Top 10 Famous: (Things to Buy) In Shimla With Shops Details

Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, India, is fondly referred to as the “Queen of Hills.” Nestled in the foothills of the Great Himalayas, Shimla captivates every visitor with its distinct charm and breathtaking landscapes, reminiscent of the British Raj era. It’s no surprise that the British chose this serene city as their esteemed summer capital.

Here are 10 famous things you can buy in Shimla to commemorate your visit:

Shimla, renowned for its pleasant weather and breathtaking scenic vistas, offers more than just natural beauty. The city boasts a myriad of shopping destinations where you can find exquisite treasures to cherish as souvenirs of your visit. Immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions by exploring the vibrant markets and discovering the rich heritage of Shimla through its traditional items

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Shopping in the streets of Shimla is a great experience as it has some of the most beautiful locally made items. Local markets in Shimla will make your lure with all their antique and traditional items. Shimla will give you an exciting experience from where you can explore things and even buy gifts for your loved ones.

Best Shops or Markets to Buy things in Shimla

Shimla is a place that is known for its nature but it is the place that is also famous for its markets from where you can buy unique and handmade items. So, here is the list of the known shops or markets of Shimla where you must go for shopping:

Himachal Emporium

The Himachal Emporium is located at Mall Road in Shimla. This place provides you with beautiful locally made or handmade items. The Himachal Emporium is a place that offers you a great range of Kinnauri shawls and Kangra silks. This place has a great range of local jewelry, locally designed woolens, and pottery items. This place is run by the Himachal Pradesh Government this is the reason that this place offers you affordable things.

Tibetan Refugee Market

Tibetan Refugee Market is located near the Ridge, Shimla. This market is a great place to buy souvenirs in Shimla. Tibetan Refugee Market has shops that sell locally made items and handicrafts at reasonable prices. This is the place where you can find some beautiful Tibetan souvenirs and items also.

Lakkar Bazar Shimla

As the name gives the idea, this amazing and beautiful market in Shimla will provide you with anything wooden like wooden pens, toys, home decors, keychains, wooden utensils, and many other souvenirs. Lakkar Bazar is located on the left side of the Christ Church. You can bargain here as much as you want in these shops.


Souvenirs are the name of a shop that you might find in Lakkar Bazar. This shop has an amazing collection of winter wears that are made locally like caps, sweaters, woolen coats, and socks, etc.

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Top 10 Famous (Things to Buy) in Shimla

Shimla is known for its wooden handicrafts and items, that is not only what you can bring back as souvenirs from Shimla. There are many things also available here that you can consider buying while spending a dime in the beautiful and spectacular hill station.

Here is the list of some items that you should consider in our shopping list when you are in Shimla:

Local Handicrafts

Local Handicrafts

The best way to take a bit of Shimla hill station back with loads of handmade crafts and goodies. While you are going back from Shimla it becomes mandatory to shop for amazing and beautiful handicrafts or handmade pieces. People who come to Shimla mostly crave patterned and dyed handicrafts.

Shimla Handicrafts include Kullu Shawls, Pullan, stoles, mufflers, gloves, caps, footwear, Rummal, carpets, woolen coats. These handicrafts can be purchased from Himachal Emporium.

Wooden Items and Traditional Artifacts

Wooden Items and Traditional Artifacts

Wooden antiques like boats, toys, key chains, wooden utensils, wooden showpieces all these items you are buying from Shimla. These wooden items are made in Shimla only will be available at a very reasonable price and with the help of these items you can decorate your homes to make them look palatial. These wooden items are made by a small group of Sikh carpenters who settled in Shimla a century ago from Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

Shimla fruit products

Himachal Pradesh is also known as the fruit basket of India, the region in and around Shimla that happens to be the leading producer of fruit-based eatables like Juices, Pickles, Wines, and Jams, etc. Shogi is the place near Shimla where Shimla fruit products are available. Minchy fruit products manufactured by Minocha Industries have their manufacturing units and outlets on the national highway at Shoghi. Minocha Industries has a wide range of products like fruit juices, pickles, and wines. Their products are sold at discounted prices at their outlets.

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Tibetan Jewellery

Tibetan Jewellery

You can buy antique Tibetan ornaments from Tibetan Refugee Market, known to encompass many Tibetan shops this market is located on the Mall Road, which helps to cater to the travelers seeking beautiful Himachali jewelry, adornments, and some unique Pahari accessories. The bold designs and colors are a feature of the jewelry at their best with unique ornaments, keeping in mind the choice and demands of the Indian and Foreign Tourists. So, it is enough to say that your collection of antique jewelry pieces can be fulfilled in Shimla. You can also good weaving clothes and bags at these Tibetan shops. You can style these Tibetan jewelry pieces

Himachali Caps and Hats

The Himachali traditional caps and hats are attractive that no one could resist buying them. Himachali caps and hats are the distinctive headdresses associated with Himachal Pradesh’s culture. These caps are one of the popular arts and crafts of Himachal Pradesh. The caps and hats are usually made of wool and the shape of the caps and hats are typically round and boat shape. These are so popular to worn by celebrities and politicians of Himachal Pradesh. These Himachali caps and hats are not just stylish but will also keep you protected from the harsh winters and cold also keep you warm.

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The popular place to purchase these Himachali hats and caps is Himachal Emporium in Shimla at Mall Road. When you are here in Shimla it is fun to take some great shots with your friends and family wearing these beautiful caps and hats.

Woolen Items In Shimla

Wooden Items and Traditional Artifacts

As Shimla is a hill station in the hills of the Himalayas so the climate of Shimla is mostly cool throughout the year and the winters are very cold with minus degrees of temperatures. Because of the chilly and snowy season of Shimla this place sells excellent quality woolen products at a reasonable price.Woolen Items In Shimla

The best place to buy woolen items in Shimla is Mall Road and Tibetan Refugee Market. You must buy sweaters, gloves, and caps at these places.

Handmade Items In Shimla

Shimla is a famous and developed tourist destination that showcases its culture. Locals have used their traditions and culture to make authentic and handmade items that are very famous to tourists. The souvenir items are popular among Indian and foreign tourists as well. These handmade items are made by local artisans and local businesses and sold in different markets of Shimla and also in nearby markets. Popular handmade items are shawls, metal items, handmade paper, handmade home decors, handmade tables in ethnic styles. Those handmade woven carpets and flooring mats are all those things that you can acquire while being in Shimla

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Paintings In Shimla

The artwork of Himachal Pradesh is famous for its designs and intricacy. The artisans of Himachal Pradesh have been famous for their art skills for ages. These paintings are made by various artisans of Himachal Pradesh and these paintings are mustbuy items to acknowledge the culture and art of the wonderful and majestic land of Himachal Pradesh. These beautiful paintings would give your home a vintage look with some modern touch. You must give try and buy these mesmerizing items.

Pottery Items

After the wooden and woolen items of Shimla, the pottery items of Shimla are no less. The beautiful and amazing pieces of pots, vases and so much more items that are painted with hands are available in almost all shops of Shimla. It is a mustbuy on your visit to the beautiful hill station of Shimla.

Keychains for your loved ones

Keychains for your loved ones

It has always been a rule as well as a trend to bring back the classic and beautiful items as gifts for your family and friends from a vacation to any place especially, from a hill station. Yes, here I am talking about the handcrafted lockets, keychains, and many more items with names of your loved ones either written on rice grain or wood. These are the items that always stay with you and your loved ones as a memory of the visit to the ‘Queen of Hills’. These are the little gestures that worth more than any other expensive things.

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