Best Maternity Photoshoot (Baby) Photography In Chandigarh

We all know that pregnancy brings a new meaning to the concept of beauty and it is a period of immense joy coupled with excitement. The sensation of carrying a little soul within you is splendid. It may not always be comfortable dealing with the bloating, swelling and cramps but it is all in the name of the child within you. Our job as a photographer is to capture this encapsulation and beauty as a timeless memory.

The best time for a maternity photo shoot is in the 7th and 8th months, although we shall consider health and other factors before setting a date.

Best Maternity Photoshoot Chandigarh

All our sessions are focused on capturing the best moments of your maternity experience, the love and affection between families, the celebration of a new life and a number of life events like these through our lens. After all, it is all regarding the celebration of affection. We provide several; options for maternity photoshoot sessions to invest in to capture these memories, through digital images as a customized drive that you print at a local lab of your choice or prints and other items that we help to get for you from professional and high-quality printing labs. There is no right or wrong answer here and we believe that you should have the opinion to choose from the investment option that suits you the best. Valuable are these moments as you are taking your commencement into the world of relationships.

Best Maternity Photoshoot Chandigarh

Pregnancy is such as special memorable time. A put dorr maternity photography photoshoot is the ideal way to capture your gorgeous glow and intense emotions and what a fun way to do it. Our purpose is to create you feel and look beautiful within.

For you to look back at your pictures and say that I made a stunning prevent mamma and we want to capture more than the shape of our body. We would like pictures and reminiscences for you that replicate the miracle of getting life to develop and grow within you.

We believe that a maternity photoshoot is a wonderful way to document your journey into motherhood. Maternity photoshoots make you cherish the amazing phase of pregnancy. You must hire our best maternity photographers to make sure that each phase of pregnancy is captured and preserved. Photographers are not confined to maternity photoshoots they specialized in newborn and kids photo shoots. With the best professional maternity photographers and you can save all those sweet memories. Get to know the maternity photography price list.

Choose our maternity photoshoot packages In Chandigarh Mohali

Maternity is that precious phase of a woman’s life where every shifting moment is another moment closer to meeting that captivating miracle in your life, that is, your baby. We with our top-rated quality and reasonable prices, crafts those remarkable relishing souvenirs of bond and love between you and your child.

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Maternity photoshoot price in Chandigarh

Bronze Package maternity photoshoot packages In Chandigarh Mohali

  • The Bronze Package is the most affordable package that we offer, it costs you Rs 5500.
  • Location: Only Outdoor
  • 25 digital photos for selection
  • 20 final retouched photos (Digital Copies)
  • Sanitized trending props

Add-on services in Bronze Package are-

  • 1 photo album (12*12 inches) @ 3000/-
  • 1 maternity gown from our collection (3000)/-
  • 1 acrylic  photo frame (8*12 inches) @ 1500/-
  • Live video @ 5000/- (up to 2 minutes)
  • MakeUp @ 2500/-

Silver Package maternity photoshoot packages In Chandigarh Mohali

  • The Silver Package is the hot selling package that we offer, it costs you Rs 9000.
  • Location: Indoor at Home or Society Park
  • 40 digital photos for selection
  • 30 final retouched photos (Digital Copies)
  • Sanitized trending props

Add-on services in Silver Package are-

  • 1 photo album (12*12 inches) @3500/-
  • 1 maternity gown from our collection (3000)/-
  • 1 acrylic photo frame (8*12 inches) @ 1500/-
  • 1 still video @ 1000/-
  • Live video @ 5000/- (up to 2 minutes)
  • Makeup and hairdo @ 3500/-

Gold Package maternity photoshoot packages In Chandigarh Mohali

  • In Gold Package you get most of it, it costs you Rs 12000.
  • Location: At Our Studio
  • 60 digital photos for selection
  • 40 final retouched photos (Digital Copies)
  • Sanitized trending props

Add-on services in Gold Package are-

  • 1 photo album (12* 12 inches) @ 4000/-
  • 1 maternity gown from our collection (3000)/-
  • 1 acrylic photo frame (12*18 inches) @ 2500/-
  • 1 still video @ 1000/-
  • Live video @ 5000/- (up to 2 minutes)
  • Makeup and hairdo @ 3500/-

Platinum Package maternity photoshoot packages In Chandigarh Mohali

  • The Platinum Package is the premium package that we offer, it costs you Rs 16500.
  • Location: Theme Studio
  • 60 high-resolution digital images
  • 40 retouched out of 60 images
  • Silhouette pictures included
  • 1 maternity gown for our collection
  • Sanitized trending props

Add-on services in Platinum Package are-

  • 1 photo album (12* 12 inches) @ 4000/-
  • 1 acrylic photo frame (12* 18 inches) @ 2500/-
  • 1 still video @ 1000/-
  • Live video @ 5000/- (up to 2 minutes)
  • Makeup and hairdo @ 4000/-

Combo Package

  • The Combo Package is in one plan that we offer, it costs you Rs 25000
  • Location: Outdoor Only
  • 25 raw pics up, edited up to 20
  • 1 Maternity gown
  • Sanitized trending props

Add-on services in combo package-

  • Combined photo album (12* 12 inches)
  • 1 acrylic photo frame (12 * 18 inches)
  • Makeup and hairdo @ 2500/-
  • Live video @ 10000/-

Maternity photoshoot In Chandigarh Mohali Services 

Best Maternity Photoshoot Chandigarh

Maternity photoshoot and newborn baby photoshoot sessions are honestly the moments you and also the baby can return to once more and once more for generations. Do not let time fly by, create these reminiscences and treasure them forever. Cash smash and baby milestone photoshoot sessions are full of indispensable firsts. From those moments of achievement when they start to recognize you to their first words.  From the giggles and drools to taking the first and small steps. All these expressions are worth preserving.

Different types of maternity photoshoots

If you book a maternity photoshoot session, then you will get completely different sessions. Although, these sessions are looking at the lensman and what offers they furnish you.

Some of the various kinds of maternity photo shoots are-

  • Classic Maternity Photography
  • Signature Maternity Photography
  • Outdoor Maternity Photography

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Classic Maternity Photography Chandigarh

Classic Maternity Photography is a studio-based photography setup photographed using natural window light and it is the most famous setup and one that has been done since 2015. We have a tendency to try and produce stylish and dreamy portraits for you with this setup. We encourage adding your spouse to this setup. Children may be added as a paid add-on. We also offer a floral setup add-on for this setup for an additional charge.

Signature Maternity Photography Chandigarh

Signature Maternity Photography is also a studio setup. We use studio lighting to create glamorously, organized style portraits. This is the newest edition to my maternity portrait designs in late 2019. This is often primarily a women-oriented setup, though husbands will be supplementary to the present setup. We do not allow adding children to this setup. For styling, this looks we prefer using a wrap or a dress. We are hoping to expand this genre over the upcoming years.

Outdoor Maternity Photography Chandigarh

Outdoor Maternity Photography as the name suggest, is an outdoor session conducted near our studio. We started outdoor maternity shoots a few years back and they are conducted only from October to January keeping in view the extremely hot weather of Chandigarh. Location is the key to any outdoor shoot and we always try to find beautiful locations that are hidden in plain sight.

Maternity photoshoot in Mohali

Most people choose doors maternity photography because it offers the image a much better background and better lighting.

Pregnancy Photoshoot In Chandigarh

Maternity photoshoots are a great way to document and celebrate the beauty of pregnancy. If you’re located in Chandigarh and looking to have a maternity photoshoot, there are a few things you may want to consider:

  1. Choose a photographer: Look for photographers who specialize in maternity photography or have experience shooting maternity sessions. It’s important to find someone who can capture the special moments and emotions of your pregnancy.
  2. Choose a location: Maternity photoshoots can be held at a studio or outdoors at a location of your choice. Consider a location that has special meaning to you or that reflects your personal style.
  3. Plan your wardrobe: Choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Maternity dresses, maxi dresses, and flowy tops can be great options for a photoshoot. Avoid wearing clothing with busy patterns or logos, as these can be distracting in the photos.
  4. Consider your partner: If you have a partner, consider including them in the photoshoot. This can be a special opportunity to celebrate the journey of pregnancy together.
  5. Have fun: Above all, try to relax and enjoy the experience. Pregnancy is a special time in your life, and a maternity photoshoot is a great way to celebrate and document it.

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Why should women opt for maternity photoshoots?

A maternity photoshoot helps capture some beautiful moments of a woman’s life as she’s about to welcome life into this world. These moments do not seem to be solely special for ladies solely as these moments are terribly precious for your husband too. If you think about why you have to book a photographer for a maternity photoshoot, then are some reasons which will make you book a photoshoot session right now. We know that each one of you has a beautiful story and we invite you to our studio for a complimentary consultation, where will listen to your story and needs so that we can personalize it for you. That is how we make each image different and preserve the precious moments.

  • It gives a chance to enjoy the pregnancy phase and we all know that the last few months are not easy for women as their bodies grow larger and all the mood swings and pains. But, with the help of a photo shoot then you will be able to focus on something enjoyable.
  • You can capture moments of joy, keep them with yourself and cue yourself however thirstily you were looking forward to your kid coming back.
  • It can be a moment for you to dress up again, apply some make-up, book a salon and ideally groom yourself and it will remind you how stunning you are.
  • This photoshoot gives your time to bond and spends time with your partner and together you can celebrate this phase in your life.

Best-trained photographer

Only one of the few internationally certified, award-winning and newborn safety trained in Chandigarh who has been trained by renowned photographers from all around the world.

Best quality photographer

We have a satisfied portfolio of hundreds of clients in each category and we have been consistently rated 5 stars by our clients on different platforms like Google and Facebook. Kindly go through our reviews and you will notice that we have a tendency to make the most effective in our work.

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Best Baby photographer in Chandigarh

We use highly advanced cameras and our team with all the technical knowledge provides you with beautiful and quick photos of the moments. The photoshoot services are customized as per your needs making it feasible for every budget. Our photographers have all the back support they require in terms of software and gadgets, etc.

They even keep themselves updated with the latest trends, fashion and tricks going into photography to offer you the best results. Their editing skills are mesmerizing so that if any flaws, at all, are present can easily be camouflaged. We entail is a storytelling method while capturing pictures, thus you not only end up with photographs but what you have is a complete story with you. We make those enduring moments that will last with you till eternity.

We celebrate your maternity moments with our creative, experienced and professional photography team. We have a well-equipped studio with all backdrops and props. We have one of the most lavish and attractive photo studios in Chandigarh. The best thing about our studio is that it is well lighting setup and we invite you to visit our studio to see the benefits.

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