What to Wear in Goa? (Detailed Guide)

If you are confused about what to wear in Goa as this is your first trip and second, you want to be picture ready all times. So, you are in the right place. Goa is a place that does not have any dress code but different places need different outfits. You should keep a few things in your mind when you are packing outfits for Goa such as the tourist attractions you will cover, the month you are visiting and how comfortable your want to feel in your outfits.

What to Wear in Goa

A number of people forget that Goa is not just about the beaches but it is also home to a number of temples, churches, waterfalls and villages. This is a reason why you cannot wear a specific set of clothes all the time and everywhere in Goa.

A few places are liberal in terms of dressing but a few others are conservative. But you do not have to worry, I would help you with this. When selecting clothes for your trip to Goa, the first thing you must remember is the kind of weather you would experience. For instance, if you are planning a trip to Goa in the winter season then you should pack long-sleeved tops or dresses that you can wear during the night. Days are hot in the winter season but nights can become a little cold.

You can also carry a jacket and leggings to wear at night when it is cold in Goa. On the other hand, if you are planning your trip to Goa in the summer season then you should pack skirts, shorts and dresses, etc., You should also carry cotton and light material clothes as it is hot and humid in the summer season.

The next thing you should consider is the duration of your Goa trip. If you are planning a short trip to Goa then you can choose clothes for different activities and occasions. For a short trip, you can pack an outfit for each day and night that suits your activity.

On the other side, for longer trips, you must keep clothes that you can wear in various styles for longer trips because packing an outfit for each day would not be practical. So you must keep shorts, skirts and tops that you can mix and match.

Another important thing to consider when choosing outfits for the Goa trip is the activities that you do. For instance, if you are planning a relaxing vacation then you can go for beachwear such as sarongs, swimsuits and dresses, etc. On the other hand, if you are planning to do adventure activities like trekking you should pack a pair of trekking shoes, t-shirts and shorts for your vacation. You have to consider the dress code for the tourist attractions in Goa before you start selecting your clothes. In churches, you have to keep your knees and shoulders covered so you should pack clothes accordingly. If you are planning to visit clubs and casinos then you should keep party wear. And for water sports, you must keep your swimming costume.

What to Wear In Goa For Ladies

What to Wear In Goa For Ladies


Sarongs are the wraparounds that go with the beachy vibes and can be easily thrown over your swimwear. You can also turn a sarong into a dress, comfort and wrapping style together. Sarongs come in a large variety of vibrant colors that accentuate the whole vacation mood and can be tied up in various ways. They are readily available in any beach market in Goa. If you are good at bargaining then Sargons will be a steal deal.

Cover-up dresses

Again, you can use cover-up dresses by layering over your swimwear when you are ready to leave the sand. Cover-up dresses are airy and light and these are an ideal fit for the humid and hot weather of Goa. You do not have to tie cover-up dresses like sarongs and they come in various styles to choose from such as kaftans, kimonos and ponchos.

Bikinis or monokinis

If you want to get into the water then a good swimsuit is your necessity. And we all know that Goa is one of the fewest places in India that is free concerning stylish beachwear.

If you are working hard at the gym then in Goa is your chance to flaunt your gains. If bikinis make you feel uncomfortable then tankinis and high waist bikinis can be a great option for you. But you must keep in mind that you wear bikinis only in pool areas or beaches and not in the general public unless you want to be a walking showpiece. Goa is a place that keeps modernity strictly limited to its beaches.

Cotton shorts

When you can on a beach holiday then it is always a good idea to carry fabrics that dry up easily. Denim or jean shorts not only take their time while drying but they can also be quite intolerable in the hot and humid weather. The numerous pockets of your denim or jean shorts will have sand pouring out of them for weeks.

Tank tops or spaghetti

While you are in a place like Goa then you should keep your formal-looking shirts and dull t-shirts at home and save space in bags by packing some racer-back tank tops and halter neck spaghetti that you are unable to wear on your normal days. The best part is that these can be styled with almost anything you will be going to wear in Goa.


When you are out for sightseeing, grabbing brunch and evening stroll then you can wear a floral printed sundress that you can accessorize with a sunhat and a pair of Havaianas flip-flops.

Light fitting trousers

Some of us who are either less inclined to wear shorts or simply do not want to get tan lines in our legs than harem pants, linen cargos, culottes, wide leg pants, palazzos and gypsy pants can be your best friends in Goa.

Maxi dresses

To enjoy a trance party at Curlies or simply stop by a bar for a couple of drinks then you can never go wrong with wearing tropical printed maxi dresses. If you want to spice up the things then you can go off slide slit and off shoulder maxis.

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What to wear in goa men

Men are the sons of beaches, so how can we forget you? In Goa, everyone is going to have their toes in the sand so you may as well look hot while doing it. Apart from the basics such as sunglasses, swimming trunks and flip-flops, here is the list of what else you should pack for your trip to Goa.

Linen shirts

While you are in Goa then it is time to put your feet up and destress. It is totally fine if you do not like getting tanned in those sleeveless tanks then lose fitting shirts are a boon for you. You should keep in mind that, pack nothing more than cotton or linen shirts, probably in beautiful shades of blue color. You can also go back to the 90s and go for the basic Hawaiian shirt.


Trousers, as well as chinos, were made for soldiers but the former comes with a maximum of two or three pockets as opposed to the latter which has a more number of pockets. We all admit that trousers are always more fitting on formal occasions.


Tanks are unisex and they are not only for gyms. Sleeveless t-shirts with funky logos and prints are so much in fashion and they are sync with the beach than any boring polo neck t-shirt.


You must know the difference between shorts and swim trunks. Whether you are just taking a walk on the seashore or hanging by the pool, you need shirts that go up to the knee. And nowadays, even shirts come in tropical prints but you have to make sure that you get them in fabrics that dry quickly.

Cotton espadrilles

Crocs and flip-flops are kings in sandy settings but what about those tan lines that we get from the scorching sun? Espadrilles are the ultimate beach shoes that will give you both ease and fashion. Boat shoes and open-toe sandals can also be good options.

Tote bags

A tote bag can also be one of the men’s accessories given that they do not carry the bag with its handles in the crook of their elbows like the ladies. Yes, that is right you can go for one that has a rugged rook and it is still too girly for you then you can go for messenger bags.

Fedora hats

Fedora hats are elegant, timeless and a must-wear for the summer season, these are made of felt or straw. The fedora hat is something that is sported by both men and women. These not only protect you from the scorching heat but also add confidence to the air around you.

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Things to carry Goa

There are certain things that you can not ignore or forget to carry. You must consider these things as Goa essentials and we know that significant essentials are. Here is the list of that essential things-


Sunscreen with at least SPF 50 is the one thing that you cannot afford to miss or forget unless you want a beautiful tan or your want to spend most of the time indoors. I am sure that nobody wants to come back looking like they just got seriously fired on vacation. Sunscreen must top the list of things to carry.


Sun rays do more harm than good and we all are aware of that. Not only do you have to protect your skin from the sun but also have to protect your eyes. This goes for everyone who is really looking forward to spending their day time on beaches.

Beach footwear

When you are selecting footwear to wear in Goa then throw in flip-flops and sneakers among the other things to carry.

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