Day trip to Tijuana: Cultural Center, El Popo Market (Best Time To Visit)

Day trip to Tijuana, Tijuana is a border city in Mexico, this city is located just south of California. Being a border town Tijuana is the gateway to Mexico. Tijuana border is one of the most crossed borders in the world.

Tijuana has different samplings of foods and customs from different regions of Mexico. Tijuana is the city where you get to do life and ministry.

We all love it so much and I hope you will too.

Day trip to Tijuana

Tijuana grabs its visitor’s attention with its nightlife, bars, and restaurant. In the past years, Tijuana is a city that has seen incredible growth in local attractions and businesses. This city has stretches of beaches, to killer coffee, to some of the most creative art and of course its incredible tacos. Tijuana is an epic place to spend a few days or weeks. Tijuana is a city that has a vibrant arts scene and emerging independent art spaces in Zona Centro.

  1. Day trip to Tijuana From San Diego

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  3. Day trip to Tijuana Anahiem

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How to reach Tijuana

How to reach Tijuana

It is possible to get to Tijuana from both Tijuana International Airport [TJII] and San Diego Airport [SAN]. There are options available from San Diego including buses and trains. This travel costs you around USD 2.50 per ride per person to get to the border of Mexico from San Diego.

Cabs are also available at Tijuana International Airport and San Diego to reach the city of Tijuana, cabs are metered here and the fare from the airport to the city costs around USD 40 to 50. Once you arrive at the border cabs are available from USD 5 to Zona Centro. In Tijuana, you will find white and orange Taxi Libres or white airport -union Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacific cabs.

You can also negotiate the prices bef0re getting into Taxis Libres but all other colored cabs operate only fixed prices. There is only airport union taxis are permitted to pick up the passengers on airport property in the city of Tijuana. Although you can cross the street in front of the airport and then also catch non -union cabs, they are usually cheap and safe. Uber cab services are also available in Tijuana.

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Getting around Tijuana

Getting around Tijuana

You can get around Tijuana by a number of ways including Public Transit, Taxi, and by walking.

Public Transport In Tijuana

Public transport like buses and shared cabs are available in Tijuana, which costs around 5 pesos and 12 pesos for shared cabs. You can pay exactly in change or small bills. US dollar is also accepted on public transit although you must note that the exchange rate may not be in your favor. Buses run in Tijuana from 6 am to 10 pm there are also shared cabs available 24 hours a day.

Taxi in Tijuana

Taxis are also available in Tijuana and the price for your fare needs to be negotiated before starting your journey. The taxi fare they charged from you that already includes a tip for the driver. A cab costs around USD 5 to 15, depending on the distance you traveled. Catching a taxi in Tijuana is safe. If you are looking for Taxis Libres they are usually in orange and white.

Walking in Tijuana

Usually walking on the streets of Tijuana is safe. Although you should be cautious when you are walking alone at night, it is wise to avoid seeking unnecessary attention to yourself and you should be mindful of your surroundings at all times.  While walking it also can be a good way to see the city of Tijuana, the distances could be time taking and if you are only in Tijuana for a short time then taking public transport or hire a taxi can be a wiser decision to use your time.

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Places to visit in Tijuana

Places to visit in Tijuana

You must check out our list of the top places to visit in Tijuana, Looking for the Answer of What is there to do in Tijuana in the day?

Here’ The list of Places You Can visit in The Day trip to Tijuana

Tijuana Cultural Center

Tijuana Cultural Center is famous for its iconic spherical shape and desert sand color, it is one of the best places to visit in Tijuana. Tijuana Cultural Center was opened in the 1980s, since then it has become one of the icons of the city. It is located in Zona Rio that is just 5 minutes away from the border of the United States.

It is one of the only institutions of the National Council for Arts in Mexico, travelers come here to know and learn about the history of Baja California through the exhibitions at the Museum of California through its films in the IMAX dome and live performances taking place in the Performance Hall, there are also an aquarium and more things to see.

Tijuana Cultural Center grabs the special attention of the native people of the region with the participation of both national and international artists and artisans. It also has its own Cineteca Tijuana which shows films and there is a gathering point for directors, actors, and screenwriters.

Location- Paseo de los Heroes 9350, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C.

Pasaje Rodriguez Tijuana

Pasaje Rodriguez is located amid the frenzy of La Revu, between the queue of hotels, shops, restaurants and oasis for the artistic stands under the radar. This place is the best option to visit and enjoy art and delicious food. Pasaje Rodriguez is a place to see the evolution of Tijuana and this place gives the revitalization that is reshaping the way the city is seen around the whole world.

These days, travelers can find a walkway of brilliant murals, small hole-in-the-wall restaurants and many things to see here. The first Friday of each month is a great time to visit this place because there is a number of exhibitions and festive parties are taking place here. Evening times are also a very good time to explore this place.

Location- Interior 55, Pasaje Rodriguez, Av Constitucion 910, Zona Centro, 22000 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

El Popo Market Tijuana

Tijuana is a place that is known for its local markets. El Popo  Market is one of the best markets in the city. If you would like to see a slice of local Tijuana life then this is the best place to start.

This downtown market is full of products like fresh cheese and candy, dried chilies, oils, cinnamon, candles, herbs, fruits, vegetables and incense. This market is a perfect place to tuck into the local cuisine and to pick up some great fun and festive souvenirs. El Popo Market is also a great place to see locals coming in from out of the town to sell their products  from the countryside.

Location- 22000, Calle Benito Juarez 2da 8053, Zona Centro, 22000 Tijuana, B.C.

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Avenida Revolucion Tijuana

Avenida Revolucion is the best example of legendary places. The important thoroughfare of the city is its notorious seedy activity that has now become the focal point of the Tijuana renaissance.

Avenida Revolucion is the source of a new life for the city, overwhelming with cafes, hotels, restaurants, excellent street murals, designer galleries and many open -air theatres. If you are one of them who like to visit artisan craft shops then this street can be the best place for you to explore. A number of shops here stock their shelves with some good products by Tijuana natives.

There is a huge range of stained glass, leather and figurines. You can also find Talavera pottery, some wooden figurines from Oaxaca and some textile from the Yucatan in this street of Tijuana. This market is also the heart of Tijuana culinary revolution. Travelers can find many modern restaurants with some traditional and experimental dishes from local as well as international chefs.

Location- Av, Revolucion 1009, Zona Centro, 22000, Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

Playas de Tijuana

Playas de Tijuana is a venture that is located outside of downtown, it is a western borough of the entire municipality. It is a boardwalk of four- mile ring of pedestrian bridges that runs from Azteca Park to the United States border.

But it is quite difficult to visit and ignore the real political issues between the United States and Mexico. Here you can see the border wall that runs into the Pacific Ocean.

The seafood of Tijuana is famous all around the world and here you can found a bounty of it, from fish tacos to ceviche and many more. The number of visitors bypasses Playas de Tijuana to head toward downtown Tijuana but this is only a change of pace and laid -back vibe that offers a different side of northern Baja, California.

Location- Playas de Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

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El Trompo Tijuana

El Trompo, an interactive science museum geared towards local families and travelers. It is fun to be here with your whole family in this museum you can enjoy seeing cultural shows, games and several exhibitions. The entry fees here is around $5. The official website of the museum will let your know about the events.

The learning space of the museum encouraged children and their families to take their hands-on approach to experimenting and incorporating science into their everyday life. The expansive 4 story building of the museum has 4 interactive rooms with a great collection of 108 pieces and multipurpose rooms are also there and there is also an auditorium, that has a capacity of 4000 people.

You can find here sculpture and robotics workshops, a youth science center, a center for computer programming and a space for concerts, presentations, seminars and conferences. There is also a movie hall that plays 3D movies.

Location- Av de los Insurgentes s/n, Rio Tijuana 3rs Etapa,, 22226 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

Ensenada Tijuana

When you are here in Tijuana, there is so much to explore in northern Baja so you should not limit your vacation to Tijuana only. Less than 70 miles from Tijuana has its cosmopolitan counterpart that is Ensenada.

In ancient times Ensenada was the capital of the Baja territory from 1880 to 1995. But today it is very much beachside tourist hub. You must try a fish taco at this place as this place is one of the best spots for traditional Baja fish tacos.

If you are a wildlife lover then you must make time to visit Gaudalupe Island, this is the best place in the world to see white sharks, which migrate from Alaska to breed in the warmer waters.

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Best time to visit Tijuana

The best time to visit Tijuana is from April to November. At this time of the year, you will find pleasant warm weather with limited rainfall. The highest temperature in Tijuana, Mexico is 27 degrees Celsius in August and the lowest temperature is 18 degrees Celsius in February. Tijuana is one of the best places to enjoy summer vacation.

The mean temperature in  Tijuana is about 20 degrees Celsius in April and at the lowest, the temperature is about 11 degrees Celsius. There can be 5 days of rainfall of about 5mm in Tijuana in April and it will be 25 dry days in April in Tijuana.

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