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Team building activities are widely organized in schools, colleges, companies and most companies. These activities are planned to maintain positivity and coordination in a company, society and union. The success and growth of the company and its business are defined based on the team and the coordinated efforts put forth by the team. Team building events are designed for this special purpose and we have the expertise in organizing these types of events.

Team Building Event Planner In Shimla

If you are also planning to organize a corporate team building event then you must get in touch with us. We are working as a team-building event organizer in Shimla. We are doing this work for a very long time and we helped several people to organize large-scale team-building activities. We have several new ideas and accessories to perform different tastes and play games.

Team Building Activities For Employees

Our services are praised by our clients whenever we provide services to them. You can choose us as your team-building event planning company and you will get positive results.

We have several games that can be played in team-building activities to indulge people more in this and increase harmony, which is effective to increase team strategies.

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We help you to strengthen your team collaboration by boosting your confidence and trust in each other.  We have listed down the best team-building activities and these activities will help you to trach skills that your employees can use in their personal and professional lives.

Flip it over (Team building activities In Shimla)

The objective of this activity is to help people to work in groups acquire problem-solving, strong communication skills and creativity. To participate in this activity we need a trap or piece of clothing the size of a tablecloth. To perform this activity we need only 20 minutes. Participants in this activity are 6 to 10.

How to play- This is a creative game, here you ask a group of 6 to 10 people to huddle around and stand at the top of a trap. The challenge is that they have to flip the trap by standing on the other side of the cloth. The only condition is that they can only use their feet but they can not get off the fabric or let their feet touch the ground.

Result- This activity forces the group to think of creative ways to work as a team and solve the problem without getting off cloth. This is one of the great team-building games that urge the team members to make sure no one is getting off the cloth. This activity makes sure that in a non-game situation too, team members include everyone in the group and make everyone responsible for reaching the goal of the task.

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Mystery Dinner (Team building activities In Shimla)

The objective of this activity is to let employees get out of their comfort zone and work as a team and this activity also helps you work with new team members. To plan this activity you have a huge space like a restaurant or home. The time that you need to participate in this activity is 11 to 2 hours. Participants that can participate in this activity are 8 to 10 members.

How to play- This fun game is an excellent activity to build team bonding. What you have to do is that on a single night, you have to invite a group of people from various teams to dinner at a restaurant or home. Our company will incur expenses. The mystery is that before the dinner, employees are only informed about the date and timings. Then on the night of the dinner, a text message or email will be sent to everyone with the restaurant’s name and who they will be going with.

Result- This activity enables people to step out of their comfort zone and meet new people. It also helps them to understand working on a team and different teams too. In a workplace scenario, this activity prepares employees to work with people from diverse teams whom they have not met before in their life. This is also an evening of free food and laughter, who does not love that?

Sneak a Peak (Team building activities In Shimla)

The main objective of this activity is to know and understand how individual role plays an important role in a team’s overall success. Other skills to be developed are strategizing, problem-solving and sharpening memory. Tools that we require in this activity are building blocks, popsicle sticks and lego. The time that we require to participate in this activity is 25 to 30 minutes. Participants that can participate in this activity are from 10 to 20 members.

How to play- You should know that before the activity begins you have to build a sculpture using blocks and hide it from all the other teams. To participate in this activity we divide the teams into groups of 2 to 8 members in each and provide them with equal but enough building material, then ask them to come and sneak a peek at the sculpture for about 10 seconds. Then they go back to their teams and get 25 seconds to instruct their team members on how to rebuild the same statue. After 25 seconds, another member from each team is sent to sneak a peek at the sculpture and the process continues until one of the team completely builds a structure of the original statue.

Result- In the end, the team will realize how every team member’s participation is important to success. When they work together as a team then new strategies are developed to solve a problem at hand and the confidence level of every team members rises.

Human Knot (Team building activities In Shimla)

This is one of the best team-building activities for work, as this activity urges employees to cooperate and communicate. The objective is to solve the problem in fixed time, cultivating skills such as problem-solving and time management. No tools are required for this activity. The time needed in this activity is from 20 to 30 minutes. There are 8 to 16 members who can take part in this activity.

How to play-  This activity is also a great exercise for a large group of employees. To perform this activity we have to divide employees into groups of 6 to 12 members and ask them to form a circle facing each other. Tell them to put their right hand in the air and grab someone’s hand from across the circle. After that ask everyone to put their left hand and grab someone’s hand from the circle. We set a timer for them and ask them to untangle the not within the fixed time. The first one who unravels will win.

Results- The teamwork to think of creative ways to complete the activity within a specific time and enables them to organize their work in a way that teaches them to get the work done in a limited period.

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Scavenger Hunt (Team building activities In Shimla)

This activity is a classic example of team building, scavenger hunt is one of the great activities for team bonding. The target is to make a way of cooperation and chumminess among staff. Different skills will be problem-solving and strategizing. The time required to do this activity is more than one hour. Tools that are required in this activity are mobile phones, paper and pens. The number of participants that can take participate in this activity is from 8 to 12 members.

How to play-  Employees have to divide into groups of 4 or more and assign groups with a fun list of items with different point values assigned for each task. Set a closing time to complete the task. These activities can range from taking selfies with strangers, questions that are related to quizzes about the company or organization and preparing a dish with ingredients that are available in the room. You can additionally style a game that you simply can house around the space close to your workplace.

Results- This activity is a great and effective way to get people to interact and collaborate. It also encourages people or employees to think in creative ways and to think outside the box.

Barter Puzzle (Team building activities In Shimla)

Barter Puzzle is an activity that helps to develop a number of skills such as strategy, negotiation and problem-solving. This activity also tests your employees’ leadership and communication skills. The time required to do this activity is from 45 minutes to 1 hour. The tools that we require in this activity are jigsaw puzzles. Participants that can participate in this activity are from 10 to 12 members.

How to play- We split people or employees into groups of four or less and give every team or group a different jigsaw puzzle with the same difficulty level.  The catch of this game is that some items of the puzzle are mixed arbitrarily with puzzles of different teams. The task in this activity is to complete their puzzle by negotiating, trading or bartering team members or puzzle pieces with other teams. Although they do it, the team or group must arrive at a consensus before making any decisions. The group that completes their puzzle first wins this team-building activity.

Result- This activity will focus on how well do groups or teams work together. Because there has to be a complete agreement before making every decision and this activity will give room to strong communication discussions and diverse strategies. This will make sure cooperation and communication. In addition to this, a barter puzzle will advance your employees’ negotiation as well as workplace communication skills.

Helium Stick (Team building activities In Shimla)

This is a great team-building exercise that focused on enhancing teamwork and communication among groups. The time that is required to do this activity is from 15 to 20 minutes.  The tool that is required in this activity is a lightweight plastic or bamboo cane. The number of participants that can take part is from 8 to 10 members.

How to play- Ask the team to split into 2 groups and stand facing each other and ask them to hold their arms out in front of them and pint their index fingers. Then lay the cane down on their fingers. The stick has got to be horizontal and everybody’s index fingers should be touching the cane at the slightest degree times. The task is to lower the stick to the ground without dropping it and touching it only with the index finger.

Result- This activity can be completed only if teams have full cooperation and that can be achieved are problem-solving in a group, leadership and communication.

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