Dauphin Island Travel Guide: Ferry, Beaches, Coast Fishing & Jet Ski Boat Rentals

Explore Dauphin Island, a charming town situated on the Gulf Coast Island of the same name in Alabama, USA. Alabama, located in the southeastern region of the USA, boasts a diverse landscape bordered by Tennessee to the north, Mississippi to the west, Georgia to the east, and the Gulf of Mexico and Florida to the south. Renowned for its extensive inland waterways spanning 2400 km, Alabama is affectionately known by various nicknames including ‘Yellowhammer,’ in honor of its state bird. Additionally, it is referred to as ‘The Cotton State’ and ‘Heart of Dixie.’


Dauphin Island stands out as a unique destination unlike any other. Greetings, fellow travelers! If you’re craving a break from the hectic pace of everyday life, allow me to introduce you to your next escape: Dauphin Island. From the instant you set foot on its shores and feel the gentle caress of the soft, fresh, and cool breezes, you’ll notice a palpable difference in the air.

This locale holds significant historical importance, notably as the site where Historic Fort Gaines played a pivotal role during the Civil War era. While the fort has since retired, Dauphin Island has transitioned into a haven for family-oriented, laid-back vacations. It offers a refreshing departure from the bustling cities we often frequent, devoid of road traffic, outlet malls, or man-made adventure parks. Instead, visitors are treated to natural wonders and adventures, from observing sea and marine life to myriad other earthly delights. Take a moment to delve into the full article to discover the allure of this unique destination.

Even if you are looking for serene and calm walks these white sandy beaches waiting are waiting for you guys. The days – when you arrive here- pass in a simple melodious and effortless rhythm on the Gulf Coast. This place’s visit is full of natural watersports with the help of man-made machines like boats and jet skis.

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Things To Do In Dauphin Island Alabama

Things To Do In Dauphin Island Alabama

Audubon Bird Sanctuary

this is especially for all the nature lovers out there. If you are someone who finds solace and peace in the lap of mother nature and is always excited to spend time with her. You are invited here to surround yourself with nature- the flora and fauna- has it all that it takes.

You are invited here to explore the sanctuary which is spread over 137 acres of land area. Discover the species of butterflies you have never known before, fishes you never knew existed, unique species (fauna). You even get to see an alligator throughout the maritime forests, dunes, and marshes.

It also includes a lake and a beach. So, if animals and plants and trees are something that heals from inside and gives you a feeling like connecting the nature, this place is for you guys.


Arriving here all you can look at is the sparkling sand and cool surf of the Gulf (Gulf of Mexico) with one of the most beautiful beachfront parks you will ever get to see operated by the board especially conducted for the purpose called- Dauphin Island Park & Beach Board.

The island provides you with endless possibilities for exploration and adventures in the waterways. It is hard to believe that someone doesn’t like beaches I mean laying free of stress and load from a daily routine boring life, giving ourselves a break and taking out time to spend and make memories with yourself, or your family or friends. It is simply great. Isn’t it? You sure going to enjoy it, buddy, take my word.


What has been remained are well-preserved ramparts of the Fort. It has guarded the entrance to Mobile Bay for 150+ years now. It stands at the eastern tip of the island where it offers panoramic views of the bay and the Gulf (Gulf of Mexico). Due to the shoreline erosion.

The fort was recently designated as one of the eleven most endangered historic sites in the United States of America. I don’t know how you feel it, but historical places ignite a different level of curiosity in my mind. I keep thinking about it so much that I can daydream about the people who might have used to live here, what their routine would have been like, and much more. So, culture, history, and architecture are what you are looking for, this place satiates your need for all of it.

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The park and kind of bird refuge date back to the Mississippian Period (1100- 1550). Native Americans used to visit shell mounds for centuries. When the excavations were carried out the archeologists found that these shell mounds were occupied according to the seasonal schedule. Most often they are occupied in spring and winter.

When examined these shells are seen to contain many layers some are thick like oyster shells and intervening layers of fish bones and charcoal. This pattern was identified by repeated visits to a particularly same location by people for many centuries. The Park was added to the National Register of Historic Places in the year 1973. The mounds are shell remains of centuries of Indian habitation and have grown large by now. If this mind-blowing history doesn’t excite you to visit the place, I am not sure what does and what will. Just do visit this place.


The place is kind of a museum there, but it has much more than that to offer. There is a historical museum. There is a library if you feel like reading in the middle of all your adventures into the Island and for you, there is also the free connection to WI-FI. The place has a gift shop also.

Well, this is the favorite part where you can buy the gifts for your loved ones and the family and friends as a memoir. The shop is closed on Sundays. The opening time of the gift shop is 10:00 am in the morning and the closing time is 4:00 pm in the evening. It is open from Monday to Saturday. Wish you happy gift shopping.


The trawl net captures up a wide variety of sea/ marine life. You get to see the different species and admire their beauty in a much intense and deeper way by just looking at them.

It makes you awe the fact that how beautiful each and every creature on the planet earth has been given structure and how colorful and mesmerizing the whole experience is. Don’t worry, there is no harm to you and wither to the marine life, you will be guided by the team.



I remember the stories in which the families who live on the seashore or nearby them and how their kids used to visit the lighthouse just because their father works in the sea. It gives me an awestruck feeling that I can visit it in real. If these stories have never excited you to visit it, I am sure this island will. Give it a visit.


Now here comes the most important part of this piece of writing. The thing which you are going to enjoy the most on this Island is the BEACHES. And not just the beaches and their white sparkling sand but the adventures aligned to it. Here not only you can enjoy laying down on the sand or walk hand in hand with your partner and play sports like volleyball and the like. But the JET SKI and BOATS’ RIDE is something worth spending the money on.

What To Do On Dauphin Island: (Fort Gaines, Bird Sanctuary & Mobile Bay Ferry)



The jet ski rentals are available in different kinds/ several sizes (according to the passengers it can get in to accommodate). Depending on the model it can accommodate 1-3 riders in a 2-seater model. In Dauphin Island, Alabama State in the USA- renting a jet ski is a guaranteed option to provide you with one of the most exciting and memorable experiences. There is barely any boat traffic to make your jet ski ride a perfect one.

Well, here we go to the jet ski rental for fun and the fastest and most adventurous way to explore the island. This is the treat to the adventure seekers looking to explore new destinations. Here not only the destination but the marine life of the island, in particular, I am talking about. Here catch some waves and enjoy the jet ski.

You are sure going to have a blast! I would personally recommend you to do the larger area for a better experience and explore the place to its fullest (comes with the additional charges though but it is worth spending).

For your safety, all the engines are checked before leaving and there are working warning lights throughout your ride (the entire time). The customer service is so far the greatest, they help you load everything on the boat. It is great equipment and the price for the fun is well received by the jet ski rental companies. You are going to be guided by the staff and provide all the safety measures.

Some of the Jet Rental Ski companies with the highest rating are- Paddled by You Kayak rentals, Chaise N’ Rays, Alabama Extreme Watersports, and Salty Dog Watersport Rentals. With a variety of vendors located throughout, you have endless possibilities for your water fun and entertainment.

Charges for the Jet Ski Rentals

For $ 55 TIME DURATION 30 minutes.


$ 79 TIME DURATION- 60 minutes


IMPORTANT NOTE: The charges for Jet Ski Rentals may vary from company to company from which you are renting a jet ski plus the number of the people you are in total as for three it will be around $ 143. You can rent it for as short as 30 minutes and as long as 8 hours. The intercoastal waterways have many surprises in store for you. Go check out.

In the end, all I would say is if you are looking for thrills and adventure on your trip to Dauphin Island, make Jet Skiing off Orange Beach and Gulf shore must doing the activity. Nothing is going to beat a day with all the freedom on the Gulf with the cool win splashing your face (along with the seawater). This is going to glide away (gently) all your worries and get you fixed with a fast-paced romp through the sea waves when you rent it (jet ski or wave-runner).

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Now coming to the boat rentals, there are a number and variety of boats available for you to enjoy the turquoise water at its beauty on the prime. The boat handles chop and will smoothly take you where you want to go.

The boat’s size will be different according to the models and the boat is equipped with all the safety measures. The first-aid kit is also provided. The facility of under-seat storage is also available.


The price may vary from company to company and the number of people you are going with. You can rent it as short as half of a day or a full week for $ 450 and $ 750 respectively.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The thing to keep in mind is that the boat rental prices mentioned above are not per person but per 8 or 10 passengers. The price may not only vary from company to company to the model also which the boat has been manufactured of.


Fishing on the Island is the thing you may not want to miss (for sure). The bay here is known for the different species like speckled trout, mullet, sheepshead, whiting, redfish, mangrove snapper, and flounder (just to name a few), etc. You might get lucky and find a deserted beach to spend a day alone or with family or friends creating with them or yourself the memory that is going to last for generations to come.

Well, this is all for this beautiful island. Hope you guys find it useful and have fun traveling.

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