(Guide) Goa to Kolhapur KTCL Bus (Ticket Fare & Bus Timings)

Kolhapur is a small Indian city that is located along the banks of the Panchganga river in the state of Maharashtra. This city has its north dating back to the medieval era and it is one of the oldest cities in India and its age is evident in the number of ancient forts and monuments it houses. Kolhapur was once a princely state that was ruled by the Maharaja Emperor Chhatrapati Shahu and was later declared independent after 1947. This city was flanked by the towering Sahyadris on one side and the sliding river on the other, the mesmerizing beauty of this small town is one to behold.

Goa to Kolhapur Bus

From shining lakes to well-manicured gardens, this city has it all. The charm of the historic place is enhanced by the touring forts and palaces around the city, which stand testament to the glorious past of Kolhapur. One of the best ways to spend your time while you are in this city is to take a tour of the different ancient attractions around the city.

From the majestic Panhala Fort to the Chhatrapati Shahu Museum at the New Palace, all these attractions help you to get a better feel of Kolhapur and its history. If you are a nature lover then you can also spend a day touring the Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary or having a picnic by the banks of the Rankala Lake, which offer tranquil escapades from the bustle of the hustle and bustle of city life. If you are a religious bent of mind then you can also spend a fruitful time visiting the different temples that are located in Kolhapur.

Whether you are an adventure enthusiast or one with a religious disposition, you can never run out of things to do while in the city. If you are an adventurous spirit then you can spend a good day trekking to the Panhala Fort or can take a jeep safari at the Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary. You can take an evening walk around Rankala Lake or even have a pleasant picnic at the Amba Ghat.

The city experiences the summer season between April to September. During the summer season, the weather here generally remains warm and clammy, with a high level of humidity. In the winter season, Kolhapur occurs between November and February, at this time of the year the temperature generally remains on the cooler side. June and October generally experience a high degree of rainfall, making it the designated monsoon season in the city of Kolhapur.

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Distance from Goa to Kolhapur

The distance between Goa to Kolhapur is 232 km and the aerial distance from Goa to Kolhapur is 157 km. The various mode of transport between Goa to Kolhapur is by road, by flight and by train. You can choose any mode of transportation from Goa to Kolhapur on basis of the cheapest and fastest.

Goa to Kolhapur Bus Kadamba Price

If you want to get from Goa to Kolhapur and if you are looking for a quick trip the bus is the best option for you. Although, if you would rather take your time with a slower more affordable travel option then you can book a bus ticket. The travel cost by bus will depend on the means of the service operator, as a bus ticket costs as low as Rs 568. The most affordable bus operator is Zingbus and traveling by bus expect to pay as low as Rs 568 for your bus ticket. Buses start plying the route form 08.30 and you can also take a bus as late as 22.05. There are 80 buses available for bus trips every day.

Things to remember before choosing a bus ride from Goa to Kolhapur

  • You must make sure that you have chosen a higher-class bus for a more comfortable travel experience. Such buses often have an air conditioning system, Wi-Fi, soft reclining seats and bathrooms, etc.
  • Bus tickets are better booked in advance so that you can secure a good and comfortable seat.
  • While booking a bus you must keep in mind that delays are possible.
  • You should reach the bus station at least 15 to 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.

Goa to Kolhapur Kadamba Bus Timings

Service                                             Bus Type                     Departure               Arrival                   Duration                       Fare

  • Kadamba Transport Corporation       Non AC Seater 2+2               19.00                            02.30                7 hours 30 minutes              Rs 420
  • Kadamba Transport Corporation       Non AC Seater 2+2               20.00                            01.00                         5 hours                          Rs 450
  • IntriCity SmartBus                         Bharat Benz AC Sleeper 2+1      20.15                             03.45                7 hours 30 minutes              Rs 988
  • Prasanna Purple Grand                           AC Sleeper (2+1)                 22.00                           04.00                         6 hours                          Rs1220
  • Vaibhav Travels                                        AC Sleeper (2+1)                  21.00                            04.10                7 hours 10 minutes               Rs 499
  • Zingbus                                            Bharat Benz AC Sleeper 2+1        20.35                            02.00               5 hours 25 minutes               Rs 727
  • Zingbus                                            Bharat Benz AC Sleeper 2+1        19.30                             01.05               5 hours 35 minutes               Rs 682
  • Atmaran Travels (Shreyas)          Bharat Benz AC Sleeper 2+1        21.31                              04.31                        7 hours                           Rs 950
  • Paulo Travels                                         Non AC Sleeper 2+1                 15.30                            23.05                7 hours 35 minutes              Rs 425
  • VRL Travels                                                 AC Sleeper 2+1                    19.15                             02.00              6 hours 45 minutes              Rs 1000
  • Indumati Travels                                       AC Sleeper 2+1                     21.00                            02.15               5 hours 15 minutes                 Rs 900
  • IntriCity SmartBus                                    AC Sleeper 2+1                     19.00                             01.15               6 hours 15 minutes                Rs 950
  • Sharma Travels Nanded                           AC Sleeper 2+1                     15.10                            22.00                6 hours 50 minutes             Rs 1500
  • IntriCity SmartBus                                     AC Sleeper 2+1                     21.00                           03.15                6 hours 15 minutes              Rs 1050
  • Zingbus                                             Bharat Benz AC Sleeper 2+1        18.30                             00.05               5 hours 35 minutes              Rs 671
  • Asmat Travels                                          Non AC Sleeper 2+2               15.10                             20.30               5 hours 20 minutes              Rs 500

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Best places to visit in Kolhapur

Panhala Fort

Panhala Fort is located 20 km away from the main city of Kolhapur and situated on its northwest side. The fort holds its position amongst the most massive location in India and is the largest one in the whole Deccan region. The fort was constructed in a strategic position where a trade route goes within Maharashtra from Bijapur to the coasts of the Arabian Sea.

The fort is not only a must-visit for the one who loves exploring historic locations but also for the one who loves to trek. This fort is looking over the green slopes of Sahyadri and it has around 7 km of fortifications along with full-proof protection that is guaranteed by three double-walled gates which are humongous in size.

The whole stretch of the fort is dotted with parapets. bastions, ramparts and styles with motifs of various dynasties that rule over this fort- the Bahamas, Marathas and Mughals, etc. The old Panhala Fort was founded in the late 12 century by Raja Bhoja and the fort was constructed during the period of 1178 – 1209 AD to be later modified by the Marathas. The Indo-Islamic style of the fort is popularly known for being the residence of the great Maratha ruler Shivaji and the Queen Regent of Kolhapur-Tarabai.

Mahalaxmi Temple

Mahalaxmi Temple of Kolhapur is one of the greatest tourist destinations in the city. This temple is devoted to the goddess of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi or Goddes Ambabai, the idol of which is elegantly adorned with precious stones and diamonds. Mahalaxmi Temple holds tremendous cultural and historical significance as it dates back to the 7th century Chalukya dynasty, built by the ruler Karandev.

The architecture of the temple is exceptional and it is one of the temples of the country which is known for its different style called the Hemadpanthi Sculpture architectural style. This architectural style is named after its creator, Hemadpant, who was the prime minister in the royal court during the 13th century.

The particular style incorporated black stone and limestone, which were abundantly available in the region. Mahalaxmi Temple walls hold amazingly beautiful carvings and sculptures which include Hindu deities like Ganesha, Shiva and Vishnu.

Kopeshwar Temple

Kopeshwar Temple is the perfect example of beautiful ancient architecture and sculptures. This temple dates back to the 12th century and was constructed by the ruler of the Shilahara dynasty. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and hosts an idol of Vishnu. Kopeshwar Temple is one of the best tourist attractions to visit in Kolhapur and lies on the banks of the river Krishna.

This temple has four various sections such as the Sabha mandapam, Swarga mandapam, Garbha Griha and Antaral Kaksha. Kopeshwar Temple is matchless in its amazing beauty with the splendid engravings of dancing idols, goddesses and gods. This temple has 108 stone pillars and the elephant carvings at the base of the statue sustain the weight of the monument.

You will find a number of street-side eateries and public washrooms around the temple for the comfort of tourists.

Binkhambi Ganesh Temple

Binkhambi Ganesh Temple is also known as Joshirao Ganapati temple by the local people and this temple was constructed in 1882. This temple is dedicated to the worship of Lord Ganesha and is located within a distance of 1 km from the Mahalaxmi temple.

Famous folklore says that this temple was discovered by the people of the vicinity of a well and also that the idol of Ganesha worshipped dates a long time before it was founded and installed inside Binkhambi Ganesh Temple. This temple’s resplendent architecture astounds and attracts tourists as well as architecture, popularly for its stine carvings of tortoises, deities and flowers.

The most significant feature of the temple is that the whole structure of the temple is constructed without the support of any pillar, which is also the meaning if the word Binkhambi. Binkhambi temple door opens to visitors and tourists every day at 6 in the morning on each day of the week. However, a small temple is worth every visit during your trip to Kolhapur. It takes an hour to see the whole temple and you can also avail of lockers, food and beverage products.

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Bhavani Mandap

Bhavani Mandap is a small quaint monument that is located inside the walled city of Kolhapur. This place has rich historical significance and was built a long time ago. Bhavani Mandap is also referred to as the glory of the city, it this constructed during teh reign of King Shivaji Maharaja II. This Mandap used to belong to the kings of Kolhapur as one of his palaces and was also used as a durbar.

The king conducted important meetings, celebrations and litigations inside the building. Bhavani Mandap also had living quarters for a number of its court officials. A massive statue is placed just right in front of the Mandap, of the most loved king of Kolhapur, Shahu Maharaj, who was practically under British Rule throughout his reign.

There is a number of interesting artefacts on display at this place like the stuffed trophies of panthers and deer, which were hunted by the King.

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