Day Trip To France: Hiking, Sailing & Beaches With (Best Food)

DAY TRIP TO FRANCE, Hey my dear fella travelers, as you know this blog focuses on providing you with all the information you need to plan a hassle-free trip. Today’s article is about a day trip to France. It discusses the places to visit in France, places where you can eat, things to do and how you can reach those destinations.

Also, If you have any doubt regarding, Can you do a day trip to France? Then You are at the right place, I’ll go to help you plan a beautiful day trip to France almost for £1 per destination, and don’t worry it is totally worth going to Paris for a day.

Day Trip To France

Day Trip To France

You can plan the day trip to France from CALAIS (U.K.), and explore the best French towns for eating out, shopping, and visiting historical landmarks. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a day trip to France and keep reading the article to the full. France is one of the ideal locations for a day trip from the U.K.

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Day trip to France From U.K.

Day trip to France From Dover

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Day trip to France for £1


It couldn’t be any easier to reach France from the U.K. for a day trip or weekend trip or short break. It takes only 35 minutes to get from Folkstone to Calais. Eurotunnel Le Shuttle is the car and train service which connects Folkstone, England with Calais, France via channel/ tunnel. It is the fastest and most popular way to reach France by car. You must be wondering where is Eurotunnel? Here is the answer it is located in Kent, with a dedicated motorway exit at 11 A Junction of M20 making it easier to reach from anywhere in England.

Now you must be wondering how much does it cost to cross that channel/tunnel?

Well, the answer would be the prices may vary be it a business trip or a leisure trip depending upon the fact that at what time you are planning to visit it and what mode of traveling would you adopt. The booking can be made prior to 11 months to the last moment of your trip. Day trips or overnight tickets might cost you around £31.

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Do you need a passport?

Of course, you will be needed to keep the passport with you. Prior to your departure, it will be checked by the officials.


Day trip to France for £1


Of course, CALAIS is situated in France you can plan your trip here without any second thoughts, don’t worry will be providing you with a number of destinations to go from here. First, let’s talk about Calais, you are already in France and the driving distance is zero, day trip can’t get more convenient than that. Much of the town is destroyed due to WW II, but the remains are a must-see.

Places You Visit On day Trip To France

Historic Roman Port- it is often overlooked by trippers, who thinks of it as a stop to cheap cigarettes and booze. However, if that’s not your motive Calais has to offer plenty of sightseeing (s).

Flemish-Renaissance-style town hall with a clock tower reminding you of good old times which can be spotted from miles out to sea. What a picturesque ha! The building features elaborate interiors and houses paintings of historic era in the area. It is open to visitors daily. The timings are as follows:

Two slots

I – Opening- 8:00 AM

Closing- 12:00 PM

II – Opening- 1:30 PM

Closing- 5: 30 PM


the beach is just 15 minutes’ walk away from this clock tower building where lies Calais’s best-kept secrets- a beautiful beach with white wooden beach huts and this sandy beach offers the opportunity to take a sunbath or even a quick dip in the channel.

Other sites- other sites includes 19th century lighthouse, Place D’Armes, Fine Art Museum (featuring the works of Rodin, Picasso and Dubuffet).


This place invites you to relive the high society chic of 19 th century with visit to its seaside resort. The driving distance from Calais to here is 1 hour (which covers 70 km). The town’s faded seaside glamor is attracting new generation of sightseers. The long sandy beach is large enough to offer a spot (own quiet space) for every visitor.

The dunes and promenade here provide an excellent opportunity for walkers or people with cycles. Sportsperson will not be disappointed either with three golf courses and sand yachting, sailing, riding opportunities. If that is tiresome for some of you guys, you can relax in the 1930s market at junction of Rue Fr Metz and Rue St. Louis, held every Saturday and Thursday, where you can buy a wide range of fish, bread, meat and delicacies.

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It is the capital of the Hauts-de-France region and the country’s fourth-largest city, having a rich history and culture to discover, explore and uncover. The driving distance to here is 1 hour and 15 minutes covering 110 km. If you are fond of architecture and monuments this is the city for you to keep busy for a day trip. The places you can visit here are as follows:

Vieux Lille

It is an old town that has restored buildings and now housing cafes. Boutique and art galleries. Yeah, you read it right Art galleries, Art(s) lovers this city is inviting you.

The Goddess Column- marvel that commemorates the town’s resistance to Austrians in 1972.

Lille’s craft and food markets are some of the bests in France, especially in December (Christmas) when the main square becomes a winter wonderland. March de Wazemmes is the best, selling everything from flowers to textiles. Be ready to stock plenty of gifts to take home with you.


This is another lesser visited city capturing wonders of the country. The driving distance is 1 hour 49 minutes from Calais with a distance of 177 km.

This is the place for people who are much into military history. This is the site of many WWI’s magnificent battles. Because of its significant role is war there is an impressive war memorial in the town near the railway.

The place has also plenty of historical sites to visit. You can visit St. Quentin Canal, original Hindenburg Line Bunkers, exploring other battlefields such as Arras, Somme and Aisne, Basilica Saint-Quentin. So not miss Basilica Saint Quentin, it was built between 12th to 15th century, badly damaged during the war and actually almost blown up. You can still watch the holes for explosives. It is now restored and open to public.

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This cute little town nicknamed as “town of yellow bricks” (named after its golden bricked buildings), bursts with art and rich history. The town features colorful houses and elegant architecture.

There are public gardens to explore and also ruins of Saint Bertin’s Abbey to wonder at. History and art lovers, this town invites you. Saint Omer’s cathedral is a great example of the finest Gothic architecture.

The cathedral houses the country’s one of the oldest astrological clocks. This is the place to wander in the city at your own pace for a day trip or weekend break. If you wanna try something new and unique you can try 1950s train travel stopping at the best tourist sites from Arques to Lumbres.

You can enjoy a Cheap day trip to France,


Day Trip To France

I chose this place for the last in the list because we are gonna discuss this destination at length with best places to visit. Best places to eat, things to do and how to reach? Etc.

Spend a day at this historic port with the driving distance of 40 minutes for 50 km from Calais. This place will forever be emblazoned in history as the site to mass evacuation of French and British troops during the WWII (World War II) from advancing German forces. It was heavily damaged but now the town has been totally rebuilt.

The town grants fascinating insight into past through museums. It is a must for everyone who is into the history. The city is also famous for its carnival – its warmth, fun and tradition MAKES IT ONE OF THE KIND.


Operation Dynamo War Museum- it features a plethora of equipment used during the war for evacuation and testimonies of soldiers involved. It helps you get closer to what Churchill mentioned as “The Miracle of Dunkirk”.

Port Museum: this museum displays the rich heritage of fishing of the town.

The Dunes of Flander- it has been discussed at length in the things to do section.

Sculpture Garden- this is a home to contemporary artworks, setting in wonderful outdoors.

Parc de Malo- this is one of the best parks for children here. You can say a paradise for small children.

Vauban Promenade- located at Gravelines, yep in the heart of the city, to set you on journey through time …. on the waters. This is the safest and tranquil of adventures. Come and try boating here.

Zoo- this is the place for children and elders alike giving them a chance to wonder at 40 domestic species of flora and fauna.

Memorial du Souvenir- this has been built to tell the incredible story of battle of Dunkirk where during Operation Dynamo (to ship the soldiers back to U.K. safely) more than 330000 allied soldiers were killed.

Malo-les-Bians – this is the beach. And after exploring the beaches here this is the time to take stroll around the ramparts for mesmerizing views of the area.

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THINGS TO DO On A Day Trip To France

Hiking trails/ circuits- this is for the hiking enthusiasts. The sand dunes here are spread over 600 hectares for you to enjoy. It enables you explore natural coastal and maritime environment. This is to try short fun stroll through the dunes.

Sailing excursions- if you are more of a nautical activities’ person, there are numerous sailing excursions available, even over the weekends. The option of land sailing is also available. Kitesurfing, paddle-walking are also fun to try. The city is all about sports.

Visit parks- the city is dotted with many parks, which makes it an ideal spot for family outing.

Visit number of museums- like the two mentioned above plus The

Musee Port Royal (exhibiting permanent theme of the Corsairs and naval forces of Louis XIV), The Musee des Beaux-arts (exhibiting combining art from east and west and ancient and contemporary).


When you leave Calais terminal, you need to follow the A16 motorway towards Calais/Lille and then take exit 62 Dunkerque Centre.


This takes around 45 minutes drive. The parking is available in the city center.


DKLE- they don’t do the starters just the massive plates with food.

Location: 11 Place Casino, 59140, Dunkirk, France.

MUST TRY- the ½ kg of chips cooked in non-fat oil, with multiple toppings and covered in sea cheese. Their mouthwatering steak is also worth trying.

Le Sweet Restaurant

Location: 2 BIs Quai de la Citadelle, 59140 Dunkirk, France.

Highlights: outdoor seating. Serves French and European.

Le Marmiton: Welcome to the heart of Dunkirk. A chic and friendly setting for a meal with friends and family.

Location: 7 Place Jeanne D’Arc, 59140, Dunkirk, France.

Highlights: they offer takeout, parking is also available, full bar, digital payments, beer, and wine.

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Day Trip To France

All these places to eat accept reservations and none of them provides breakfast. There is lunch and dinner only.

Please keep your passports with yourself.

The public transport is all good yet ride-sharing will be the cheapest or the most affordable option to take.

Try to choose the nearest location to Calais so that you can enjoy the most out of this trip without spending much time reaching one place to another only.

That’s it. So come and discover this seafaring historic city. You will find the city looking to the future but doing all that through/ which it can protect and promote the rich history.

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