleeper                                              18.00                                06.00                      12 hours                      Rs 1220
  • Prasanna Purple Grand   Volvo AC Sleeper (2+1)                        18.30                                05.00              10 hours 30 minutes        Rs 1220
  • Prasanna Purple Grand   AC Sleeper                                              21.00                                06.15                9 hours 15 minutes           Rs 999
  • Prasanna Purple Grand   AC Sleeper                                              22.00                                08.00                     10 hours                       Rs 999
  • Prasanna Purple Grand    AC Sleeper                                             22.15                                  08.00              9 hours 45 minutes          Rs 999
  • Naik Tours & Travels      Non-AC Sleeper (2+1)                          17.30                                  05.00                      12 hours                         Rs 3000

Best places to visit in Pune

Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada is the place that was once the seat of the Peshwa governance in Pune in a 286-year-old mansion and is one of the finest examples of architecture in Pune.

This place is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Maharashtra. This grand mansion was built by the Peshwa Bajiroa I himself as the residence of the Peshwas.

However, Shaniwar Wada currently covers an area of 625 acres, in its heyday, it covered almost the whole area of the city itself.

This place never fails to amaze the visitor with its unique first and fountain and the majestic statue of Bajji Rao I that greets the visitor at the entrance of the palace. Though most of the palace was destroyed by an unexplained fire in 1828, what remains of it is equally thrilling and majestic.

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Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace is a mighty edifice that is situated in Pune and was built by Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III in 1892. This place is one of the most important landmarks in the history of India and has been instrumental in a number of defining moments of India’s independence.

It was once the site where Mahatma Gandhi, Sarojini Naidu and Mahadev Desai were held as prisoners. Aga Khan Palace is known for its architectural excellence and its historical significance. This amazing palace spread over a vast land of 19 acres and it is now the headquarters of the Gandhi National Memorial Society.

At this place, making khadi is still one of the major activities. Aga Khan Palace was built by the Sultan to support the poor in the neighboring areas who were hit by famine. In the memory of Kasturba Gandhi and Mahadev Desai, architect Charles Corea has their memorials built on the premises of the palace.

Aga Khan Palace houses a museum that holds a rich collection of photos. There are also other products such as the personal belongings of Mahatama Gandhi. This place also has the ashes of Gandhi buried in its ground. In 2003, this monument was declared to be of national importance.

Katraj Snake Park

Katraj Snake Park is one of the most visited and loved tourist places in the Rajiv Gandhi Zoo that is located in Katraj, near the city of Pune. The Rajiv Gandhi is a famous and grand zoo that is spread over more than an area of 130 acres and is managed by the Municipal Corporation of Pune.

The zoo is divided into 3 parts the central zoo, an animal orphanage and the most famous of all the other parts. This park is successfully managed to acquaint thousands of visitors with the unusual and fascinating wildlife through its extensive collection of snakes, birds, turtles and reptiles.

Snake Park organizes a number of snake festivals and snake awareness programs to clarify doubts that people may have about snakes and to destroy fears about snakes. During Nag Panchami, this park also arranges programs that aim to focus on discouraging the ill-treatment of snakes. The species of snakes such as Cobra, Pythons and Russell’s vipers.

Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagarh Fort is located in the Sahyadri Mountains and it is an ancient fortress famous for its historical significance and architecture. This fort was once known as Kondhana and has witnessed a number of battles, one notable battle being the 1670 Battle of Sinhagad. The name Sinhagarh literally means Lion’s Fort signifying its strength and brilliance. The structure of the fort is an ideal landmark for trekkers as it is located at a height of over 750 meters in the Sahyadri Mountains.

This fort is strategically built right in the center of the line of Maratha forts built in the Sahyadris. Sinhagad Fort and its surroundings mostly offer a good environment for a quick getaway. People living nearby often head to the attraction over the weekend. Back in time, renowned personalities like Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Mahatma Gandhi have also visited the fort training the National Defence Academy Students. They both hike up the hill to the fort in complete battle gear.

Because of its historical and cultural significance, there are prohibitions on partying, cooking or consuming non-vegetarian food, alcohol, etc. Nevertheless, one is bound to have a great time if one avoids these activities and soaks in the dilapidated yet striking structure and the scenic surroundings.

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Mulshi Lake and Dam

Mulshi Lake is formed in the catchment area of Mulshi dam that is known for its scenic beauty due to the Sahyadri ranges, Koraigadh and Dhangad fort. Mulshi Lake is an ideal gateway for nature lovers. The lake is located at a distance of about 35 km from Pune and it is a perfect place to visit, especially during the monsoon season.

This place is peaceful and has a tranquil environment, even in the summer season. If you are a nature lover then this is the ideal place for you.

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