Which airport is closest to Glacier National Park?

The talent of mother nature as an artist is in evidence everywhere at Montana’s Glacier National Park. From the effervescent waterfalls and razor-edged peaks to the verdant glacier-carved valleys. Stretched across the huge back of the Continental Divide, Glacier manages to be beautiful and wild yet eminently accessible at the same time.

This place is blessed with excellent roads and well-maintained attractions, visitors can roam the park as easily as the grizzly bears and rivers that comprise its pristine ecosystem.

Which airport is closest to Glacier National Park?

Most visitors spend their time on the east-west Going to the Sun Road, which cuts a scenic 80 km path by spectacular mountains, hairpin bends and shimmering lakes. But there is a lot that you must see and do if you go odd the beaten and explore the 4000 square kilometers of meadows, mountains and lakes.

You should head out on the 1127 km of hiking trails that wind through the backcountry from North Fork to Goat Lick. You must take a halt in the Many Glacier region and get a close glimpse of the receding glaciers or should take a horseback ride through Logan Pass and watch mountain goats and bighorn sheep gallop thoroughly flower-filled meadows in the spring season.

If you are a water lover then in the summer season you can cruise on Lake McDonald or raft down the Flathead River. Waterfalls are at their peak in the spring season, though some, such as Banting falls are glacier-fed and flow year around. In the winter season, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are possible even though much of the park is accessible because of weather conditions.

The Winter season is a great time to get warm and cozy in one of the distinctive lodges and chalets, which were built in Swiss mountain style in the early 20th century. Because of Glacier’s position in the far north of the U.S, it is a great place for the Aurors Borealis also known as Northern lights or the Milky Way on a moonless night.

Which airport is near to Glacier National Park?

The very first step to planning a trip to any location is determining the gateways to your destination. This means getting to the nearest airports yo your destination so you know which flights to book for the trip.  Glacier National Park may seem far but it is actually quite easy to fly here. In fact, easier than ever. Let me introduce the airports near Glacier National Park, which expanded rapidly over the past few years to handle the flood of visitors.

  • Glacier Park International Airport
  • Missoula Montana Airport
  • Lethbridge County Airport
  • Spokane International Airport
  • Great Falls International Airport
  • Calgary International Airport

Glacier Park International Airport

Among all the airports that are located in Montana, this is one of the closest airports to Glacier National Park. This international airport is coded as FCA and is known for connecting tourists mainly from Portland, Huston, Seattle, Chicago and 20 other cities.

The land route of Glacier National Park can be intricate and difficult but FCA offers you a fair share of rental cars and shuttles to take you to your desired destination. The drive from the Glacier Park International Airport, Montana t the west entrance of the West Glacier Park is about 40 minutes while traveling to the East Glacier Park time taken is around 2 hours on road.

There is a number of other car rental services within a short distance from Glacier Park International Park in Northwestern Montana. These allow you to pick up your rental car ad drive through the scenic view of the Continent that leads to Glacier National Park. Famous for offering a getaway for Northwest Montana, the Glacier Jet Center is located at the FCA.

Glacier Jet provides a service to match the majestic beauty of Montana and an experience comparable to a 5-star resort. Glacier Jet is a private aircraft rental service with a Charter Team that is comprised of aviation professionals that are dedicated to offering effective solutions for domestic and international flights. From the FCA airport, it takes less than 35 minutes to reach Glacier International Park via the Glacier Jet Center service. These include aircraft rentals, aircraft charters, courtesy transportation, internet access and a number of other services that will guarantee a memorable and luxurious experience for your holiday trip getaway.

With Glacier Jet Center you will get the opportunity of being assigned a concierge for your tourist group who will guide you to all the attractions at Glacier National Park. All these activities are bound to make your trip a hundred times more exciting with the thrilling opportunities of hiking, golfing, mountain biking and white water rafting in the summer season.

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Missoula Montana Airport

Missoula Montana Airport is a great alternative for international passengers and American travelers as it is around 3 hours away from Glacier National Park. This airport is coded as MSO. Much like the Lethbridge alternative, this gateway provides the treat of a scenic drive to travelers on their way from the airport to their destination.

MSO also gives nonstop service to tourists from a number of cities in the U.S such as Salt Lake, San Diego, Palm Springs, Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Denver, etc. Missoula Montana Airport offers service to Alaska Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Unites Airlines, American Airlines and Delta Airlines.

If you want to utilize the services offered by a rental car in the neighborhood then it would take you around 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach Glacier National Park. If you want to take the bus from the airport then it will take you around 14 hours and 4 bus stops to reach Glacier National Park.

Lethbridge County Airport

Lethbridge County Airport serves as a starting point for Canadian visitors and sits just across the border. This airport is coded as YQL and this airport does just cater to Canadians but also to people from all the nearby places in the United States of America. YQL connects Western Montana through 3 other cities such as Calgary, Vancouver and Cranbrook.

It is an adventurous getaway that gives you all the scenery that you are likely to be exposed to throughout your journey. Consider booking your rental cars in advance to get the best out of your trip. You also can make use of a travel guide to get all other options for your trip from Lethbridge County Airport to Glacier National Park, including date schedules, route maps and estimated fares from relevant transport operators. The road trip from YQL seems to be the most feasible because of its lesser time duration of 3 hours, Although, the bus drive takes around 4 hours.

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Spokane International Airport

Spokane International Airport is coded as GEG and it is located around downtown Spokane Washington in the U.S. This airport is served by 6 airlines with 24 *7 services to a number of different airports and GEG is the second busiest airport that is located in Washington. Being equipped with lost property services, free Wi-Fi and baggage carts this airport caters to tourists from places that are located outside of the United States. The car ride from GEG airport to Glacier National Park is around 490 km and it takes a little less than 5 hours.

An alternative to this can be a train ride which is also the cheapest option. You can also get a taxi or a bus from SIA Concurse C and make your way to Empire Builder here you can get the Spokane train, thereby reaching your destination in around 6 hours. If you have enough time to see around Spokane then you should not forget to visit the mighty SpokaneWaterfalls, Saint John’s Cathedral and the Riblet Mansion.

Great Falls International Airport

Great Falls International Airport is coded as GTF and this airport connects more than 20 cities.  GTF is located 4.8 km southwest of Central Great Falls. The journey from GTF to Glacier National park offers you surrounding of spectacular wilderness and water. This place of Montana is unparalleled and untamed in its scenic beauty.

Placed halfway between Glacier National park and Yellowstone National Park, GTF airports offer car rentals and lodging house services to tourists of both places. The car ride from the Great Falls International Airport to the Glacier National Park is around 240 km which takes about two and a half hours, given the uncrowded roads of Central Montana’s landscape.

There is another option that is taking the bus directly from the airport to the Shelby Amtrak Station and then switching to West Glacier Amtrak to reach Glacier National Park. Comparatively, this is more expensive and takes around 5 hours and 30 minutes to get there.

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Calgary International Airport

The Calgary International Airport is coded as YYC which is located in Alberta, Canada and has access to Vancouver, Calgary, Lethbridge, Kelowna and four other cities. Being the busiest airport in the area, it offers play areas, ATMs, an info center, spa, pharmacies and many more amenities to make your vacation enjoyable and easy.

The cheapest option to travel from Calgary International Airport to Glacier National Park is by bus, which takes around 8 hours but is relatively more tiring too. This is because of a number of bus stops that fall on the way and each time you are needed to change the bus, which can be exhausting. There is another option that is you can rent a car and drive through the scenic route for around 5 hours to reach Glacier National Park. At YYC, their award-winning concession program offers travelers and visitors a selection of excellent restaurants, services and shops to choose from that are located pre as well as post security.

Whether it is a new store or one of their exciting promotions that happen all around the year and there is always something that you must check out. So, next time you should take the time and shop airport. From scrumptious and handcrafted lattes to savory sandwiches and quality restaurants prepared meals, this airport offers you a huge variety of local as well as international cuisine to tantalize your taste buds. Their food courts, restaurants, lounges and cafes are ready to serve you.


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