(Top 10) Los Angeles Best Indian Restaurants

When we think of Indian restaurants, we tend to conjure up the same image of white tablecloth restaurants with a random Bollywood movie blaring in the background, piles of fluffy naan, plates of creamy chicken masala and maybe an order or two of samosas in case you are feeling extra adventurous. And while Indian restaurants like this exist, to only visit them would be to miss out on the hundreds or thousands, of dishes the Indian subcontinent has to provide.

Los Angeles Best Indian Restaurants

These restaurants all stretch way beyond stereotypical expectations of what an Indian restaurant should be providing up instead of dishes such as dosa, a crepe made from lentils and rice to Ind0-Chineses dishes such as spicy stir-fried noodles, to street food favorites known as chaat. When we are in the mood for intense flavors, tantalizing spices and fragrant aromas, Indian food checks those boxes. India is a large country that is home to an assortment of cuisines, each with its own regional specialties.

Indian food in the United States of America was already the subject of curiosity a century ago due to an influx of immigrants, However, the several Indian restaurants in the United States of America have yet to explode, and the 5000 or so options offer a taste of cuisine. Before you try your hand at some recipes in the kitchen, I recommend you taste the true flavors of Indian food at some of the absolute best places in Los Angeles.

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Whether they are fine dining restaurants or small family-owned eateries with humble starting, your taste buds will recognize the undeniably heavenly dishes. Luckily for us, Los Angeles is rife with Indian eateries and another cuisine from the subcontinent, with a number of hidden gems that are scattered around the city. They are in every corner of the city, too- from Silver Lake to Artesia’s Little India and West Hollywood, these Indian restaurants at Los Angeles’s best.

Mayura Restaurant 

Mayura’s cuisine is uninspired by Kerela, a south Indian and coastal state of India. Cuisine from this area is heavy on spices and sour sauces, so at this Indian restaurant, you will find dishes rich with cumin, turmeric, coriander and cardamon and creamy stews that sway more sour than sweet. You will also find uthappam- a pizza concept that features different toppings cooked into dosa better.

The other fantastic options are palak panner, puttu (steam cylinders of ground rice layered with coconut), upma (porridge cooked with vegetables and semolina) and some classic dishes such as chicken tikka masala, vegetable biryani and lamb vindaloo.

  • Address- 10406 Venice Blvd, Culver City, 90232
  • Email Id- Mayura- indian restaurant. com
  • Contact number- 310-559-9644


Pijja Palace

Pijja Palace is a notable newcomer in the Los Angeles restaurant scene and it is an aesthetically- driven sports bar that delivers satisfying bar food and cocktails translated through Indian flavors and spice. With a calming coastal color palette, you would not even mind as raucous Los Angeles sports fans cheer on their favorite teams playing on multiple televisions.

What you will want to d is go with a group so you do not miss out on a full menu full of standouts, not limited to Dosa Onion Rings and Okra Fries, wings which can optionally be subbed for fried cauliflower or chicken tenders and are drenches in vibrant green, yellow and red sauces and Lamb Kebab and Aloo Tikkis sliders.

There are also innovative pasta dishes with aromatic Indian spices such as the Malai Rigatoni and Tandoori Spaghetti, additional Saag pijjas, which put an Indian spin on Italy’s greatest export and Green Chutney. But you must not forget to save room for soft serve desserts in Cookies and Cardamon and Malted Chai flavors and do not disregard the cocktail list, which generously features Indian flavors and spirits, with natural wines and Indian beers.

Khan Saab- Desi Craft Kitchen

When you are in Los Angeles you must head to Khan Saab to experience their geographically adjacent cuisine coming together in the spirit of brotherhood through shared food traditions. Featuring the foods of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan and led by Michelin-starred chef Imran Ali Mookhi, this is a Halak or alcohol-free place to eat.

When you are here, you must try the Goat Cheese Kulcha- a white flour relative of Naan, leavened with baking powder instead of yeast- that is delicate with just the right amount of goat cheese as a good starter. While okra fries have their moment elsewhere, they the Bhindi Masala, which features bite-sized fresh okra cooked in flavorful tomato sauce, To wrap up the meal, you can choose from one of a number of reimagined desserts such as Shahi Gulab Jamuns, the Indian version of donut holes, dressed with Nutella and served with chocolate wafers or Rasmalai, Bengali style steamed fresh cheese dumplings in a cream sauce that is served with pomegranate arils. You can make dine-in reservations online or order takeout and delivery through third-party applications.


The Hindi word Badmaash means mischievous or naught in some cases and is an endearing term for cheeky. Badmaash is a family-owned gastropub that offers two Los Angeles locations for diners to take in all the mischief that comes from creating a menu inspired by their Punjabi Indian and Canadian roots.

They are the originators of Chicken Tikka Poutine, which tops masala fries with cheese curds, tandoori chicken tikka, hot beef gravy and cilantro, but also offer traditional dishes such as Punjabi samosas that are filled with butter chicken or sweet peas and potatoes, plus Butter Chicken and Good Ol’ Saag Paneer. For dessert, you cannot beat the decadent Chocolate Chai Pot Du Creme featuring rich chocolate mousse spices with chai seasoning.

You can walk into the restaurant or choose your location and order takeout or delivery or make a reservation online. The high ceilings, marble-topped and relaxed vibe of the place make this restaurant a favorite Los Angeles hangout. In addition, from the ambiance, people troop to this Indian gastropub for its delicious food.

The lamb burgers, samosas and butter chicken are all extremely mouthwatering. If you can a vegan then you can have your fair share of good food and order Punjabi Chickpeas, Creamy Black Lentils and other nonmeat dishes. To remember a fun trip to India, you can check their Indian street food offerings like Punjabi Fish Fry or Indian pickles, A bottle of its signature Oat Milk Chai ideally balanced off all the mesmerizing flavors.

Saffron Spot

Indian ice cream flavors are often nut and fruit based, with preparations that offer a sweet and light alternative to traditional fudge like mithai. Saffron Spot has been a mainstay for Indian-flavored ice creams for more than 20 years.

While they do offer a small selection of savory eats, their main focus is ice creams, falooda- a classic ice cream float with noodles, shaved ice, sweet basil seeds and of course, ice cream. During the festive season, their best seller is the Rajbhog ice cream with saffron ice cream, cardamon and mixed nuts that bridge the flavors between traditional Indian ice cream and mithai.

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BAPS Shayona Cafe

BAPS Shayona Cafe is attached to the BAPS Temple in Chino Hills, this unassuming eatery offers you classic vegetarian foods from Gujarat. These food items strictly adhere to the religious guidelines of those who follow the Swaminarayan sect and the fare offers an exploration of how flavorful meals can come together within these guidelines.

Menu selection of the BAPS Shayona Cafe varies from season to season, with a convenient cafeteria-style counter to easily grab your food to go or enjoy your selections on the outdoor patio. You can pick up a few boxed of their house-made desserts from the adjoining Sweet and Snack Store for traditional Indian Diwali mithai. While the snack store opens seven days of a week, the cafe only opens on the weekends. You can have your dishes by walk-ins only.

Electric Karma

Electric Karma is located in West Hollywood, thus upscale Indian restaurants are famous among locals and celebrities. Loyal diners rave about authentic Punjabi cuisine prepared with an innovative flair.

Electric Karma restaurant’s management and staff are warm and friendly, making all diners feel welcome. If you are looking for a unique dining experience will enjoy the candlelit rooms and the open-air courtyard. You can enjoy your meals by listening to house music and watching Bollywood films that are projected silently in the dining area. If you are vegan then you can feast on different vegetable dishes like spiced lentils, chickpeas and cauliflower. You can also book a private dining space for intimate events.

Agra Cafe Indian Cuisine

Agra Cafe Indian Cuisine is a family-owned that has been serving the Los Angeles community since 2005. It whips up healthy, authentic and delicious North Indian dishes. This Indian restaurant is located within a small shopping plaza which makes it a convenient lunch or dinner hangout place.

The chef strives to bring the traditional flavors of Agra, a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India to California. They take pride in using natural and fresh ingredients to bring out the best dishes. Agra Cafe Indian Cuisine’s specialty, the Balti Stew is made from species, yogurt and chopped vegetables. You can pair this dish with a bowl of steaming rice if you want to have a satisfying meal.

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Roots Indian Bistro

Roots Indian Bistro is an upscale Indian bistro that serves centuries-old cuisine with a modern twist, delighting the diverse Los Angeles community. This intimate dining space allows you to enjoy curries, tikkas and other Indian delicacies.

The relaxed, artistic vibe and friendly atmosphere of this Indian restaurant create a memorable culinary experience. Meanwhile, the different aromas of Indian spices, special seating and bright tapestries make your every dining at this place experience memorable. Classic appetizers like Samosa, Potato Pancakes and Pakoras are on the menu.

They also serve Indian street food such as puffed rice, chickpeas and wafers that are topped with vegetables. Gluten-free options are also available on the menu.



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