Jakhu Shimla Ropeway (Travel Guide): Ticket Price & Timings

Jakhu Shimla Ropeway offers you a beautiful Ropeway ride of around 7 Minutes, which costs INR 250/- One Way. Also Jakhu Shimla Ropeway available for 7 days a week timing 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Maximum 6 people can travel at once in one Gandola ride.

As Shimla is the Queen of hills and offers us a lot of places to roam around and spend our weekend with an amazingly positive vibe. 

Now, To make your journey more memorable and adventurous Shimla do offers an amazing Jakhu Shimla Ropeway.

Disclaimer: All the Information Is based on My Personal Travel Experinece. A Solo traveler Journey to Jakhu Shimla Ropeway 2021

Jakhu Shimla Ropeway (My Journey)

The first time, When I heard the news about Jakhu Shimla Ropeway, I get very much curious to know about the Jakhu Shimla Ropeway Ticket Price, Distance & Timings and wants to take the ride as soon as possible.

As Shri Hanuman Mandir Jakhoo is my 2nd most favorite place in Himachal after Hadimba Devi Temple Manali. So that’s why I want to experience a ride to Jakhu Shimla Ropeway as soon as I can.

So Finally, the day came and I am going to take a Jakhu Shimla Ropeway ride. The 7 minutes ride by Jakhu Shimla Ropeway To Shri Hanuman Mandir Jakhoo is the most beautiful ride after Solang Valley Ropeway Manalli.

Now, if you are wondering Why I still prefer Solang Valley Ropeway because At Solang Valley Ropeway you get to enjoy the stunning view of mountains during your ride but in Jakhu Shimla Ropeway Ride you only get to see the Shimla’s town view mostly although it’s the perfect ride for one who only likes to travel in Shimla.

But, The most important fact about Jakhu Shimla Ropeway is that, You can enjoy the Ropeway ride in Shimla throughout the year and In Manali, it’s only worth taking the Solang Valley Ropeway ride from (February to April) for an amazing SnowValley view

As We all know that Shimla is the Queen of hills. So for those travelers who are traveling from any part of the World Jakhu Shimla Ropeway is one of the best Ropeway to must have a ride in Hill stations.

Jakhu Shimla Ropeway offers you a stunning view of Shimla City center along with a convenient way to reach Shri Hanuman Mandir Jakhoo.

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Jakhu Shimla Ropeway Distance

The distance between Jakhoo Mall Road Shimla (The Ridge) to Jakhu Shimla Ropeway boarding point is 500m. After boarding to Jakhu Shimla Ropeway it takes 7minutes to complete the journey to Jakhu Temple Shimla. Also, Jakhu is Shimla’s highest peak around 2.5 km. The walking distance from The Ridge Shimla to Jakhu Temple is 2km, Which takes 30minutes on average to cover the trek.

Jakhu Shimla Ropeway Timings

Jakhu Shimla Ropeway boarding start from 9:00 AM onwards Till 5:00 PM. It’s a beautiful ride of 7 Minutes, which gives you an amazing view of Shimla City Center and also helps you to conveniently reach Shri Hanuman Mandir Jakhoo without having the trek (Route) of around 2km from The Ridge Shimla by Walking. 

Jakhu Shimla Ropeway Ticket Price

Jakhu Shimla Ropeway Ticket Cost INR 250/- For One Way & INR470/- For Two Way. Also, Jakhu Shimla Ropeway Ticket Price for Children’s Costs INR 200/- One Way & 390/- For Two Way (Childrens (3 to 12) Years). All the Prices are (Excluding GST 18%)

Simply, Have a look at, Jakhu Shimla Ropeway Ticket Price Chart

Jakhu Shimla Ropeway Ticket Price Chart

As of now, Jakhu Shimla Ropeway is the best way Under INR300/- for travelers who don’t like to trek till Shri Hanuman Mandir Jakhoo and also don’t want to spend high charge on Taxi.

Jakhu Shimla Ropeway Online Booking

Online Booking for Jakhu Shimla Ropeway Ticket can be done by Thrillophilia or by the Official website of Jakhu Shimla Ropeway. But, As per my experience you get easily get a ticket at the booking counter although you have to wait for around 10-15 minutes at a cafe inside the Jakhu Shimla Ropeway building for your Ride.

If you are traveling during the Off-season like (September-December). You don’t need to book Jakhu Shimla Ropeway Ticket prior.

But, If you are planning a trip to Shimla during peak season then prefer to book your Jakhu Shimla Ropeway ticket online.

How to Reach Jakhu Shimla Ropeway

Jakhu Shimla Ropeway Boarding point is around 500m from The Mall Road Shimla. I think You might familiar with How to reach Delhi to Shimla?

If not then first check out the article Delhi to Shimla by Train Solo Travel Guide.

Let’s start your Journey,

 ISBT Shimla to Jakhu Shimla Ropeway Boarding Point

  • Take a bus from ISBT Shimla to Old Bus Stand Shimla
  • Old Bus Stand Shimla Onwards, You have two options.
  • Either reach The Ridge Shimla by Walking through The Mall Road Shimla
  • Take Tourism Lift to Reach The Ridge Shimla by The Mall Road Shimla
  • From The Ridge Shimla onwards, you have to walk around 500m to reach the Jakhu Shimla Ropeway boarding point.
  • Get, Your ticket from the Ticket counter, Board to Jakhu Shimla Ropeway
  • Enjoy the Journey!

Best time to Visit Jakhu Shimla Ropeway

(December to February) is the best time to visit Jakhu Shimla Ropeway for Snow lovers. (March to August) is the best time for travelers who love to enjoy a summer vacation in hill Station. (August-October) is the best time for Monsoon lovers who like Rain a lot.

Although, In every season you get to see a stunning and dynamic view from during Jakhu Shimla Ropeway Journey of 7minutes.

Jakhu Hills (Things to do)

Just after completion of your Jakhu Shimla Ropeway journey. Simply go towards Shri Hanuman Mandir Jakhoo, You got to see, The World’s Second Tallest 108 feet Statue of Shri Hanuman. Which is Situated at the Highest peak (2.5km) of Shimla The Jakhu Hills 

World's Second Tallest 108 feet Statue of Shri Hanuman

At Jakhu Hills There’s a park for Childrens, Which does offer some Swings, Sliders & a Sitting Bench.

Jakhu Hills  Childrens Park

There are a lot of Monkeys at Jakhu hills, So be alert and protect your belongings and yourself too, It’s better to carry a stick with you

Special Tip: Deposit your belongings at the stall near Shri Hanuman Mandir Jakhoo to safeguard them from monkeys and if you are traveling with your friends don’t do the mistake to hand over your stuff to a single friend while going to the temple, Monkeys may create a problem for you.

I only mentioned this because I have a lot of fear of Monkeys. During My Journey to Shri Hanuman Mandir Jakhoo, A Mokey takes away specks of my friend and we have to do a lot of struggle to get the specks back like giving monkey the packet of channa and all.

So Stay Safe & Happy Journey!

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