(Review) Splash Water Park Hisar (Timings, Ticket & Activities)

Are you more into relaxed leisure or are you a thrill seeker? Whatever your preference is, a water park is a fun outing ideal for all the family members. There is nothing like spending a few hours or a day at a water park on a hot sunny day. Between floating down the lazy river and zooming down water slides, teens, kids and adults alike can easily have memorable times at the water park.

Splash Water Park Hisar

This experience becomes even better when water park guests also enjoy amusement park rides and all that in the same location. In case you are from Hisar, Haryana and want to spend your day with joy and fun, then you must visit a water park in Hisar- visit Splash Water Park.

It is an Amusement Park Cum Water Park and it is located at NH 65, Barwala Road, Village Talwandi Rana, Marvel City, Hisar. There is a number of rides that you can ride in Water Park such as Budha Water Fall, Mushroom Fall, Swimming Pool, Wave Pool, Water Fall and Multilane slide, etc.

There are 3 Swimming pools in this water park and there is a separate swimming pool that is especially for kids. You can also enjoy rain dance in it and there is a number of different types of rides in Amusement Park such as Striking car, Carrousel, Break Dance, Mini Columbus, Cup and Soccer, etc. They also offer a number of facilities other than water parks and amusement parks like you can organize Co-operate Parties Pool parties, Birthday Parties and Other Events at this place. You can also go to take accommodation in the hotel which is situated in this resort.

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Splash Water Park in Hisar is similar to Essel world and Imagica Theme Park in Mumbai. You can enjoy the water park from the morning to evening time and can take lunch in its food court then you can enjoy rides in an amusement park. But you have to wear a costume before going there. There is a locker facility available where you can store your important devices of things such as mobiles, watches and cameras, etc. When you are here then you must click a number of photos while dancing in the rain dance point, riding in pools, enjoying the waves in the wave pool and much more.

Dos and don’ts you should follow while visiting Splash Water Park  Hissar

As summer vacation is here and the weather is getting humid and tense then most of us planned to visit a water park, but before you put on your swimsuit and get ready to beat the heat you must know some important tips. There is no doubt that water parks are great fun but staying safe is also important so here is the list of things that you must follow while visiting Splash Water Park in Hisar.

Stay Hydrated

Playing in the water can being in sun for a long time can dehydrate you quickly. So, you should drink plenty of water before entering the pool but you should avoid taking drinks with artificial sweeteners or caffeinated soda that will contribute to dehydration. Drinking water before and after visiting a swimming pool is also a must to avoid a Urinary Tract Infection. Water in water parks is dirty, so even if you are on the edge of catching an infection, drinking a lot of water will flush out those bacteria.

Wear Sunscreen

You must not forget to apply waterproof sunscreen before entering the pool and reapply it when you come out of the water. Waterproof sunscreen works for maximum of 80 minutes if you are inside the water at a stretch. You should also use a lip balm with SPF 15 and applying sunscreen properly will not only prevent tanning but also protect you from harmful UV rays from entering your skin.

Take rest

Do must not get too tired. For this, you must keep taking breaks in between. You should come out of the pool and sit in a shade for 10 minutes and sip some water.

Wearing a life vest in must

Regardless of how good you are at swimming, you never get into the pool without a life jacket. You must keep in mind that accidents come unannounced.

Do not run around the pool

Running around the pool is absolutely unsafe and running on the sidewalks which are slippery can be dangerous for your as well as other people. Doing this act can cause a fracture.


You should not forget to pack the essentials that you will need in a waterpark. Some of the water park essentials are a towel, swimsuit, water goggles, a spare pair of clothes, moisturizer, sunscreen, shower gel and first aid kit, etc. Taking your own swimsuit is the best option as the ones available there are often not washed properly and they can be dirty as well.

  1. Leaving your mobile phone at home unless you want to risk water damage or loss of your mobile phone.
  2. Jewelry and other valuables should be left at home as well as you can not wear them and lockers are not always as secure as you might think.
  3. To capture pictures with that oceanic view is all that ladies need but considering taking a camera that is waterproof to two water parks would be a wise decision.

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Rinse before and after

Taking shower before and after entering the pool is very important. The water in the pool has a huge amount of chlorine in it and by taking shower before you enter the pool, you wash away all the bacteria and sweat and do not make the pool dirtier. If you take a shower after the die then you reduce the possibility of chemicals getting into your skin pores and can cause infection.

While having a wonderful fun time with your friends or family, safety should always be there at the back of your mind. Unnecessary stunts, diving and pushing each other should be avoided. Young children must wear a lifesaving device at all times, parents or guardians should always supervise their young children around the pools, lazy rivers, wave pools and all other water rides.

You should always check the safety signs displayed at each ride or direct your questions to the ride operators to ensure safety. As you will not be carrying your mobile phone, you should set up a designated meeting point when you arrive in case anyone gets lost. Also, fried and oily foods before leaving for the water park should be avoided as you are expected to perform a  number of physical activities at the water park. At lunchtime, you should avoid eating heavy meals, you should go light on the food you consume to enjoy every ride and attraction.

Things to do in Splash Water Park in Hisar, Haryana

The amazing Splash Water Park in Hisar is more than just a water park as it also features a slew of enthralling water slides, pools and attractions. In fact, it is a much sought-after destination for day trips for schools in Haryana, especially for younger children. So you just pack your swimming costumes to enjoy your day in the water park in Hisar.

  • Have fun at the wave pool-  One of the most famous attractions in Splash Water Park is the wave pool, which is like a swimming pool with waves of varying sizes. You can chill out at the crazy river that is located near the pool which is similar to a wild river and meandering around the park. However, if you prefer something more laid back then the lazy river allows you to simply float around the tubes.
  • Enjoy rain dance with family or friends- A famous section for families or groups of friends in the park is the Barrish hall or rain hall, a place where it is raining all the time, complete your fun with crazy music in the background. So, you should take a break from all the water fun for indulging yourself in some more water fun.

What is the distance between Hisar bus stand to Splash Water Park?

The distance between Hisar Bus Stand to Splash Water Park is 11 km by road and you can also find the distance from Hisar Bus Stand to Splash Water Park using the travel modes such as bus, train, rail and subway.

Splash Water Park, Hisar Opening Time

  •   Day                                    Open Hours
  • Monday                                 10.00 to 18.00
  • Tuesday                                10.00 to 18.00
  • Wednesday                          10.00 to 18.00
  • Thursday                              10.00 to 18.00
  • Friday                                   10.00 to 18.00
  • Saturday                               10.00 to 18.00
  • Sunday                                  10.00 to 18.00

Splash Water Park, Hisar Ticket Cost

The ticket cost of Splash Water Park are differentiated into 3 parts

  • Kids- Rs 400
  • Adult- Rs 500
  • The Couple- Rs 900

Things to carry at Splash Water Park

  • The first and most important thing to carry is a good sunscreen lotion. You should also reapply it frequently, after getting on the water and especially after riding body slides.
  • The next important thing is to choose and pack appropriate swimsuits for everyone. Water parks usually do not allow guests to go into the water without proper swimwear. You should avoid wearing swimsuits with buttons or zippers, as some water parks do not allow wearing them since they can damage certain slides.
  • If you are visiting the park with infants or toddlers then swim diapers are a must avoid yourself from paying an exclusive at the water park’s gift shop.
  • Getting into raft rides without water goggles can be very tough. Wearing goggles this shields to your eyes from getting the shield to your eyes from getting splashed. You can also go for a pair of goggles with a hat in an ideal combination to sway around in a wave pool or while floating in the lazy river.
  • Wearing flip-flops, water socks or plastic shoes for walking around the water park should always be considered as the concrete surfaces in the water park can become unbearable during the afternoon.
  • You must pack towels for everyone along with the swimsuits will be the best thing to do as you do not want to bet on the clean towels water parks offer.

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