Chandigarh to Ferozpur Bus (Distance ,Timings & Ticket)

Ferozpur city is often called the land of martyrs and has gotten lost somewhere in history books. It is here that Shaheed Bhagat Singh, one of the country’s greatest freedom fighters, was buried. And here that parts of popular Bollywood movies such as Bhag Milkha Bhag, etc., were shot.

Chandigarh to Ferozpur Bus

The real charm of Ferozpur though, is that it offers an intimate glimpse of life in Punjab without the pretense of a tourist spot, complete with mouth-watering sarson da saag and make di roti, a riot of colors and big-hearted Punjabi hospitality. As someone who lived in this border town for two years. Ferozpur like much of Punjab is a land of colors. Yellow Sarson plants sway in the fields.

Pretty women walking in their bright kurtas and pleated Patiala salwar, adorned with the alluring colors of their intricately patterned phulkari dupatta. Punjabi Mundas (boys) and sardars wearing shiny kurtas and blinding neon pagdis (turban). What sets Ferozpur apart is its border town action, which when coupled with the bright yellow mustard fields, instills a being desi feeling in the urban Indian.

You can spot colors of various kinds at the Harike Bird Sanctuary, the largest wetland in the country, a few kilometers from Ferozpur- a haven for bird watching. Punjabis have the lowest level of stress. They are rich in their hearts and always welcome guests with big smiles, huge hugs, a tall steel glass of full cream lassi and a good hearty meal of butter chicken and naan makkhan market. They believe in earning and spending lavishly.

They are happy with Punjabi movies, dancing Jats and Juliets and a fair share of Jimmy Shergil and they enjoy dancing and partying to the tunes of Yo Yo Honey Singh. In the short term, they know how to enjoy their lives and have no worries whatsoever. Lets us look at another side of Punjab, Punjabis are also popular for being an important part of Indian defense forces. They have been true freedom fighters and no story of our freedom struggle is complete without the mentions of Punjab and its people.

Chandigarh to Ferozpur Bus

Ferozpur was founded by Sultan Feroze Sahah, Tughlaq of the Tughlaq Dynasty. Centuries later, the British Raj establishes control and gained much of North West India and Pakistan, setting up the Ferozepur cantonment as the largest cantonment in India during their rule. Today, this cantonment features Serenity Park, offering tranquility and quiet to those looking to meditate.

The freedom struggle of India has had a number of martyrs from Ferozpur, three heroic martyrs of India, who were killed for raising their voice against the British- Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Shaheed Rajguru and Shaheed Sukhdev have their final resting place on the banks of the Sutlej in Ferozpur. There is a memorial that is dedicated to Shaheed Bhagat Singh that has been built here to mark the patriotism shown by the brave men.

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Chandigarh to Ferozpur distance

The distance from Chandigarh to Ferozpur is 207 km and 200 meters. The miles based distance from Chandigrah to Ferozpur is 128.7 miles. The actual travel distance between Chandigarh and Ferozpur may be higher or vary due to the road’s curvature. If you travel at a consistent speed of 50 km per hour you can reach Ferozpur in 4 hours and 33 minutes. Your Ferozpur travel time may vary due to the bus speed you are traveling in.

Chandigarh to Ferozpur Bus

The first bus from Chandigarh to Ferozpur starts at 8 am and the last bus leaves from Chandigarh at 5.25 pm. Nearly 8 buses operate between Chandigarh and to Ferozpur route. There are 3 bus operators servicing this route including top bus operators who run buses on daily basis. These buses offer multiple amenities for travelers such as TV, water bottles, WIFI, blankets, live bus

Chandigarh to Ferozpur Bus Fare

The bus journey from Chandigarh to Ferozpur bus ticket fare starts from RS 610 approximately for a Jujhar Travels Private Limites non AC sleeper. The highest bus price on the Chandigarh to Ferozpur route is Rs 616 for a Scania multi-axle AC sleeper 2+1 run by Jujhar Travels Private Limited. You can also book Chandigarh to Ferozpur bus price for an APSRTC Bus is around RS 610 for super luxury non AC pushback 2+2. Online bus booking sites offer you the best discount deals, cashback offers can bus ticket booking from Chandigarh to Ferozpur bus ticket booking online.

Bus timings from Chandigarh to Ferozpur

From                                       To                                           Bus type                                    Departure                          Arrival

  •          Chandigarh                                     Ferozpur                      Mercedes Benz Bus Service                      4.05 pm                                 11.35 am
  •          Chandigarh                                     Ferozpur                      Mercedes Benz Bus Service                       7.15 pm                                 02.45 pm
  •          Chandigarh                                     Ferozpur                      Mercedes Benz Bus Service                      10.15 pm                                05,45 pm
  •          Chandigarh                                     Ferozpur                      Mercedes Benz Bus Service                       7.15 pm                                  2.45 pm
  •         Chandigarh                                      Ferozpur                      Mercedes Benz Bus Service                      5.15 pm                                  12.45 pm
  •         Chandigarh                                      Ferozpur                    Jujhar Travels Private Limited                  8.00 am                                 12.15 pm
  •         Chandigarh                                     Ferozpur                     Jujhar Travels Private Limited                  5.25 pm                                  9.40 pm
  •         Chandigarh                                     Ferozpur                     Jujhar Travels Private Limited                 2.05 pm                                   6.10 pm
  •         Chandigarh                                    Ferozpur                      Jujhar Travels Private Limited                 3.25 pm                                    7.30 pm
  •         Chandigarh                                    Ferozpur                      Orbit Aviation Private Limited                 2.55 pm                                    7.10 pm
  •         Chandigarh                                    Ferozpur                      Orbit Aviation Private Limited                 12.55 pm                                  5.25 pm
  •         Chandigarh                                    Ferozpur                      Orbit Aviation Private Limited                  11.40 am                                  4.10 pm
  •         Chandigarh                                    Ferozpur                       Orbit Aviation Private Limited                  5.50 pm                                 10.05 pm

Best places to visit in Ferozpur

Ferozpur tourism is popular because of the seemingly infinite amount of attractions spread across the city. Some of the most famous tourist spots are the Pothimala, Jain Mandir and Gurudwara Gurusar. Ferozpur city, which is located on the Indo -Pak border, was important during the Anglo-Sikh wars and the British Raj.

There is a number of museums and memorials that give insight into Ferozpur’s illustrious past. The Anglo-Sikh War Memorial, National Martyrs Memorial, Saragarhi Memorial and Barki Memorial are some of the few best examples.

Besides, you can head towards nearby tourist spots such as the Hari Ke Bird Sanctuary, which is located 65 km away, Pothimala at Guru Har Sahai, which is located 40 km away and Hanuman Mandir is Fazika, which is located 90 km away from Ferozpur.

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The National Martyrs Memorial, Hussainiwala Border

National Martyrs Memorial Hussainiwala shows an irrepressible revolutionary spirit of three National Martyrs namely Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru who lit the eternal flame of freedom by smilingly embracing martyrdom for the motherland. Saheed Bhagat Singh and BK Dutt threw a Bomb into the Central Assembly hall in New Delhi on April 8, 1929, to record their protest against the British Raj in the country.

He and his two brave comrades Sukhdev and Rajguru were tried for shooting a British Police Officer Mr. Saundras on the 17th of December 1928. These three revolutionaries were awarded death sentences. Following a hasty trial of the Lahore conspiracy, they were executed a day earlier than the hanging schedules in the Central Jail Lahore at 7.15 pm on March 23, 1931. The entire of Lahore was in National fervor and there were apprehensions of revolt.

The Jail authorities broke the back wall of the Jail and secretly brought the dead bodies of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and their comrades here. At this spot at the bank of the river Sutlej for an unceremonial cremation. Mr. BK Duut died in Delhi on 19th July 1965 and as per his last will, he was also cremated at this place.

Anglo Sikh War Memorial, Ferozshah

No country can afford to forget the martyrs and liberty fighters who kissed the gallows for the attainment of freedom for all of us. It is our bounded duty to hold them in high esteem and perpetuate their memories by raising befitting memorials so that these could serve as a source of inspiration and courage for future generations. It was with this background that the Punjab Government constructed an Anglo-Sikh War Memorial at Ferozshah to perpetuate the memory of the brave Punjabis who laid down their lives fighting heroically against the British troops at Mudki Ferozshah Sabhrin and Chellianwala.

It was established in 1845 that the first encounter between the Sikhs and the British troops took place at Mudki on December 18 in 1845. The gallant discipline of the Sikhs in the fight evoked admiration even from the enemies. The second encounter took place at Ferozshah on 21 and 22 December 1845.

The British troops fighting under the command of their commander in chief Sir Charles Gaugh sustained such heavy losses that it created a furor in England. They have killed 748 likes out of which 54 were officers and 1625 were wounded at Ferzoshah. Lord Harding, Governor General supervised the battle of Ferozshah. The 3rd encounter took place at Sabhroan on February 10 in 1846 and the last battle was fought at Chellinawala on January 13, 1849.

The victory of the British was not due to their superiority over the Sikh troops but it was due to the faint-heartedness of S Tej Singh and the incompetence of Lal Singh the Sikh General. The British Commander in chief lord Gaugh who personally supervised all these battles has recorded this in his diary. The 2 storied imposing building raised over a platform near the banks of the Rajasthan Canal and Sirhind Feeder on the GT Road has been designed by Mr. HS Chopra Senior Architect Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana, under the guidance of Dr. MS. Randhawa, the then Vice Chancellor who was also the Chairman of the Ferzoshah Memorial Committee set up by the Punjab Government.

In the hall of the ground floor weapons relating to the period of the Anglo-Sikh War are displayed. The weapons have been donated by the Punjab government from the Museum at Patiala. The hall has 4 paintings depicting the 4 battles of Mudki, Ferozshah Sabhraon and Chellinwala. Mr. Kirpal Singh a renowned artist made these paintings.

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Baki Memorial

The Barki Memorial was constructed in 1969 to perpetuate the memory of the soldiers of the 7 Infantry Division who made the Supreme sacrifice on the battle filed in 1965 and paved the way for the fall of Barki a town located at a distance from 15 miles South East of Lahore. The foundation stone of this memorial was said by Lt. Gen.

Harbaksh Singh VC on September 11, 1969, and the unveiling ceremony was performed by Lt Grn HK Sibal MVC. The memorial which now forms a part of Saragarhi Complex has a pillar in the center, a Pattern tank and a Barki milestone in the south and a water fountain in the North The pillar is 27 feet high and is built of red and white sandstone and gneiss.

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