How to find Dobby’s Grave in Freshwater (Harry Potter Beach)

If you are a Potter header that would like to know about the exact Dobby’s Grave location then you must keep reading this article I have discussed all the important details. We all know that the first Harry Potter book may have been released more than twenty years ago bow but that does not mean that its following has been reduced today.

How to find Dobby’s Grave in Freshwater

Harry Potter’s fans from all around the globe are still willing to know about the spellbinding locations from the movies and books. One of those places is the final resting place of Dobby the free Elf. We must believe that Dobby’s Grave is a real muggle and it can be seen tucked away in the sand dunes on the beautiful remote beach in Pembrokeshire.

You would not require a letter from Hogwarts, Platform 9 3/4 or your Nimbus 2000 to see this amazing place. I am here with my details guide on how to find Dobby’s Grave in Freshwater.

Dobby, the Elf in Harry Potter

If you are a Harry Potter fan then you can skip this section as Dobby will need no introduction. Although, if you have never heard of Dobby before then I should tell you first that he was introduced to the Potter series in the Chamber of Secrets. Dobby was an enslaved house elf that belonged to the Malfoy family. For a number of years, he was abused and ill-treated by these Dark Wizards.

Dobby was a customer of daily threats from the Malfoy and later, would often punish himself if he did something wrong as he had endured a number of years of being badly treated. In the series Harry Potter the Chamber of Secrets, Dobby learns of the plot to reopen the Chamber of Secrets.

He tries to warn Harry to not return to Hogwarts to save him from any danger. But, the house elf ends up causing mayhem in the whole process. After that, Harry warns him and wants to set him free. But the only way to free a house elf is when their master gifted them with clothing. And at the end of the series, he was given Tom Riddle’s diary by Lucius Malfoy.

But, unbeknownst to Lucius, Harry had hidden a sock- Master has given a sock, Master gave it to Dobby, Got a sock, Master threw it and Dobby caught it and Dobby-Dobby is free.

Dobby became a free elf and a good friend to Harry and his friends. However, he was free then he was later employed by Dumbledore at Hogwarts. Then he continued to work for Dumbledore and was part of his army. But, Dobby would often helo Harry, Hermione and Ron when they got into tough situations. Then Dobby would do whatever Harry asked of him as he was eternally grateful for setting him free.

Dobby dies in the Deathly Hallows

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry with his friends Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Luna Lovegood and Griphooka the Goblin is caught by Snatchers.

Then they are imprisoned in Malfoy Manor. Aberforth Dumbledore sends Dobby to see them from the Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange who are planning to hand them over to Voldemort. A Skirmish, wand battle ensues and Dooby comes to the recuse at the right moment. Then he cuts a chandelier off the ceiling to try and main her.

Bellatrix is very furious at the house elf who almost kills her and she asks him why he can be so disobedient and disrespectful to his masters. Then he bravely replies that Dobby is a free elf and that Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends.

But just as Dobby casts a spell to transport them all to safety at Shell Cottage, Bellatrix throws a knife at Dobby. When they land at Shell Cottage, Ron, Hermione, Harry and others are all relieved that they are now out of danger and safety. But, then they hear a weak cry… calling” Harry Potter”. Then Dobby has been stabbed and the wound is in danger.

Then Harry cradles Dobby in his arms and tries to save him and telling him it will be alright. But it is too late and Dobby, with a small and says his last words- Such an amazing place to be with friends. Dobby is happy to be with his friend, Harry Potter. Sniff then saying that I am not crying, you are crying. It honestly gets me every time, Why did he have to die? Why, J.K?

Where is Dobby buried? 

Harry is in stress that his loyal and faithful friend has passed away and decides to bury him without magic at the beach and just above Shell Cottage. Dobby’s grave reads, “Here lies Dobby, a Free Elf” and it is an amazing location, just right by the sea. In the movies and books, Shell Cottage is based on the outskirts of Tinworth, Cornwall.

But, if you have ever been amazed that where Dobby is buried in real life then you only need to visit the Pembrokeshire coastline in Wales. The location of Dobby’s grave can be found tucked away in the sand dunes of the beautiful Freshwater West Beach.

Freshwater West Beach was the Harry Potter Beach shooting location where they filmed Shell Cottage from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows parts 1 and 2. This place, you can visit to pay your respects to the heroic and loyal elf.

Location of Freshwater West Harry Potter Beach in Wales-

Freshwater West Beach can be seen in the county of Pembrokeshire in the West of Wales along its beautiful coastline. Pembrokeshire is a big and Freshwater West can be found by visiting the South West area.

It is a section of Coastline owned by the National Trust and it is located nearby the Green Bridge of Wales, Bosherton and just a few miles from the town of Pembroke. In case you are based in the town then you can easily visit from that place. To put this place into a perspective this is around 2 to 3 hours from Cardiff and 45 from Tenby.

The easiest way to visit Freshwater West is by driving and it is at easy access along the B4319 road, it is a single-track road with passing places.

Dobby’s Grave Park

Freshwater West is a very big beach and there are two large car parks at both ends of the strip. It is suggested to park your car nearest to the Cafe Mor Food Van if you are planning to visit Dobby’s Grave.

This place is located closest to the bus stop, war memorial and lifeguard hut and it saves you from having to walk over lots of sand. There are no charges at Freshwater West Beach. Both of the parking are completely free. But there are fines for overnight car parking. So, there is no camping overnight. As long as you visit in the daytime, you are completely fine.

Things to see at Dobby’s burial site

The Shell Cottage is there and the place is so touching. The place was like a portal that transports you into the Wizarding World all over. A few pebbles left at Dobby’s burial location, a couple of years ago have now transformed into a memorial. This place is a Dobby shrine. There are beautiful hand-painted pebbles or stones that all are with loving messages.

There are even socks and other gifts left at this place. Some fans had even made a crucifix for the gravesite and it was so incredible to see all this. You can also spend some hours looking at all the adorable paintings and reading the messages that had been left. Additionally, the mesmerizing views from this place are breathtaking.

Things to do at the Harry Potter beach

Beyond Dobby’s burial site, Freshwater West Beach is one of Pembrokeshire’s incredible secrets. It is called freshwater because of its gorgeous clear water that really sparkles any time you visit.

The miles of clean sand make it a beautiful bit of coastline. It will make a difference to stroll along the beach in the sunshine. You must know that it is not the typical beach resort with a pier, games, an arcade and a build-up of shops. It is an untouched and natural beach which is the best part about the place.

It is a place to visit all around the year. In the summer season, you can walk along the shore or can take sunbathe and in the winter season, it is will great for a scenic walk even if it is a bit bracing.

Public transportation to reach Dobby’s grave and the Harry Potter beach

Yes, you can reach Harry Potter beach without a car and by using just public transportation.

You need to get a train to Pembroke

This can be a long journey depending on where you are coming from. In case you are coming from farther away then you will have to stay in the Pembrokeshire area for a night so that you can catch the bus to Freshwater West or Dobby’s grave beach.

To reach Harry Potter beach from London you have to spend the night in Pembrokeshire but do not let this stop you. It is a beautiful part of the world with a number of accommodation options available in Pembroke. It is around 6 hours by train to reach Harry Potter beach from London.

From Pembroke to take the 387 bus

In the peak season, the 387 bus runs on daily buses at 8.42 am and 1.03 pm from the Somerfiled bus stop in Pembroke. Relying on how long you would like to stay at Freshwater West Beach, you can choose one of the options.

Walk to the west to reach Dobby’s grave

The bus will drop you at Freshwater Beach. There is a delicious food van at this place, where you can get yourself a drink and local food before heading to the beach. You can also have seaweed tea to keep up with the Harry Potter theme of your day at the beach.

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