Day Trip to Cuba from Miami: Ferry Ride, Isolated beaches & Waterfalls

Embark on a captivating day trip from Miami to Cuba, a land steeped in rich history and cultural allure. For years, a trade embargo barred US citizens from setting foot on this Caribbean gem. Yet, in 2016, the tides turned, and a new chapter unfolded, opening doors for unrestricted travel to Cuba.

Prior to planning your visit to Cuba, ensure thorough verification of all regulations and restrictions. Despite being just a hundred miles away from the US, Cuba offers a mesmerizing journey back in time to the 1950s. Upon arrival, one is enveloped in a nostalgic ambiance, with the streets adorned by white classic convertibles, Spanish-style facades, and the melodious tunes of live street music. This enchanting atmosphere renders Cuba a wondrous destination, drawing tourists from every corner of the globe.

Havana is the capital and also the largest city of Cuba.

Day Trip to Cuba from Miami

Embark on a Day Trip to Cuba from Miami, where the distance to Havana spans approximately 367 km, or about 228 miles by air. While non-US residents enjoy legal freedom to travel to Cuba, it’s important to note that airline services from the US to Cuba are subject to specific restrictions and regulations imposed by the US government. As an alternative route, travelers can depart from Miami, fly to the Bahamas, and then continue their journey onward to Havana.

Ways to Get from Miami to Cuba

Miami to Cuba by Boat (Ferry)

Go ferry (Boat) will avoid the effort of airports, baggage limits, and expenses if flights and conjointly your square measure able to compare all the appropriate ferry services during a fast and simple thanks to getting rock bottom ferry fares where you wish to sail.

There square measure a minimum of four ferry services as well as capital of Cuba Ferry Partners, United Caribbean Lines American state, Baja Ferries and Airline Brokers Co. These ferry services offer you reasonable costs and plenty of baggage rooms. It will take around ten to fifteen hours to achieve the capital of Cuba from Miami {and the|and therefore the|and conjointly the} traveling hours also depends on the ocean state and weather.

Miami to Cuba by Air-

 The flight routes from Miami to Cuba square measure Miami to the capital of Cuba and Miami to Holguin and also the least expensive flight route from Miami to Cuba is from Miami to the capital of Cuba that prices your around Rs 30000. The airline services from Miami to Cuba square measure yank Airlines and United Airlines. It takes time of around one hour to achieve Cuba from Miami..

Places and Attractions to visit in Cuba

Places and Attractions to visit in Cuba

You must explore this historic country with our list of prime places and attractions to visit in Cuba-

3 day trips to Cuba from Miami

Here’s The travel Itinerary to visit the best places in Cuba during your 3 days trip from Miami

Habana Vieja (Old Havana)

Habana Vieja is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites and it a well-preserved part of Cuban history. The city has Strolling around the cobbled streets and classical buildings, by which you can imagine that the life in Cuba was like 200 years ago.

Butt the renovation programs are now given new life to the historic buildings of Old Havana. Some of the major attractions of Habana Vieja are Plaza da la Catedral, Catedral de San Cristobal, Bodeguito del Medio and Castilo de la Real Fureza. The Old Town, Plaza Vieja is also one of the most visited places in Cuba.


Trinidad is the UNESCO World Heritage site that stepping you back in time. The city has beautifully restored buildings and cobblestone streets at the center of the city that make you feel like that you are in the colonial era.

Most of the buildings have architecture from the 17th to 19th centuries when this place prospered from both the slave and sugar traders. Some of the major locations in Trinidad are the Church of the Holy Trinity, the Church and Monastery of Saint Francis, the Museum of Colonial Architecture, and the art gallery of Casa de Aldemn Ortiz.

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Varadero is the most famous beach destination in Cuba. This beach stretches from the Peninsula de Hicacos, the north coast that connects it to the mainland. This place has more than 50 hotels and white sand beaches that attract the attention of visitors from all around the world. Parque Josone is the place in Varadero, this peaceful place has lush flower gardens, a restaurant, a lake, and a swimming pool that gives a spectacular view of the place and you can also enjoy a paddle in rowboats in the lake. There are also other activities like diving, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, skydiving, golf, and cultural attractions.


Guardalavaca is the place with glittering beaches in the Holguin province and it is more remote than Varadero. If you are fond of sea diving and love to do snorkelers then this place offers your a plethora of sea sports along the coral reefs.

A day trip to Guardalavaca gives you an opportunity to enjoy jungle adventures, sightseeing of Santiago de Cuba, and sailing trips. There is another option to visit and explore Chorro de Maitra from Guardalavaca, which has native Indian burial and a recreated Tanio Indian village.

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Playa Paraiso, Cayo Largo del Sur

Cuba is thought for its attractive beaches, Playa Paraiso is one of Cuba’s best beaches.  This beach has white powdery sand everywhere around with the baby blue skirts that merge with the beautiful Playa Sirena. Playa Paraiso has several hotels and resorts around it, and also the island of Cayo Largo del city may be a sun seeker’s destination with a dry and sunny climate with few tourist points.

 Cayo Coco

 Cayo Coco Miami

Cayo Coco is one of the isolated beaches of Cuba. This beach has Hemingway’s novels, islands in the Stream, and The Old Man and the Sea with nearby Cayo Guillermo. Sun splashes beaches are the prime attractions in Cuba. Cayo Guillermo is connected to Cayo Coco, which gives a boost to beautiful beaches like amazing Playa Pilar and all-inclusive hotels and resorts.


Baracoa is one of the popular places in eastern Cuba, it is the oldest city in Cuba. Baracoa is founded in 1511 in the province of Guantanamo. Baracoa is not connected with the other world in any mean until 1960 when La Farola highway was built completely but this place still has a remote feel.

Visitors come here to see the colonial architecture and the lush countryside with beautiful waterfalls and beaches that provide a quite cool counterpoint to the erotic jungle. If your want to appreciate the gorgeous scenery then you must take a drive to La Farola highway that a 49km away from Baracoa over the mountains to Cajobabo. Museo Municipal is also worth looking place in Baracoa.

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Peninsula de Zapata (Cienaga de Zapata)

Peninsula de Zapata is a haven for you if you are a nature lover, as this is a remote area with less population and also one of the largest wetlands in the Caribbean. It is also known as UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and home to almost 150 different species including birds like parrots, heron, and waterhens, and seeing crocodiles are also common here.

The Gran Parque  Natural de Montemar is one of the parts of the peninsula that is designated as a nature reserve where you can see and enjoy the creatures in their natural habitats. Playa Larga is the pay of Bay of Pigs and it is home to a long beach backed by lush vegetation. If your love to do water diving then you can also explore the underwater wildlife with numerous dive sites along the reef.

Parque Historic Militar, Havana

The Parque Historic  Militar is made up of Havana’s famous fortresses, one is Castillo de Los Tres Reyes del Morro and the other is Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabana. The Castillo de Los Tres Reyes is known as El Morro, that is built in the late 16th to 17th century to fend off pirates and it looks like it did back then.

The lighthouse here was replaced by one stone in the late 19th century but its original lamp is still there and shines out to sea. You can also enjoy the spectacular views of the city and the ocean from the top of the fort here. You can also explore the museums at this place which can able to tell you the history of this fort. But the night is the most suitable time to visit here as actors dress in 19th-century attire and performing  Ceremonia del Canonazo, a cannon firing ceremony at this time, this ceremony starts at 9 pm every day.

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El Nicho Waterfalls

El Nicho Waterfalls can be the best place to visit in Cuba if you are a nature and peace lover. This is situated at about 90 minutes drive from Trinidad or Cienfuego in Parque El Nicho.

These waterfalls are the perfect place to take a cool and refreshing dip on a hot summery and sunny day. The scenery of the place is beautiful here. You must go for a walk beyond the falls and you will find a scenic lookout with spectacular views of lush green valleys. While covering the way must keep an eye on the tocororo  Cuba’s national bird and the gorgeous royal palm.

Best Time To Visit Cuba From Miami

Best Time To Visit Cuba From Miami

The best time to go to Cuba is in April or November, the weather is great here at now of the year. As this is often the start or finish of the time of year here however you need to avoid the cyclone season.

But these months also are the height tourist season, thus facilities square measure open with sensible deals on fares and accommodations in hotels and resorts square measure obtainable at now. you’ll fancy sunny beaches, sunbathe at beaches, snorkeling, below water diving, colorful history, colonial cities, condiment recreation, spectacular mountain scenes at this is often additionally the simplest time to fancy and do these activities.

April or November square measure each month that bring pleasant weather, tourists, and cheap costs to Cuba. The mean temperature is at 26 degrees Celsius at now of the year and therefore the cyclone season live through at now and sensible deals also are obtainable. this is often additionally the simplest time to avoid wasting cash.

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