Top 5 Amazing Manali travel Tips |Must too know before traveling to Manali

Amazing Manali travel Tips

Top 5 Amazing Manali travel Tips help you plan a budget friendly trip to Manali with best possible tips you must have to know before planning a trip to Manali

Top 5 Amazing Manali travel Tips

Don’t Fall in Trap of Tour Packages

Tour Package cost you a lot of unnecessary money, So its better to plan your own trip  if you want I can help you for free of you can just check my post to plan the best trip of with budget hotel
If you plan your trip by your own research you will able to save around 10k during your Manali Trip
Just Choose the Desired destination according to your travel schedule and roam the way you want without any time limitations

 Book Your Hotel or Stay  Early

As you all know than pre booking help you save a lot of money ,So try to Book your journey at least 3 months before the travel date
Book from So that if your plan gets cancel you get a full refund without any any cost  .
The tip help you save a lot of money and make your trip tension free, Always book your Hotel during any trip based on latest reviews on TripAdvisor

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Cab Booking or Taxi for your Trip

Most of people know that if you want taxi on the day of travel you got it a bit more expensive than the actual rate.
So its better to Book a cab by a trusted operator who can help you get a cab at affordable rates
This will help you save a lot of money
If you have a plan to visit Rohtang Pass or Manikaran from
Then try to book a cab in advance with a free cancellation offer from different taxi operators
Or try Tripadvisor for better reviews or affordable rates on Hotel and Cabs

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Save a lot  On Food during Your Trip

As you know that you find a lot of different kinds of food items in all the destinations to try.
You can have all this at street vendors and have your breakfast, lunch and dinner at your Hotel to save a lot of extra expense try to Book Your Room With
MAP plan means Meal Added Plan
So that you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner with your Room Booking

  • Let’s take an example
    If You Room Cost Without MAP = Rs 1200
    Than With MAP it cost = Rs 1500
    So better Book With  Map


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Stay Away from  Honeymoon Package Inclusion

Honeymoon Package Inclusion  is a big trap it suck a lot of your money without any purpose

If you have such plan to arrange such  do ask your hotel Manager directly in hotel to arrange such thing for your ,it will save you from a lot of money wastage .

As per my knowledge honeymoon inclusion cost you for= Rs 1000

Which Includes?

  • Flower Decoration with Balloons
  • Cake
  • Apple Wine

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Don’t let your travel operator plan your journey

Most of the case people get into the word of their travel operator, To plan their trip according to them. That’s the biggest mistake you do to spoil your trip so better to plan your journey,
I Can help you with my blog Travel Guide  try to learn all post regarding trip in this blog so you get an idea how to plan an exciting trip for you in budget and enjoy your trip
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