Top 10 Best Beaches In Goa: (Family, Couples, Swimming & NightLife)

TOP BEACHES TO VISIT IN GOA, Hello, fellow travelers. Today’s article is about the most fascinating tourist attraction of India among youngsters. No, I don’t mean that other age groups can’t really visit it. It is just that it is popular among them for several reasons some of them can be stated while some would better remain unsaid.

Well, lemme brief you about Goa first and then we can talk about the tourist attractions of Goa at length. Panaji is the capital city of Goa, while Vasco da Gama is the largest city in Goa. Here the historical city ‘Margao’ still has remnants of Portuguese culture and its influence over

the centuries. Goa is equally popular among international travelers dues to its white and golden sand beaches, active and lit

nightlife, places of worship and World Heritage-listed architecture. It is also a biodiversity hotspot if you are a fond of flora and fauna.

Best Beaches In Goa

Top 10 Best Beaches In Goa

Well, if you have limited means and still you want a memorable trip. Goa is the place for you. It is affordable. For this article I’m going to discuss just the tourist attractions and maybe in the next one I can tell you guys about the places where you can eat at cheap rates. But for now, let’s save it for another time (won’t take too long to publish that one, don’t worry). So yeah, back to attractions and in particular beaches.

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Best Beaches In Goa For NightLife


of course, when we talk about Goa, this can’t be left. It is a must visit. This is one of the most famous beaches in Goa. It attracts thousands of tourists and watersports lovers. This bubbly beach stays awake whole night, the shore lively and enticing all the time.

This is also called as ‘Hometown of Nightlife’, you see that rocking the place is. It is known for its cranky music, good food, late night parties, adventure and sports and designer shops. The beach is also well- organized with parking facilities and the cleanliness is taken care of. You are gonna get the most beautiful view you have ever set your eyes upon it is almost a bait to your eyes. If you get lucky enough you can spot dolphins into the deeper sea and there are some local ship owners who organizes spotting trips to spot sea mammal.

How to reach there?

Well, Baga Beach is just 15 km away from Panaji Airport.How much time does it takes to reach from Panaji to Goa?

It just takes half an hour by taxi. It is also well-connected by local and government buses so transport is really not an issue here. You can also rent cycles and motorbikes to explore more.

Best Beaches In Goa For Family

Best Beaches In Goa For Family


This is the largest beach of Goa which is also known as ‘Queen of Beaches’. It has something for every kind of traveler, ranging from nature lovers to adventure funks and yeah, the place has also taken care of party animals. The beach is a pure charm, just BEAUTIFUL in every possible term and manner.

If you are seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle of routine city life this place acts as a perfect gateway for that, offering beautiful scenic views and landscapes. The vibrant market here sells almost everything from food to jewelry. Moreover, the beach is being lined up by dense palm and coconut trees with the view of grand Arabian sea, manifesting a perfect backdrop.

The beach features mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets to capture a forever memory in your heart. You will never encounter something as beautiful in your entire life. If you are an architect fans, it reflects Portuguese culture and buildings.

How to reach there?

This beach is located just 11 km away from the capital city, Panaji. The most convenient way would be to opt bus service be it private or public. There are regular buses so you need not worry about reaching at time and missing the buses. If you choose private car or vehicle, it may take around 40 to 50 minutes depending upon the status of traffic.

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Best Beaches In Goa For Foreigners

Best Beaches In Goa For Foreigners


this is also known as ‘India’s West Coast Paradise’. It has some of the most glorious beaches of India. One of them is Anjuna Beach. No matter if you are traveling solo or with family or with your squad, the place has something to offer to everyone including their vast range of taste and budget. It is known for its nightlife, trendy nightclubs, beachside hotels and resorts.

It offers plethora of adventurous sports like Bungee Jumping, bumpy banana ride, etc. It is Goa’s multidimensional entertainment hub. This provides you most scenic sunrises and sunsets along with the picturesque landscapes. The amalgamating view of white sand and blue water is just mesmerizing and unbeatable.

You cannot miss the principal attraction of the beach- the flea market (which is crowded every Wednesday). If you are an expert at bargaining get ready to get exciting and excellent deals.

How to reach there? It is almost 18 km away from Panaji and it will take around 40 to 45 minutes to cover the distance because there is no one direct bus from Panaji to Anjuna Beach you will be needed to change the bus twice, one is from Panaji to Mapusa and the second will be from Mapusa to Anjuna.

Best Beaches In Goa For Party

Sinquerim Beach GOA

the water is just perfect here to enjoy with yourself, or your family or friends. The adventurous sports just become cherry on the top when talking about this beach. This beach is closest to some of the most famous nightclubs in Goa. The highlight of the place is Sunburn festival held every year in December. Another key attraction is Aguada Fort. Just next to the beach.

Well, of course you just can’t travel the beaches alone because the top attractions are situated nearby the beaches only (let’s save the top attractions for another time again). If you are bored of regular routine boring food and want your tastebuds to get alive again, the beach houses many restaurants and shacks.

How to reach there?

It is just 13 km away from the capital city and any mode of transportation would hardly take above 40 minutes.

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Best Beaches In Goa For Honeymoon

Best Beaches In Goa For Honeymoon


the Goa is known for its beaches but not only that, it includes shacks, pubs and markets (shopping places). It is a part of trio which consists of Baga Beach, Calangute Beach and Candolim Beach where all the happening parties of Goa takes place.

It is indeed a hidden gem in Goa. This beach

is less popular comparatively and hence is less crowded, but then it is just a perfect recluse from the daily life far away from the normal worldly affairs.

It offers adventure sports like scuba diving, jet skiing, boat rides, parasailing, bumpy banana rides, etc.

How to reach there?

It is around 13 km away from Panaji and hardly takes 40 minutes to reach there by any mode. However, if you opt to take a bus the fare would be Rs. 30-40 INR.

And taxi will just take half an hour to reach there.

Best Beaches In Goa With Less Crowd

Best Beaches In Goa With Less Crowd


this beach has something which is called a lifetime experience. The beach is adorned with picturesque red cliffs that look down to two freshwater springs. These water bodies are a stone’s throw distance from the sea. There is a car parking facility also. The Vagator Beach is divided into two parts called Big and Little Vagator Beach.

How to reach there?

The beach is located at a distance of 16 km from Panaji. It takes from 20 to 30 minutes to reach there by road. The road distance is around 21 km. You can hire a cab or motorbike also. You can take the bus also.

Best Beaches In Goa For Swiming


This is a mile long beach which falls under one of the most beautiful beaches of Goa. It is known for its picturesque natural beauty and unparalleled party vibes. So, it is just one mile long, which means that you will not need much time to explore this beauty. The beach is just perfect for venturing out alone or with your partner. The northern side of the beach is considered safest because of calmer tides. If you are travelling with your family have a kid with you are recommended to be at this side of the beach.

However, if you are more of an adventurous funk type than southern side will be perfect for you. Tides on this are unpredictable and uncertain plus precarious. Here you can enjoy various water activities.

How to reach there?

The journey from Panaji to Palolem Beach isn’t straight, you will be needed to change the bus twice to reach Canacona. It will take 3 hours. From there you will have to take a taxi to the beach. The taxi will take just five minutes from there.

However, if you choose to go there by train, it will take around two hours the nearest railway station is situated at Karmali.

Karmali is just 20 minutes drive away from Panaji.

The best option to reach at Palolem Beach from Panaji will be to hire a cab which will take only one hour and 15 minutes to reach there.

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Best Beaches In Goa In Monsoon


 it is situated on the northern side of Palolem Beach which is in the southern part of Goa. This is going to be your favorite. This beach

offers something exquisite. Yeahaaaaa. It invites you to experience the wonderful aqua-marine life out in the open front of the beach.

Dear couples if you are seeking solitude with your partner. This is the place where you guys can enjoy leaving the world behind and unnoticed. This is also known

‘Honeymoon Beach’. So, guys what are you waiting for. Give your love a new spark and plan a trip to Butterfly Beach in Goa. And enjoy your secluded vacation. You can wait for the tides to get lower and witness Redfish, Sea urchins, goldfish, and sea cucumbers. Good luck. Enjoy your picnic with a glass of wine witnessing such beauty. As I have said this beach has something which the other beaches do not have. This

unique beauty will offer you to get a sight of million butterflies to dance on one side and on the other side if you get lucky the dolphins will be there.

How to reach there?

There is no straight or direct way. However, you can reach here directly from Palolem Beach. A boat ride is recommended.

So, this is the list of top beaches in Goa to visit and enjoy your trip. Hope the list helps you to plan your trip to Goa accordingly.

Every Beach has its own beauty and uniqueness. Happy traveling.

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