What Airport is Closest to Naples Florida? (Weather Deatils)

If you are thinking of a beach getaway to Southwest Florida then there are a few essential things that you have to know before your plan your trip to Florida, like which Naples Florida airports to book your flight into and some other tips for planning your visit to Florida.

You will have e number of questions such as what airport should you fly to, what time of year should you visit Naples, what is the weather like where should you stay, and is it expensive to visit Naples Florida? And these questions are just the beginning. So we are here to help you and this article has answers to most of your questions and well travel tips for Naples, Florida that you have to know.

What is Naples Florida?

Naples is located in Collier County in southwest Florida, on the southwest coast of the Florida peninsula. The sun-drenched part of Florida and the secret of this beautiful paradise if out though there is plenty of places within it to get away from the crowds. Naples and its sister city of macro Island are known as the Paradise Coast and it more than lives up.

It is the western gateway to the Florida Everglade and stretches from north Naples south to the Ten Thousand Islands, hugging the pristine natural areas of Rookery Bay, Keeywaydin Island and some other Gulf coastal barrier islands.

Weather in Naples, Florida

Naples and Marco’s island enjoy close to almost 270 days of sunshine a year. In the summer season, temperatures range from an average high of 91 degrees Fahrenheit to an average low of 75 degrees Fahrenheit in Naples, Florida. In the winter season, these temperatures drop to an average high of 76 degrees Fahrenheit and a mean low of 56 degrees Fahrenheit. Naples is very sunny throughout the year and this city goes gets more than its fair share of rain in the summer months. Afternoon downpours are a relatively popular occurrence in the summer.

What Airport is Closest to Naples Florida

What Airport is Closest to Naples Florida?

We have to take a look at top-rated Naples Florida rentals and the local airports that we recommend to get you conveniently and easily to this little southeastern Florida nook.

What airport is near Naples Florida?

Naples Airport (APF)

This airport is the most direct way to get into Naples certainly the Naples Municipal Airport. This airport is located only five miles from downtown Naples and it gets you as close to the heart of the city as possible. Naples Airport (APF) is for both better or worse, it is a private airport and has restricted public access.

Only a number of dedicated flights carry into APF so it means utilizing a small charter domestic service. The airport is used by Naples Jet Center, Naples Air and Gulf Coast Airways, these airlines often leave out of Orlando and all can be quoted on customized flight plans. While this may make APF seem small, it is well-trafficked and it hosts about one lakh aviation takeoffs and landings per annum. Its small size contributes to you and your crew getting in and out efficiently and quickly.

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Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW)

The Southwest Florida International Airport also known as RSW is the leading option for commercial flights. This airport is about 45 minutes south of Naples, in Fort Myers, which may seem like a long ride. In spite of it is still the closest commercial airport to the city.  Both Frontier and Spirit utilize RSW almost on daily basis, making it an excellent option for the budget-conscious traveler.

Frontier has historically flown from Cincinnati, Denver, Chicago, D.C., St, Louis, Cleveland and Trenton among others. The most famous commercial service airport in the area is RSW, which is located just north of Naples in Fort Myers, Florida.

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL/KFLL)

This airport is located just two hours east of Naples and it offers visitors additional options when coming to visit this area. It is the largest base of Spirit Airlines, catering mainly to the airline’s international and domestic networks and is a focus city for Allegiant Air and JetBlue Airways.

Miami International Airport (MIA/KMIA)

Miami International Airport is the largest gateway between Latin America and the United States and is one of the largest airline hubs that are located in the United States.

Tampa International Airport (TPA/KTPA)

Tampa International Airport is located several hours north of Naples, Tamos and ST. Peterburg may not be close by but during certain scenarios, their accessibility may suit your travel requirements. The airport presently serves 80 non-stop destinations throughout North America, Europe and Central America.

Punda Gorda Airport (PGD/KPGD)

Punda Gorda Airport is a public airport that is located 64 miles north of Naples in Punta Gorda, Florida. Domestic flights are offered by Frontier Airlines and Allegiant Airlines through AirTrek Jet Charters. Flights with Allegiant are limited and some are seasonal roots and others fly just on specific days of the week like Allegiant.

In case, you are living near one of the services cities, then Punda Gorda Airport makes you a convenient airport to fly into because of its small size. Although, if you are looking at saving money then it is worth weighing the value you get flying with Allegiant. This airline is no-frills and charges extra for your carry-on luggage, checked baggage and even to pick a seat of your choice.

If you have your plane then you have the option of landing in less than 5 minutes for downtown Naples, some other airport options are just a short drive away-

Naples Municipal Airport (APF/KAPF)

Naples Municipal Airport is a public-use airport that is located just 2 miles northeast of the central business district of Naples, Florida. As of now, there are no commercial flights that use the airport.

Coral Creek Airport (FA54)-Boca Grande

This is a privately owned airport that offers its members and guests convenient access to the Boca Grande area. This airport offers limited access for the guests.

Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport (OPF/KOPF)

This airport is served by a number of cargo and charter airlines that use the United States customs facility.

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Best time to visit Naples, Florida

The best time to visit Naples, Florida is from the end of December to mid-April and this is also the peak season in Naples, Florida. A number of people from further north want to escape the cold temperatures. The summer season of June to September used to be so sleepy when nothing is open. Local people could relax a bit and can enjoy the area without crowds at their favorite haunts that cater to local people.

But this is not the case anymore, as more visitors are staying longer after the season ends and coming earlier before the season begins. They have discovered a few things that you must know. Yes, the summer season in Naples, Florida is hot but ut is not appreciably hotter than many places in the Midwest and the northeast United States in the middle of June to August.

Shoulder season is one of the great times to visit Naples, Florida. April to June and September to November offer you ideal temperatures, beautiful warm water ideal for swimming and far fewer crowds. You can often get some of the best restaurants in Naples without a reservation. You should remember that Naples, Florida gets its fair share of hurricane warnings during hurricane season which starts in June and ends in October. You will have a warning of any potential hurricane threats well in advance.

Is it expensive to visit Naples, Florida?

Naples, Florida indeed has a reputation for wealth because of the number of rich people who call it home, though many just seasonally or few months of the year. All it takes is one drive down Gordon Drive to see the huge mansion compounds to make quite an impression. But if you have a question about whether it is expensive to visit Naples, Florida then the answer is that it depends on you.

A number of visitors come to spend their whole vacation dining and shopping along 5th Avenue South, playing in the tourist zine around TIn City, downtown and Baufrint and staying right on the beach. If you have a luxury stay then yes you may exhaust your vacation budget more quickly.

But, in case you are traveling on a budget and simple mindful of the value you are getting for your hard-earned dollars, then it is just as easy to experience the beauty of the place by combining your 5thr Avenue dinner and occasional shopping splurge with a number of locals and less expensive shopping, dining and recreation spots that are located all around Naples and Marco Island. The Paradise Coast, a vacation destination is no more expensive than a number of other destinations located around the country.

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Things to do in Naples, Florida

 Hit the Beach

The very first thing to do when you get Florid is head to the nearest beach to take in a deep breath of salt air and sink your toes into the soft white sand. Beaches of Naples rank among the best beaches in the world.

All these beaches offer public access with no bridge to cross and no traffic. You will not find any boardwalks, t-shirt shops, major thoroughfares or any highways along the beaches. You just have to park your car at one of the primary access points in the town and just walk to the nearest beach of your choice.

Celebrate Sunset

You think sunset is just the end of the day but if you are on the Paradise Coast then you will know that sunset is something to celebrate. Paradise Coast is one of the fun places to catch the sunset in Naples.

The green flash in the summer months is a phenomenon unique to Southwest Florida, which happens just seconds after the sun disappears over the horizon. You must not forget to bring your camera or phone to share a picture on social media or send it to your friends or family.

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