A day trip to Van Vihar Manali (Boating & Picnic) 2021

Van Vihar Manali,  Is just 100m from HRTC bust stand Manali located directly opposite the Tibetian Maket Manali, There is an entry fee, and the Van Vihar Manali ticket price do varies depend upon the season between INR50/- to INR 100/-  but the fee paid is worth what you’ll get inside Van Vihar Manali.

Van Vihar National Park Manali

Mostly, Van Vihar Manali is a famous place for travelers who often travel with kids. As in Van Vihar Manali, there is a lot of fun activities for children’s especially swings & paddle boating.

Distance between Van Vihar Manali from Mall Road Manali is 100m.

Paddle Boating at Van Vihar Manali

You will love to hear that you can enjoy the Paddle Boating at Van Vihar National Park Manali. Also boating at Van Vihar Manali only cost you around INR 50/-  per person which is far affordable, Then the rest of the travel destinations like Shukna Lake Chandigarh.

Isn’t it Amazing?

To enjoy paddle boating at such an affordable price!

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Amazing Long Walk at Van Vihar Manali

When you hear Van Vihar National Park Manali the first thing that clicks in your mind is like Van Vihar is something where you can Roam Around beautiful trees.

Then you are right! Van Vihar National Park Manali is actually a long garden that offers you an amazing walk around the trees with your loved one and it’s very much safe no worries about dangerous animals and other issues.

Van Vihar National Park Manali is maintained by HPTDC that’s why gives travelers a safe place to enjoy and spend some time with nature.

Van Vihar Manali: The Picnic Spot

Yes, you read it Right! Van Vihar Manali offers you an amazing picnic spot in Manali, Just Grab a Matt pack your snacks /Cold-drinks/Food items and enjoy your picnic with your family at Van Vihar Manali the natural garden surrounded by giant trees with a dynamic natural view

You don’t have to take snacks from your home or hotel as Van Vihar Manali is near Mall Road Manali and also there are many street food vendors at the gate of Van Vihar Manali you can easily buy food items from there and they even cost you less than 200 for 3 peoples for snacks

Van Vihar Manali: Fun Activites

When it comes to Fun Activities Van Vihar Manali will not disappoint you, either way, there is not much like fishing, trekking at Van Vihar Manali if you have to enjoy fishing and trekking then you have to visit Jibhi Himachal Pradesh

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Now let’s back to point Fun Activities at Van Vihar National Park Manali,

At Van Vihar  Manali you will be getting a lot of Swings with varieties like Slider, up And down, The Swing and all fun activities are at no extra cost mean they are free to use, You may spend some time by enjoying the free Jhoola activity at Van Vihar National Park Manali or boating if you like which hardely cost you INR 50/- p.p.

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