River Rafting in Rishikesh: Best Time Experience (Season Price @600/-)

River rafting is n adventure activity that is known for its most exciting and thrilling experience. If you have had the pleasure of river rafting then you can ensure. Rafting in turbulent waters is an experience that you could keep the rest of your life. In the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh serves as the ideal setting for river rafting. In case if you had not had the rafting experience in India then you must plan your next adventure activity here that could throw you into a world of thrills, spills and chills.

You might think that there is no perfect way for extreme sports like rafting can be enjoyed at all. So you must know that this is false because all you need for an extreme sport like rafting is fun to be an expert to take control of all rafting.

River rafting in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a fun place to take part in all the summer adventure activities. Rishikesh is the perfect place in terms of warm weather and all you need is an activity that is related to water to take temperatures down. River rafting is an exciting adventure that you can participate in simultaneously. Your friends and family can get together and everyone can have a joyful day.

River rafting in Rishikesh has Small and Big Rapids including The Wall [Grade 4 Rapid in Byasi], Three Blind Mice [ Grade 3], Return to Sender [Grade 2], Roller Coaster [Grade 3+], Golf Course [ Grade 3+], Double Trouble, Terminator and Hilton, etc.

There are 5 River Rafting points in Rishikesh

There are 5 River Rafting points in Rishikesh

  1. Shivpuri, which is a 16 km rafting stretch.
  2. Byasi, which is a 30n km rafting stretch.
  3. Brahmpuri, which is a 10 km rafting stretch.
  4. Marine Drive, which is a 24 km rafting stretch.
  5. Kaudiyala, which is a 34 km rafting stretch.

But the regular frame river rafting in Rishikesh is Bhrampuri and Shivpuri.

River rafting in Rishikesh Price list and Timings

1. The 10 km river rafting from Brahmpuri to Rishikesh costs you around Rs 600. The first rafting trip starts at 8 in the morning, the second rafting trip starts at 11 in the morning, the third rafting trip starts a 1.30 pm and the last rafting trip starts at 3 pm. The duration of this water trip on this stretch lasts about two and a half hours.

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2. The 16km river rafting from Shivpuri costs you around Rs 1000. The first rafting trip starts at 8 in the morning, the second rafting trip starts at 12.30 pm, and the last rafting trip starts at 2.30 pm. This river rafting stretch takes about 2 hours to complete. It has major rapids are a roller coaster, a return to sender and golf course.

All these rapids are safe to raft but there are some big waves and hydraulics. It takes around half an hour to one hour to drive to the starting point and then about half an hour for the preparation, safety briefing and inflating rafts. It is  2 hours to enjoy the river along with some big hits and good splashes. You will finish your water trip just before Laxman Jhula.

3. The 24 km river rafting from Marine Drive costs you around Rs 1500. The first rafting trip starts at 8 in the morning, the second rafting trip starts at 10.30 am, and the last rafting trip starts at 2.30 pm. The duration of this water trip on this route lasts about four and a half hours. This stretch has major rapids are crossfire, black money and blind mice.

The water trip begins with 45 minutes to one-hour drive to the starting point where you will a safety briefing that is issued while the rafts and other safety gear are made ready. The noted point is that this is an easy rafting stretch but it has unexpected big or hydraulic waves that might appear which are effortlessly managed by your guides. The river rafting on this stretch takes about 2 to 3 hours but it also could take as long as 3 to 4 hours in  January and December. You will finish your water trip just before Luxam Jhula in Rishikesh.

4. The 30 km fiver rafting from Kaudiyala costs you around Rs 2500. The river rafting from Kaudiyala is offered when the river is running high but it is not possible to run this rafting stretch in a single day. There is only a single rafting trip on the Byasi stretch that starts at 8 am and ends at 9 am. The duration of this water trip on this route is about 7 hours.

It has major rapids in this river rafting stretch are grade III, grade IV and grade V. Rafting on this stretch is more fun and exciting than dangerous as each raft is not only equipped with able guides and all sorts of safety equipment but you must wearing life jacket making it impossible to get hurt. Apart from 30 minutes drive to the starting point and time taken to issue safety instructions and gear it takes about 4 to 5 hours on the river and has rapids like small and big ones.

It takes about an hour to drive to the starting point and then 30 minutes for the preparation and safety briefing. The thrilling water trip ends just before Laxman Jhulla in Rishikesh from where it is another 5 minutes to drive back.

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What is the best season for river rafting in Rishikesh?

What is the best season for river rafting in Rishikesh?

Rishikesh is a famous tourist destination and there is a number of things to do and see. You can visit this place throughout the year and can picturesque the beautiful views that can be seen here at any time of the year.

But the best time to visit Rishikesh for river rafting is from the end of September to mid-November and end-March to mid-May. Weather in these months is perfect for adventure seekers. River rafting in Rishikesh closes on 30th June every year and opens from September because of the monsoon season.

What is the minimum age required for river rafting in Rishikesh?

River rafting in Rishikesh allows above 14 to under 50 years and the minimum weight is 35 kg to maximum weight is 100kg. Every participant should be physically fit and should not have any medical condition including blood pressure, heart problem, neck injury, back injury, recent fracture and dislocation.

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Enjoy the spectacular views of the Himalayas

River rafting in Rishikesh offers you spectacular views of the Himalayan range. Uttarakhand is the home to the best-known peaks of the Himalayan  Range and several sacred sites such a Yamunotri and Gangotri glaciers. The river Ganga is a holy river by Hindus who come to Rishikesh in hordes to absolve their sins in the sacred water.

Rafting on the Ganga gives you an opportunity to view the vantage point for beautiful views of the huge mountains. On sunny days, the mountains are a sight to behold with the sun lighting up their snow-covered mountains with myriad hues.

The water trips offered to you in Rishikesh take you across different stretches of the river Ganga so you can enjoy the views of the mountains from different angles. The landscape of Uttarakhand is also breath-taking and diverse with the terrain and vegetation changing with changing altitudes. Rafting on Ganga takes you across the valley with 360- degree view.

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Best places for River rafting in Rishikesh

These are some top places for river rafting in Rishikesh.

  • Trip India Holidays
  • Trekt India
  • Inbound Adventure Tours
  • White World Expeditions
  • Red Chilli Adventure

Reasons to Try River Rafting in Rishikesh

Reasons to Try River Rafting in Rishikesh

Your Rishikesh trip will not be completed without a splash in the water of Ganga, Rishikesh tourism has a number of operators who are able to arrange for affordable and good river rafting packages. I am going to give you top reasons that why river rafting in Rishikesh is a must-do adventure activity-

  1. The strategic location- Nothing is like experience the waves of the Ganga as you raft by the pristine white waters. White water rafting is an adventure activity that is enough to shoot u your adrenaline. The foothills of the Himalayas are the best place to experience this water sport.
  2. The attractive Ganga river- River rafting in Rishikesh is a dream for many and it is not just the water sport and thrill but also the magnificent Ganges which can leave you awe-inspired. The place to begin across the Ganga varies, the endpoints a similar and this can be the Laxman Jhula.
  3. Unadulterated Adventure- River rafting in Rishikesh has gained a lot of popularity and admiration for its long stretch of river. The Ganges is almost 37 km long as it flows. The Himalayan waters offer tourists an opportunity to experience the rafting where the water with its untamed currents can thrill everyone from seasoned rafters to invoices.  River rafting in Rishikesh is something that has many features on every bucket list.
  4. The river rafting route- Kaudiyal is the greatest point in the Rishikesh rafting. River rafting in the waters of Ganga is mainly intended for advanced or professional rafters. This 8 to 9 hours long rafting route passes through the banks of Bramhapuri, Shivpuri, Marine Drive and Byasi. River rafting in Rishikesh is mainly used for beginners since it has the lowest point and has a rapid rate of 1 to 2.

How to reach Rishikesh For River Rafting?

By Air- To reach Dehradun from Delhi, direct flights are the best options available to travel by air. The closest flying field to Rishikesh is the Dehradun Jollygrant flying field that is found at a distance of twenty-two kilometers from Rishikesh.

By Bus- Rishikesh is a very famous tourist destination. This tourist destination is well connected with roads to all the major cities of the country. Reaching Rishikesh by bus is easy from a number of places like New Delhi, Chandigarh, Meerut, Haridwar, Shimla, and Ghaziabad. Ac and Non AC buses are available that are owned by the government and private entities.

By train- To reach Rishikesh by train is one of the best ways. First, you have to reach Haridwar Railway Station which is located at a distance of 30 km from Rishikesh. Haridwar Railway Station is well connected to all major towns or cities of the country like New Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Varanasi, and Kolkata. After reaching Haridwar Railway Station you have to take a bus or a cab to reach Rishikesh, it is an hour’s travel to reach Rishikesh.

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