Tikkar Taal (Morni Hills) Trip: Adventure Park, Boat Ride & Picnic Place

Planning a weekend getaway from Delhi or Chandigarh? Look no further than Tikkar Taal in Morni Hills! If you’re seeking a serene escape where you can soak in the beauty of a tranquil lake, enjoy a leisurely boat ride, stroll through lush green landscapes, and even take a camel ride, then Tikkar Taal is the perfect destination for you.

Located just over 2000 feet above sea level, Tikkar Taal comprises twin lakes that are mysteriously connected by a hill. The larger lake, known as Bhim Taal or Tikkar Taal, stretches approximately 550 meters wide and 460 meters long, while the smaller one, called Draupadi Taal or Chota Tikkar Taal, measures around 365 meters in width and length.

Both lakes maintain consistent water levels throughout the year, adding to the mystical allure of the surroundings. Local mythology intertwines with the serene ambiance of the lake, drawing visitors for ceremonial gatherings and spiritual contemplation. A small temple dedicated to Trimurti, dating back to the 12th century AD, graces the banks of the lake, further enhancing its spiritual significance.

Situated in the picturesque Morni Hills village within the Panchkula district of Haryana, Tikkar Taal offers an ideal setting for a peaceful weekend retreat. While temperatures may rise during peak summer months, making it hot, this is also the time when many visitors flock to the area, given its proximity to Chandigarh compared to other hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. So, why not plan your next weekend escape to Tikkar Taal and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature?

Tikkar Taal Morni Hills

Tikkar Taal, nestled close to Chandigarh city, offers easy accessibility and convenience, making it the ultimate weekend retreat in the serene Morni Hills. Whether you’re seeking quality time with loved ones or an escape into nature’s embrace, Tikkar Taal promises an idyllic setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Nature enthusiasts will delight in the abundance of outdoor activities available, from camping under the starry sky to cozy bonfires amidst the tranquil surroundings. While Chandigarh and Delhi may swelter in hot and humid weather, Tikkar Taal boasts a refreshing chilliness, providing the perfect respite from the urban hustle and bustle.

This hidden gem near your bustling city serves as an ideal picnic spot, where you can unwind amidst verdant landscapes and unwind in the lap of nature. So, why not break free from routine and embark on a journey to Tikkar Taal for your next getaway?

Explore the scenic beauty and lush greenery that envelops Tikkar Taal, a stunning lake cradled by mountains on all sides. Marvel at the blooming flowers and vibrant gardens, and be captivated by the mesmerizing spectacle of sunrise and sunset reflecting off the tranquil waters of the lake.

Make the most of your leisure time by immersing yourself in the serene ambiance of Tikkar Taal, where the harmony of nature awaits to soothe your soul and rejuvenate your spirit.

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Tikkar Taal from Delhi and Chandigarh

Tikkar Taal is a destination that is located about 280 km from Delhi.

This distance can be easily covered in around 5 to 6 hours.

From Chandigarh, Tikkar Taal is about 50 km away which can be covered in around one and half hours. You can reach here, by driving yourself, by bus or you can also hire a cab.

How to Reach Tikkar Taal from Chandigarh

How to Reach Tikkar Taal from (Delhi and Chandigarh)

From Delhi, it is just a 5-hour drive away. If you driving your car or you are hiring a private cab then Google Maps and NH44 could be your best friends. If you want to enjoy the journey by using public transport then you can take a bus from ISBT Delhi to Chandigarh. Then you have to get down at Zirakpur to get another bus to direct Morni Hills or you can also hire a private cab from Zirakpur. Tikkar Taal is the lake in Morni Hills.

Biking to Morni Hills is also a good option to enjoy your journey. But remember to pack you all safety gear if you want a safe journey in those hills.

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Best Time To Visit Tikkar Taal Morni Hills

Monsoon Season is the best time to enjoy the panoramic view of Tikkar lake. In monsoon season the greenery of the gardens and surrounding mountains are breathtaking. That lush green view will take your heart out. The weather stays nicely pleasant until the month of April. Summer visits are also recommendable until it gets too hot. But remember to carry sunscreen and lots of water which helps you stay hydrated throughout your journey to Tikkar Taal.

Stay in Tikkar Taal Morni Hills

There are the resorts available near the Tikkar Taal that are run by the Haryana Tourism to make your stay comfortable close to nature and it costs you about Rs2000. You can book rooms here on the Haryana Tourism official website. Resorts also having grounds that have dormitory-style camping accommodation for camping lovers.

There is also a restaurant situated which offers you various food like, Indian, Chinese, Italian and many more. The restaurant is also budget-friendly that a group of people can easily enjoy their meal under Rs 800.

There is also the facility of car parking available where you can park your vehicle safely.

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Things you can enjoy in Tikkar Taal Morni Hills

Here are the several things you can enjoy at Tikkar Taal-

Boat Ride at Tikkar Tall Morni Hills

Boat Ride at Tikkar Tall

As I mentioned Tikkar Taal is the place of the lake so here you can enjoy the boat ride in that lake as well. The boat ride is so charming in Tikkar Taal that a Tikkar Taal trip is considered incomplete without boating in the only hill station of Harayana. You can hire a boat here to enjoy your boat ride. Many types of rides you can enjoy here like rowing boats and motorboats, etc.

Price list to hire a boat at Tikkar Taal Morni Hills

2 Seaters Rs 280 + 200 30 minutes
4 Seaters Rs 400 + 200 30 minutes
Rowing Boat Rs 600 + 200 30 minutes
Motor Boat Rs 800 + 200 10 minutes

Note: Security charges refund in 30 minutes and after 30minutes extra charges will be applied.

Boating here can be a good experience here as this place is surrounded by hills from all sides.

Price list to hire a boat at Tikkar Taal

Camel ride at Tikkar Taal Morni Hills

You can also enjoy the camel ride here in the green lush ground. Camel ride is always a thrill as the camel is a tall animal so to ride on it is an adventure in itself. This costs you around Rs 300 to 400 for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Camel ride at Tikkar Taal

Adventure Park at Tikkar Taal MOrni Hills

Adventure Park at Tikkar Taal has climbing nets, vertical ropes, a Burma bridge, a Catwalk and, a small zipline. There is also a rock climbing, rappelling area, and bouldering area within the park. As the park is not so adventurous the park has amusements like the treehouse, a maze, the Spooky house, water features, and a children’s park with slides and swings.

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Places to visit near Tikkar Taal Morni Hills

Places to visit near Tikkar Taal

Here is the list of the several places which should be on the to-do list when you plan a trip to Tikkar Taal

Gurudwara Nada Sahib

Gurudwara Nada Sahib has a significant meaning for the Sikh community. It is believed that when Guru Gobind Singh was going to Anandpur Sahib, he rested at Guru Nada Sahib. Ghaggar River flows beside the Gurudwara and the sound of the water splashing against the walls of the Gurudwara. In the laps of Shivalik Hills, Gurudwara Nada Sahib engulf you into the divine and the picturesque views of the hills.

Adventure Park Morni Hills

In the effort to boost tourism in Morni Hills, Haryana Tourism has established an Adventure Park here. This Adventure Park offers you options for all the adventure lovers. You can enjoy Zipline, climbing nets, and Burma bridge here, many slides and swings available here for your kids to enjoy their visit. The entry fee in this adventure park is quite affordable here and have an enjoyable time here.

Morni Fort

This big fort is situated at top of the Morni Hills that gives a wide view of the Morni Hills. It is believed that this fort is built in the 17th century. Lots of green gardens are spread across the premises of the Morni fort. A temple is also situated adjacent to Morni fort which is dedicated to Lord Shiva that present in between the gloomy surroundings offers by the fort.

Thakurdwara Temple

Morni Hills is the perfect place for religious people too, as this place has a beautiful temple known as Thakurdwara Temple. The spirituality of the temple engulfs the misty hill station and turns up the sacredness of the place. The temple attracts plenty of devotees throughout the year. Ancient stone sculptures are present in the temple and it is believed that this temple is presented here by the time of the Pandavas. This place captivates your senses and offers peace to your hasty mind.

Tips to visit Tikkar Taal

  • If you are planning to visit here in the winter season so remember to carry a sweater and jacket as there can be quite cold here.
  • The surrounding from Morni Hills is a bit steep, so try not to travel at night times.
  • Remember to carry safety gear if you are going to ride a bike to reach Tikkar Taal.
  • Avoid driving yourself in the monsoon season as the thick layer of fog can be a hurdle in your way by hindering your vision.

Happy Journey!

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