Which airport is closest to Mount Rushmore?

Mount Rushmore is a National Memorial, a large-scale mountain that is a sculpture by artist Gutzon Borglum. The figures of America’s most prominent Unites States presidents- Gorge Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt- represent 150 years of American history. Mount Rushmore National Memorial is located near Keystone in the Black Hills of South Dakota which is approximately 30 miles away from Rapid City.

Which airport is closest to Mount Rushmore?

Every year, more than 3 million tourists from around the world visit this place to experience this patriotic site. Today, the wonder of the mountain reverberates through every visitor and these four great face of the president’s tower is situated at the altitude of 5725 feet above sea level and is measured to men who would stand 465 feet tall. There is a number of facilities at the site including the Mount R8ushmore Audio Tour, the Presidential Trial, Sculptor’s Studio, Lincoln Borglum Visitor Center and Museum, Youth Exploration Area, pet exercise areas, a parking garage with R.V parking, Gift Shop, Bookstores, Memorial Ice Cream Shop and the Carvers Cafe.

Historian Doane Robinson came up with the idea to promote tourism and artist Gutzon Borglum designed the sculpture itself, modifying the design again and again to accommodate the unforgiving rock. Although, the artist passed away before the monument’s completion more than 400 workers helped bring this vision to life. Carving began on October 4, 1927, by removing tons of granite and slowly shaping the mountain.  On October 31, 1941, Mount Rushmore National Memorial has officially declared a completed project. Carving Mount Rushmore was a project of huge proportion, ambition and achievement.

Sculpturing this place involved the efforts of nearly 400 men and women and the work was exciting but dangerous. 99% of the mountain was carved using dynamite and only 3 to 6 inches of rock were removed by drillers using jackhammers. Hand tools smoothed the stone and added minor details such as moles and wrinkles. The worker has to endure conditions that varied from bitterly cold and windy to blazing hot. Every day they claimed 700 stairs to the top of the mountain to punch in on the time clock and then thick cables lowered them over the front of the 500 feet face of the mountain in a bosun chair.

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Which airport is closest to Mount Rushmore?

Mount Rushmore

In spite of the dangers, no one was killed during the project.  And do you know that there is a hidden room in Mount Rushmore? Borglum planned to create a huge room within the mountain that would hold documents and artifacts central to American history. The proposed Hall of Record was to be drilled into the north wall to the small canyon behind the sculpted faces. His plan include an 800 feet granite stairway that would begin near Borglum’s studio, rise gradually to meet the canyon mouth behind Abraham Lincoln’s head and then lead to the entrance of the great hall but lack 9in funding only allowed a small portion to the tunnel to be built and for decades the site was ignored.

There are several choices when it comes to finding airports that are located near Mount Rushmore ;

  • Rapid City Regional Airport
  • Natrona County International Airport

Rapid City Regional Airport

Rapid City Regional Airport is coded as RAP and is the nearest airport that is located at Mount Rushmore. Flying to Rapid City Regional Airport makes it easy to get to Mount Rushmore by car or can hire a cab. While Mount Rushmore is located only 33 miles away from the RAP terminal and it will take about an hour before your reach your destination.

RAP is the fastest and most convenient way to travel to and from rapid City and The Black Hills. With a number of different non-stop flights of major hubs, it is easy to fly just about anywhere. It is the mission of the airport to provide safe, efficient environmentally sensitive and economically self-sustaining air transportation facilities responsive to the community requirements. Airport Finance and Administration ensure the financial integrity of the airport. Rapid CityRegional Airport is a small hu8b primary commercial service airport, with approximately 350000 enplanements manually and is owned and operated by the City of Rapid City.

The Black Hills has miles of picturesque mountain roadways, limestones canyons and National Scenic Byways that make a road trip here unforgettable. Car rental and shuttle agencies are also available to get you out and about enjoying the Black Hills. RAP restaurant and has two locations on the second level of the terminal building one pre-security and one post-security.

Both locations are open one hour before the first scheduled departure of the day and remain open until the last scheduled departure. A complete line of pastries along with breakfast sandwiches are offered in conjunction with famous salads and a huge variety of deli sandwich selections, freshly prepared daily. The airport gift shop is a one-stop shop for all of your travel requirements. You should stop by and ock up anything from keepsakes to uniquely South Dakota souvenirs, snacks or magazines- even clothing. You can find it at this airport gift shop on the second level past the security checkpoint.

Natrona County International Airport

Natron County International Airport is coded as CPR. The airport meeting facilities that may accommodate board or business conferences, corporate retreats, business or wedding receptions, banquets and vacation gatherings. cardiac resuscitation airport’s amenities vary in size, however, will accommodate numerous kinds of functions.

The Wyoming Regional ARFF coaching Facility could be a regional facility giving schoolroom and active coaching. This program uses-live burn attacks, liquid fuel-fired mock-ups and fashionable ARFF vehicles. most of twenty students per class. Natron County International Airport is located 11 km northwest of Caper in Natron County, Wyoming. This airport is operated by the Casper/ Natrona County International Airport Board of Trustees.

The airport is designated by the FAA as a non-hub commercial airport with service by United and Delta to hubs in Denver and Salt Lake City. CPR serves more than 100000 passengers and 4300 aircraft operations every year. The airport is the only designated port of entry in Wyoming clearing over 500 international aircraft every year and hosting the only Foreign Trade Zone in Wyoming (FTZ 157) and it served as a regional cargo facility with UOS and FedEx operations. More than 20 million pounds of freight pass through the facility every year.

Finally, the airport comprises more than 5150 acr4s of land including an extensive business and industrial park conveniently that is located along Highway 20/26, the BNSF rail line and the Casper Logistics Hub.

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Things to do near Mount Rushmore

You only need 3 hours to visit Mount Rushmore National Memorial, so the rest of your vacation in South Dakota will need to fill with some amazing places to your travel itinerary. There is so much to experience but if this is your first visit then you need to know exactly where to go especially if you are limited on time.

This is exactly what I am trying to accomplish with this list and I am going to include the very best sites with everything you need to know about each place.


Badlands National Park is a harsh hostile and extraordinary landscape. Jagged and smooth butted and spires, colorful geological layer lines and wide open flat expenses sit isolated in rural South Dakota.

Badlands is surprisingly beautiful and photographers will enjoy sunrises, sunsets ad stargazing. Hikers can take on the seven most famous trails ad it is a very easy park to visit in just a few hours. Badlands is located 83 miles away from Mount Rushmore. Despite being 3 hours round trip this place is one of the better things to do near Mount Rushmore.

Custer Wildlife Loop

Custer State Park is an amazing family-friendly state park. Custer’18-mile one-way wildlife loop is at the heart of what makes this such a famous park. You should drive slow along Custer’s 18-mile loop is an ideal place for kids with a number of animals to spot roaming in natural environments.

Wildlife spotting includes bison, burros, prairie dogs, eagles, deer, elk and pronghorn. Custer Wildlife Loop is one of the best places to visit in the United States to see bison. This park is 20 miles away from Mout Rushmore.

Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park is one of the longest and most complex cave systems in this whole world, it features unique formations known as boxwork. On the surface, you will find rolling prairies are home to wildlife, hikes and viewpoints. If you want to walk through caves then this safe and controlled environment is the place to try it out for the very first time with your family.

A number of different tours run all day on the cave networks, ranging from basics to serious caving. Wind Cave National Park is 40 miles away from Mount Rushmore. This place is lesser known and less visit8ies National Park and it is located just right inside the Black Hills.

Black Elk Peak

Black Elk Peak is a fantastic place, the trail is gorgeous and it gives you 60 degrees of panoramic views from its summit and the fire watchtower is beautiful. It is not too demanding or steep the scenery is amazing and the summit view over 4 Unites States is special.

Black Elk Peak is located 16 miles from Mount Rushmore. If you are in search of an epic trail then hike this place in the morning before visiting Mount Rushmore later in the day.

Needles Highway

Needles Highway is a super scenic road turning and twisting through the most stunning parts of Black Hills Nati0onal Forest. You can expect hairpin turns, unforgettable views, granite needles and views. You have to drive up Needless Highway to get to Black Elk Peak and it just turns out that it is an amazing drive. You must take care of other vehicles and drive slowly.

This road will be busy in the summer season so you should arrive early. Needles Highway is located 9 miles from Mount Rushmore to the west. It is truly a wonderfully scenic route that is surrounded by granite needles such as rocks and vibrant ponderosa pine trees. If you are a hiker then this is an ideal place to see the best of Black Hills National Forest close to Mount Rushmore.

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