Dressing Tips for (Manali Trip) Winter Honeymoon Dresses

Sitting in a warm cozy room and peeping out of a window while it is snowing outside, even if you get a chance to get some snowflakes for your room’s balcony, what could be a more thrilling honeymoon experience? And what could be more interesting than enjoying and celebrating a honeymoon trip on the riverside in Manali while live folk and music of Kullu are being organized for you? You can enjoy your dinner in the romantic moonlight while a bonfire keeps you warm on chilly nights.

Honeymoon Dress For Manali Trip


A honeymoon in Manali has everything that you had ever dreamed of in your life. We know that honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion when newly married couples celebrate their marriage and they want this occasion to be memorable. The honeymoon destination is chosen very carefully by newly married couples and every couple wants their honeymoon destination to be more exotic and romantic, as they want to be very close to nature. Manali is one of the world’s best honeymoon destinations that is preferred by thousand of honeymooners. Be it monsoon, winter or summer, Mother Nature has blessed Manali with enchanting beauty and each season has its own charm in Manali. Whenever you visit Manali, the mountains overlooking the valleys remain covered with the beautiful white snow.

Beas river, Parvati river, and their tributaries add more beauty to the place. Dense green deodar forests make the place picture perfect. Honeymooners make a beeline to Manali during the marriage season and this is the time when hotels in Manali offer different kinds of discounts, packages and offers. It would be more amazing if you are offered to cook food of your choice or you are taught the local cuisine receipt[e while staying in a homestay in Manali.

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Dressing Tips for (Manali Trip)

Manali Dress

You can also get a chance to interact with the locals and get a chance to know about the local culture. If you are staying in a star category hotel then you can hire a popular flute player who will entertain you with this pure music. Honeymoon in Manali has more to offer you as you can go on adventure activities such as paragliding, trekking, horse riding, snow scooter ride, skiing and can enjoy the white water river rafting in the Beas river. You can go for a jeep safari tour from Manali that will take you to the next level of adventure. Manali- Leh jeep safari and Manali -Leh jeep safari you will have two options, but you must have at least 7 to 10 days to fully explore and enjoy the place.

Now the question is what to wear on your honeymoon in Manali, as the temperature shoots up to a maximum of 22 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature is 15 degrees Celsius. Hence you have to choose the perfect honeymoon clothes to wear in Manali. On that note here are the honeymoon dresses that you can wear in Manali on your honeymoon.  After spending months looking for ideal bridal lehengas and all the other wedding stuff, it is time to switch to choosing clothes for your honeymoon.

Clothes For Manali Trip In January

Clothes For Manali Trip In February

Honeymoon dresses are all about sexy lingerie, comfortable loungewear, trendy-day dresses, and everything that is new trends and a part of your style statement. You should try taking clothes that are layer able and warm.  After a number of days of wedding functions and wearing heavy clothes this is the time to slip into light flowy honeymoon dresses is such as delight.

Clothes For Manali Trip In May

Clothes For Manali Trip In June

Packing for your honeymoon dresses also needs careful planning. After all, it is not just your another holiday but the very first one with your travel partner for life.

A honeymoon is your romantic getaway and an adventure trip or a mix of multiple elements but what makes it better is having the right-wear, the perfect clothes and accessories that make it comfortable and of course get you the ideal honeymoon picture too. Before heading for your honeymoon in Manali you have all the needed stuff including warm clothes jackets, gloves, shoes and jeans maybe 3 to 4.

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Get a biking spirit In Manali

On your honeymoon you are not going to stay cooped up in your room the whole day, right? You should carry the proper gear to explore your honeymoon destination, Manali. if jeans and t-shirts are your go-to thing then you should pack them, you can also pack your shorts with comfortable tops and most importantly the right pair of shoes.

The exploring gear also includes hats, caps, sunglasses, backpacks, caps and belts, etc. When you think of exploring gear think of what you are most comfortable with, of course without compromising on your style. Most of your honeymoon pictures will be in the apparel so pack your honeymoon dresses wisely. Going on days out on your honeymoon would be fruitful for strengthening your bond and you will know each other’s likes and dislikes.

Outfits for river rafting Manali

Doing river rafting during chilly weather means neoprene wetsuits, neoprene boots and helmets for the adventure activities. Matching would not look tacky at all for your newly married look and it is summer, then girls you should go for comfortable clothing with full sleeves and easy clothes that are made up of soft fabric to save you from the harsh summer sun. For guys, you can put on some loose track pants or printed shorts to add some fashion.

Snowy Excursion dresses Manali

If you are in Manali in the winter season then it means that you are spending your honeymoon on snowy slopes, so you must protect yourself from cold weather as your first priority. Thus, layering is the only option.

Warm turtleneck, thermal wear or a fleece jacket topped with some printed or multi-colored jackets in the best. Sweaters, jeans and cotton outfits are not all a good idea in the winter season. You can wear waterproof pants with thick lining can be your ideal outfit for your honeymoon in Manali.

Skiing outfits Manali

To see and enjoy the snow is the main objective of every honeymoon couple coming to Manali in the winter season. . For doing snow adventure activities like skiing I would suggest you the same ideas as snowy excursions but you must add a versatile ski jacket as your external layer. A ski jacket will protect you as well your clothes from getting wet.

You can pick up some complementing colors of skiing gear and accessories such as skis, gloves, goggles and caps, etc. for a better fashion and style.

Romantic nightwear Honeymoon Dress Manali

When you are buying dresses for your honeymoon you must give a little attention to the nightwear you are packing.  You must buy some really cute shorts and spaghetti tops and adorable pajama sets but also pack in a few sexy nightwears to spice the things up a bit more on your honeymoon. You can go for the delicate lack in black or nude tones for your sexy nightwear honeymoon dresses. But you have to make sure that none of these items causes irritation or itchy on your skin. You must remember that something risque is a must in nightwear on your honeymoon.

Lingerie Dress In Manali

Manali Honeymoon Dress

The lingerie is another huge and important part of your honeymoon dresses. You can go a little berserk when it comes to lingerie. Of course, your lingerie needs to be enough comfortable and supportive but you should not be shy to indulge in some sexy lingerie. You can go for laces, animal print, bows, butterflies and jewel-encrusted ones too and just wait and watch how things heat up from there.

Beachwear Dress In Manali

Beachwear is important to carry if you are going to a beach destination but if you going to the mountains you must take your beachwear with you. The waterfalls and the lakes in the mountains deserve sexy beachwear too. If you are going to Manali which is an adventurous place you must go skinny dipping here. After all, it is your honeymoon,  a little effort can bring the beach right into your room too. So you should not forget to include this item in your honeymoon dresses.

Loungewear Dress in Manali

Lounge and chill are a huge part of any honeymoon trip. Honeymoon dresses that allow you to just bask in the sun, sip drinks next to the pool and watch the sunset out of your window deep in conversations. Pajamas, tops and t-shirts, comfortable dresses and gowns are all things that feel like a second skin. But you must choose some warm loungewear such as a Poncho or an oversized cardigan on your honeymoon in Manali.

Trusty types of denim In Manali

While you are all set to wow your significant other with your choice of playful, chic and romantic honeymoon dresses that always keep some space for a trusty type of types of denim. Believe me that there are days when you are flummoxed but what to wear or need something hardy enough for a rough and long day hiking up a hill trail, lazing in a field or sampling the natural delights around you and your partner.

Basic shorts In Manali

Manali Dress

From a hike down to the road and all purposes, shorts are a playful commitment to your I do and should be a part of the honeymoon dresses you choose to pack for your first vacation with your life partner. You should pick a pair that fits right in all places that shows just the amount of skin you are comfortable with.

Long dresses In Manali

From slip-on dresses like the Sarongs outfits, cotton summer outfits and resort wear outfits. You can pair your dresses with a suitable set of bridal accessories and bring them all together with a sense of carrying the look well and effortlessly.

Sweatshirts and hoodies In Manali

There is always a room for sweatshirts and hoodies. The foremost thing that you should keep in your mind while pondering about what to wear in Manali is that is not only comfy but also stylish. So the answer is designer sweatshirts and printed hoodies. These days couple hoodies are also available, so you and your partner can wear those couple hoodies on your honeymoon in Manali.

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