Top 10 Romantic Novels by Indian Authors (Love Story)

ROMANTIC TALES be it in the form of novel, novella, or drama. The list of romantic novels by Indian Authors I am going to present you with Love Stories by Indian writers. India has witnessed timeless love stories in the past and has been witnessing them ever since. Don’t agree??

Why? Haven’t you heard of Laila and Majnu? Or Mumtaj and Shah Jahan? Or Jodha and Akbar? Yes, these historical creatures actually were lovers. If you are planning to travel again and all alone which means solo, I would like to get into your notice some of the best love stories ever written by Indian writers. You will also get to know about Who are the top romance authors?

Books can take you where your physical being can never even imagine. It can take you to the past, to the future, or can even make you realize your present. Well, without further ado let me begin with the list.

Disclaimer: The list of Romantic Novels by Indian Authors is based upon my experience of reading. Hope you guys would like it. Also, some of the links are Amazon affiliates, So if you purchase a book from my links. I do get some commission without any extra cost to you.

Top 10 Romantic Novels by Indian Authors (Love Story)


Abhijnana Shakuntalam - Kalidasa


The legendary entity of Sanskrit Literature cannot be new to you. The love story of Shakuntala was told in epic Mahabharata but Kalidasa retold it in his own artistic way.

You see plagiarism was not there before it came into existence after the industrialization of literature. Well, back to Kalidasa and his tale of Shakuntala.

Kalidasa is a literary artist in Indian Literature. He is the greatest dramatist and playwright that India ever had.

His works were often inspired by Mahabharata and Vedas owing to their origin in the most ancient literature of India. He has written this story in the 5th century in the form of a play called “NATAK” back then.

I think, Now you got the answer to your question Who is the best novel writer in India?

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It is in the form of couplets written by Jain Monk, Kushaalabh in the year 1560. Although the story is really old, it can be traced back to the year 1463 in some manuscripts. The book “Dhola Maru ra Doha” is an edited version of the Chaupai by Kashi Nagri Pracharini Sabha.

The story is the earliest love story ever written in Hindi. The story is based on folk tales and oral traditions of Rajasthan. As the title suggests the story is about Dhola and Maru’s love. The Rajasthani version is totally different as it being told in Chattisgarh. If you are seeking a love story that is full of obstacles and a very happy ending, this story is for you.

Here Dhola is a prince who is married to Princess Maru in the very Childhood. But as he grew old his father dies and he forgets about his childhood love and marries Malwani. Maru tried to send letters to Dhola about them but Malwani set conspiracies against it. Eventually Dhola gets to know about Maru by folk singers and did a perilous journey to her. Returning to the state a snake bites Maru sending her to death. In agony, Maru “male sati” himself but saved by some yogi claiming that they can set Maru back to life. Yeah, I know the story is full of twists and turns after all the story has a prince, a lover, a tragedy and a lot of drama. You will need to read it to the full to know the entire story of the epic tale of Rajasthan.

Taj: A Story of Mughal India (T.N. MURARI)

Taj: A Story of Mughal India

Timeri N. Murari one of the most talented Indian novelist, journalist, playwright, and screenwriter. He has authored 14 published novels. “Taj” is one of them.

He has worked for the International newspaper “The Guardian” the renowned one. He has also written the screenplay for the movie “Daayraa” which was a hit in 1997. “Chanakya Returns” is his latest work in the series of novels.

His very first novel “The Marriage” was published in U.K. and India which in itself is an achievement. Now let’s come to the novel “Taj” it was such a huge success that it has been translated into 25 languages.

When I read it first from the point of view that it is a love story, I got disappointed (in a positive way I mean it was more than I expected it to be). It was not only a love story but it contained the grandeur of the Mughal Empire, the royal entity of Akbar.

The influence of Akbar was so wide in India as it is described in the book as from far east to the north the walls were owned by Akbar. I came to know more about the Taj Mahal which I never knew before. The conspiracies in the lust of power were also there.

The language is so beautiful. It also depicts the life of commoners as there is a Murtikaar who was called to Agra just to build that fort for Mumtaj. You should give it at least a try yaar. It’s fantastic.

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The English Teacher Paperback


Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanswami, better known as R. K. Narayan is an Indian author whose fictional stories have been set in the town of Malgudi.

If you have ever encountered the subject English Literature as your school subject or in college or University, you cannot escape him.

He is one of the most important authors of early Indian Literature along with the brilliant writers such as Mulk Raj Anand and Raja Rao.

Well, coming back to the novel, it is a simple sweet, and short story that hardly takes two days if you read it passionately but if you prefer pleasure reading while traveling it might take a little time.

The love story includes a tragedy of a married couple where the husband is an English teacher as the title suggests.

He lost her wife due to the sickness which was incurable at that time and later tries to connect to her by some supernatural means which could be quite boring but all in all it is a good story. The words weaving such a story are just amazing. Give it a try if you liked the synopsis.


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The One You Cannot HaveYes, you got it right. Now I am going to jump to contemporary writers or rather I would say writers and stories of our age. Preeti Shenoy. Though she need not any introduction still, I would do my job (trying at best).

She is an Indian author- continuously nominated in the list of 100 most influential celebrities for the Forbes. “the only woman in the highest-selling league”, referring to the popularity of her books. Her writing reflects the “keenly observant mind”.

She has excellent storytelling skills as per described by The Times of India. Coming back to the book, it is the fifth book written by her, released in the year 2013. In simple plain language, the story revolves around three characters named Aman, Anjali, and Shruti, who are in search of true love (of course, I am not here to provide you with a list of sci-fi right!

I am here to suggest romantic stories to read no let’s save the sci-fi for another time). This love story includes a tragic plot too. Aman and Shruti are deeply in love with each other but out of the blue, she leaves her and marries another guy leaving Aman devastated. Aman tries to move on with Anjali but his past never leaves him alone.

He is always haunted by Shruti’s memory. This story perfectly creates the modern-day scenario of unrequited love, and complicated relationships making you realize in the end that no matter how hard you try there will always be the one you can never have. Read the story if you want to know whether will he be able to move on and find love.



2 States: The Story of My MarriageAfter watching Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s chemistry in the movie 2 states if you have ever wondered who has written their story and wanted to read then welcome to the world of Chetan Bhagat’s stories.

Yeah well, you might have known him since the hit of “Five Points Someone”. He is not only an Indian author but also a columnist.

He was also included in the list of the 100 most influential people of the world in Time’s magazine. Many of the novels have been adapted into movies and 2 States is just one of them (by the same name).

Also, 2 STATES: CHETAN BHAGAT is the answer to your question What is the best love story ever written?

Let me tell you that watching a movie based on a book and reading that same book are two entirely different experience (telling you on the basis of my own personal experience if you have ever heard of Harry Potter and Twilight Saga trust me these series of the books are a must-read. Your time well worth it). The emotions and feeling and the scenes described in the book word by word line by line can never be compared with movies.

No offense to the cinematography it is totally a different kind of art and includes hard work and all but still, books are just awesome. Aren’t they? So many of you would be well aware of the story still for those who haven’t heard, as the title suggests this is a love story of two people belonging to two totally different cultures and two different states. One is Punjabi munda and another is a Tamil Brahmin girl. The story is all about how they fall in love and convince their parents for this dhamaka wedding. It’s a good read. Give it a try.

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Love @ Facebook (FIC)

Yeaha, another modern-day writer. If you have heard of “The Reason is You”, “Every Time it Rains”, “The Promise”, or “After All This Time” Nikita Singh has authored all these books including a lot more hits.

You would be surprised to know that “Love @ Facebook” is her debut work and it is such a huge success as you can imagine.

She is “India’s Leading Romance Writer” as pointed out by Huffpost. As the title suggests the love is going to happen online right.

The story is about a teenage girl Vatsala having friends with Ankit and Jaanvi.

Ankit is deeply and irrevocably in love with her. But disappointing, she doesn’t feel for him and falls for an upcoming VJ, Ronit who chats with him on Facebook occasionally.

Vatsala is smitten by the good looks of Ronit and his hunk personality. To know who gets the love of Vatsala? And will Vatsala succeed in getting Ronit’s love?

Will Ankit ever tell her how he feels about her? You need to read this magical book to know the answers to all these questions.



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Truly Madly Deeply Faraaz Kazi, an Indian author, primarily writing romance novels. He is best known for his debut novel “Truly, Madly, Deeply”.

Yes, another debut hit. Isn’t it amazing to know that the new generation is actually writing such great stories? Ever heard of Nicholas Sparks?

The one who wrote “The Notebook”? Yeah, Faraaz is known as Nicholas Sparks of India. So, if you want to read something like that by an Indian author go for “Truly, Madly, Deeply… Memoirs of a Broken Heart” by Faraaz Kazi. The novel was first published in the year 2010 owing to its fame it was republished in the year 2012 and became a national award-winning title apart from becoming the very first book to win the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Debut (Romance) written by an Indian author.

Yeah, such talented people India have no. It remains the only Indian book to make it into the Top 100 YA Global Fiction list. The book promises to be a heart- warming story. It is an emotion-filled tale that will captivate your heart and mind and will leave you pondering to the question that does True Love really be stood against all the odds?

The story is about the head girl (Seema) and head boy (Rahul) of a school and of course featuring a teenage school romance but ultimately leading the plot to create misunderstanding between them causing Rahul to lose his sanity and image and ultimately his love. Will he ever be able to win her back. Read the story to know more.

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The Boy Who Loved


Well, talking about modern contemporary writers and not including Durjoy Dutta would be an injustice.

He is best known for his coffee-table novels telling the romantic tales of young Indians. Let me tell you a very interesting fact about him.

He wrote his very first novel while he was still in college. He has written many hit romantic novels. “The Boy Who Loved” is one of them.

This love story makes you realize that no matter what but you can never plan who you fall in love with?

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Sorry, You're Not My Type


Of course, he is an Indian author and fiction writer.

He has also won the Youth Achiever’s Award in the year 2013.

Wondering why?

Well, for writing and being one of the highest-selling writers in India in the romance genre.

The story revolves around three college students Vikrant, Anamika, and Yuvi.

In short, this is a sweet story of love, friendship, drama, romance, betrayal, and hatred. Read the book to know more.


Hope this list helps you. Have a good day.!

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