Review ! Jalavihar Water Park (FOOD ) Rides & Ticket Price

Jalavihar Water Park is a famous tourist spot in Hyderabad. This water park is situated in the bustling capital of the state of Telangana. Jalavihar is a famous amusement park popular for its adventure rides, mesmerizing landscapes and eccentric attractions. Scented with the fragrance of wildflowers and ringing with the humming of bees, the water park is extravagantly alluring to all nature enthusiasts. The park is a sensational tourist spot with larger-than-life adventure sports and fun rides for adults as well as children.

Jalavihar Water Park

I do not have real-time information on the ticket prices for the dry rides at Jalavihar Water Park. However, based on my knowledge

This is a great location for families with kids, offering a peaceful and affordable environment with ample parking space. The staff are friendly and helpful, and the parking fees for two-wheelers are very reasonable at INR 20/- for a full day. Please note that the parking area must be vacated by 1900 hrs.

This affordable and family-friendly water park is an ideal location for spending an entire day with ample parking facilities. The admission fee for those taller than 3ft is Rs350, while children below 3ft are charged Rs250. Four-wheelers are charged a parking fee of Rs40.

The admission fee only covers water rides, while dry rides require a separate payment. The park is open from 11 AM to 7 PM, which is more than enough time to enjoy all the rides and activities. The park also offers a seating area for those who prefer not to participate in rides.

Although the park offers an enjoyable experience, there is significant room for improvement. The park lacks maintenance, and many slides have chipped paint or broken pieces, posing a risk of injury to visitors. Additionally, there are missing tiles on the floor of the ladies’ and kids’ pool, which may also be a safety concern. Finally, there was an unpleasant odor in one area near the food court, which requires attention.

For those who need to store their belongings securely, locker facilities are available for a deposit of INR 200/- and INR 20/- per two hours. Additionally, the park provides dress rentals at INR 100/- and INR 30/- per hour. The lockers are spacious enough to accommodate a handbag or backpack.

Overall, this is a great place for families looking for an affordable and enjoyable day out with the kids, with free water sports, good rental facilities, and reasonable prices for additional items.


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How to reach Jalavihar Water Park

Jalavihar Water Park is located right in the middle of the city and it enjoys a good location that is easily accessible by buses and cars. And this is the major reason why this place is a perfect weekend choice for families or groups of friends. You can not only enjoy games and rides in the water park but you can also go to Hussain Sagar Lake to relax or admire the captivating sunset at the lake.

By air- The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is a closed airport that is located 35 km away from Jalavihar. To cover the distance from the airport to Jalavihar you can hire a cab or take a bus.

By Bus- City buses are plying regularly within the city and buses are more economical than cabs.

By Cab- Hiring a taxi from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is extremely easy and convenient. A number of online and telephonic cab services are available in Hyderabad that you can take to travel to the water park comfortably.

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Jalavihar Water Park Entry Ticket Price 

Jalavihar entry fees are quite affordable for everyone, so without worrying about getting out of budget, anyone can plan their day for fun and fun outing in the water park.

I do not have real-time information on the ticket prices for the dry rides at Jalavihar Water Park. However, based on my knowledge

For children’s height, 3 feet or above 3 feet the entry ticket is Rs 350 per person and for kids below 3 years, the ticket price is Rs 250 per person. This includes magic show or comedy show, Inflatable Bouncy Castle, target shooting, Blind football, Rope climbing, kids adventure games, wave pool, DJ Rain dance with Bollywood dance trainer, Body Slide, Twister Slide, Mat Ride, Single Tube Ride, Double Tube Ride, Pendulum, Ladies and kids pool with slides and activity. You can add dry rides as per foxed for each ride.

Jalavihar Water Park Dry Rides Ticket Price

I do not have real-time information on the ticket prices for the dry rides at Jalavihar Water Park. However, based on my knowledge

  1. i) Bungee Jumping- Rs 50 per person
  2. ii) Scary House -Rs 30 per person
  3. iii) Cricket -Rs 30 per person
  4. iv) Bouncy Castle- RS 30 per person
  5. v) Water garbing -Rs 50 per person
  6. vi) Bull Ride- Rs 50 per person
  7. vii) Bumper Car -Rs 50 per person

Jalavihar Water Park Timings

                 Day                                      Timings

  •  Monday                                      10. 30 am to 7.00 pm
  •  Tuesday                                      10.30 am to 7 .00 pm
  • Wednesday                                 10.30 am to 7.00 pm
  • Thursday                                     10.30 am to 7.00 pm
  • Friday                                            10.30 am to 7.00 pm
  • Saturday                                       10.30 am to 7.00 pm
  • Sunday                                         10.30 am to 7.00 pm

Jalavihar Water Park Rides

  • Tube Ride- A tube ride is a fun water ride where you can secure to a raft and then send pushes on rounded water slides. Then you will be gliding along the loops before landing in a shallow pool with a slash.
  • Multi-Line Racer- People compete against each other as they are shot face down along a slide into a shallow pool and the one who reaches first takes the crown of the winner along with the thrilling experience of a lifetime.
  • Bull Ride- Bull Ride is a fun adventure for adults as well as kids, the bull ride is a test of patience and balance. You have to hold on to the mechanical jumping bull for as long as possible.
  • Frog Hopper- Frog Hopper is a joy-filled kid-friendly ride in which you are hoisted up to the sky before being brought down with a jump. This is an adrenaline-inducing ride. This blood-pumping ride is safe and is one of the most exciting activities you can do in the water park.
  • Twister- Twister is a slipper, speed-driven ride, as you slide through a series of pipes that are interwoven in a complex manner before landing feet first into a pool of refreshing water.
  • Wave Pool- At Jalavihar Water Park Water Pool is one of the most attractive rides. It is a swimming pool that artificially induces waves. This stimulation of a real-life sea is exhilarating to no extent.

What not to miss at Jalavihar Water Park

  • Target Shooting- Target Shooting is a fun as well as an upbeat sports activity. With the activities available at the water park, you can hone your aim and shooting skills while paying a very small amount.
  • Bouncy Castle- The inflatable bouncy castle at Jalavihar Water Park is one of the biggest attractions for kids. It is an extremely safe and fun-filled joyride that keeps kids allowing their parents to attend more adventure activities.
  • Rain Dance- If you are a water enthusiast then dancing to the tunes of energetic music while getting drenched in heavy rains must be your dream and your dream can become true at this place. As your dream is realized in the extremely functional rain dances regions in the water park.
  • Pendulum-At Jalavihar you must experience the highs and lows of the water world with this adrenaline-inducing ride. The pendulum is a thrilling water ride in which you rode glide along a U-shaped slide that is covered in water.
  • Magic Show- You can enjoy the awe-inspiring magic show in Jalavihar Water park that can leave you spellbound. These magic shows bring fresh tricks and unseen stunts to the stage and they are filled with mysticism and can ignite the curiosity of the smartest human beings.
  • Serene Landscaping- Jalavihar Water Park is popular for its mesmerizing and beautiful landscapes. This amazing junction is a beautiful site for taking photographs and sightseeing.

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Best time to visit Jalavihar Water Park

The best of visit Jalavihar Water Park is in the summer season which is from April to June. The coolness brought by water is a welcome relief from the scorching heat of Telangana. It is better to visit the water park early in the morning as the temperature is comparatively lower in the morning than in the later hours of the day.

Other facilities at Jalavihar Water Park

  • All-day lockers and shower facilities are available for visitors.
  • There are full-time lifeguards who work at the water park in any case of emergency.
  • Swimming costumes for visitors are available on a rental basis.
  • Shower rooms and dress changing rooms are also available for visitors.
  • Instant medical assistance is also available at the water park.
  • There is ample parking space available at the park.
  • Food courts are there with a variety of food stalls.

Instructions for visitors to Jalavihar Water Park

  • Plastic plates, glasses, and any other plastic items are prohibited in the water park.
  • You should carefully read the costume requirements as appropriate swimming and bathing attire are necessary.
  • In there is any case of poor weather there is no option that your refunds will be given.
  • The surface of the rides is wet and slippery, so if the rides stop or if you get off at any point throughout the ride you have to stay seated until a lifeguard arrives to assist you.
  • There are some rides are in the water park that has minimum height and weight requirements.
  • Management of the water park shall not be held liable for any personal belongings of visitors that are damaged or lost.
  • You must follow the lifeguard’s directions.
  • You should carry sunscreen and protective lotions and apply them as frequently as you can to protect your skin against sunlight and rashes caused by the sun.
  • You should not eat anything heavy before going on adventure rides as the food inside your stomach can cause problems and refluxes when you are exposed to sudden movements.
  • You must read all the warnings and rules before going on any rides.
  • You should carry a bag with you in which you can keep all your expendable with.
  • You should keep in mind that littering is strictly prohibited in the water park.
  • You have to make sure that you are hydrated as the rides and adventure activities are highly energy driven and you can forget to drink water when you are surrounded by rides.
  • Make sure that you keep your phones and other electronic devices in a sealed plastic bag if they are not water resistant.

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