Guide ! Siswan Dam New Chandigarh (Boating & Wild Safari)

Siswan Dam or Siswan Lake is located near New Chandigarh at Kurali and Dhanas road at a distance of just 20 kilometers from Chandigarh. Siswan Dam is located in Siswan Village, Mohali. This place is quite popular to spend you day or weekend with your friends or family. Siswan is the best place to explore that is located near Mohali as well as Chandigarh. At Siswan Dam, there is a nature trail of 6.5 kilometers where you can enjoy walking in between the lush green forests of Shivalik range of the Himalayas.

Siswan Dam New Chandigarh

At this place, old fossils of nearly 3 million years of many endangered species were found. This area is also known as a treasure trove of mammalian fossils. The fossils were discovered during the excavations of nearly 20 village in the Mirzapur and Siswan areas. The government of Punjab is encouraging activities for the enhancement of Biodiversity in this village.

This place is located near the Haryana and Punjab border. It is a very spectacular and calm place to visit with your family and friends. This is also an ideal picnic spot. Water is clean here and boats are also available here if you want to enjoy boating at this place. Siswan Dam is also known as Siswan Community Reserve. This dan is an ex-Chandigarh getaway where you can visit for a nature centric experience. Siswan area is the place where you can climb the observation road on the Dam for a view of the forest or trek into the untracked trails of the forest to see animals and birds.

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Around Siswan Dam, stags, gorals, wild bears, barking deer and neelgai have been sighted. There are also jeep safaris available to explore reserve areas around the dam. Overwhelmed with rich natural beauty, Siswan Dam and uts surrounding forest area has been out of bounds for quite long. Although, the eco sensitive reserve has not got a facelift and opened for sustainable tourism.

It is first of its kind initiative and efforts have been made to convert this area into a recreational zone. Visting this area is likely to leave you mesmerized. It is a natural habitat to a variety of species and this is the reason why no development has been undertaken in the area. This area has no residential property apart from an office of the Irrigation Department and it seems largely abandoned and has become a heaven for the alcoholics in the past. This area is home to a number of wildlife animals like sambhar, leopards and even exotic birds.

Away from rampant construction and located along the peaceful Siswan lake, the eco huts make for a panoramic view. A 6-kilometer-long trek till Mirzapur forests is another attraction here. Owing it its peaceful location and pristine water, recreational activities such as nature trails, jungle safari and rappelling are offered here to increase the tourist footfall. There is also a herbal garden with more than 20 species of plants such as kapoor tulsi, nirgudi, basuti, satavar, kalmegh, bach, kali tulsi and lemon grass, etc. has also been developed. Siswan Community Reserve is spread across 3200 acres and it is divided into 3 zones, all nature awareness activities are restricted to the recreational zone only.

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Government of Punjab has identified tourism as one of its major areas for the development of the state of Punjab. Owing to the state has been instrumental in prompting different forms of tourism and one of the niche areas of the interest has been the ecotourism. The Siswan Dam and the surrounding forest area site has been linked mutually by the department of tourism and the forest department of tourism and the forest department of the government of Punjab.

The dam site and reservoir is part of the Kandi Area Development (KAD) plan that is located in teh state highway from Chandigarh to Baddi, Kandi area being very undulating and sub mountainous is traversed by a number of small and big seasonal streams called choes and is prone to the fleshly floods which cause considerable damages to the village abadies and the crops. Flash floods beget soil erosion and flood tide damage. Siswan Dam at siswan is an earthen dam with central core of imperious material. This dam is constructed with material that is easily availabe in loacality.

The Siswan Forest is located at minimal distanced from townships and cities like Panchkula, Kalka, Pinjore, Chandigarh, Mohali, Kharar and Ropar in close proximity falls mullanpur village, Majra village and Mirjapur village which are fairly developed. Siswan forest located in Mohali district of Punjab. Siswan Dam was built on Siswan watershed in Mohali and this low dam has a height of 24 meters. This dam and its affiliated works along with the field water distribution system were completed in the year 1998. The stored water of the dam that can be utilized for irrigation for an area of 950 hectares.

Siswan dam makes a water reservoir which acts as a source of water that is used in irrigaration and also to quench the thirst of wildlife present there. The dam is situated a picturesque point and holds a breath-taking view of the complete water body and first catchment area. The area is griddled with thick forest area and Shivalik range. The place has nearby village settlement. The major part of the village population is engaged in primary occupations that is animal and agriculture husbandry etc.

The place has not been commercially exploited yet and the natural fabric of the place is still complete. There is a personal farmhouse that have been built around the area, with little commercial development sprouting up in the vicinity of the barrage. Siswan jungle lodge is the nearest resort which is located around 7 to 8 kilometers from the dam site and most of the residents of the Siswan village are engaged in agriculture and related activities.

Siswan dam Trek

Siswan Dam is located in the Northwest part of India, this area experiences as subtropical humid climate and characterized by hot summer season, unreliable rainfall, mild winter season and temperature variations. In the spring season, the climate is very pleasant and the spring season constitutes of the months of mid-February to mid-March and mid-September to mid-October.

The maximum temperature in the spring season is 16 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius while the minimum temperature being 9-degree Celsius to 18-degree Celsius. The autumn season that is from mid-March to April, the temperature can rise to 36-degree Celsius maximum whereas the minimum temperature might go down to 13 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures during autumn season vary from 16 degree to 27 degree Celsius. The summer season makes the weather very hot with maximum temperature rising to 46.5 degree Celsius, sometimes. Temperatures in the summer season fluctuate in between 35 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius.

Cather month of June marks the monsoon for the city which lasts till mid-September and while the city receives moderate and heave rainfall, yet the months of August and September may sometimes receive very heavy rainfall.

The winter season in this area from November to mid-March, weather during the winter season is pleasant with mild cold days, yet climate can get chilly at this time. The maximum temperature in the winter season is ranges from 7 degree to 15-degree Celsius and the minimum temperature from -2 degree to 5 degree Celsius. The winter season is often characterized by rain from the west staying for 2 to 3 days couples with hailstorms.

Boats are also proposed to be purchased by the forest department for carrying out different works like patrolling, inspection and birch watch’s purpose. The boats can also be used by visitors for the purpose of recreation. The conditions will be regulated by Forest Department and to park and operate the boats there is a requirement of boating jetty which can accommodate at least four boats.

Wild Safari Siswan Dam Chandigarh

It has been proposed that wildlife safari through vehicle along the trail area can be started to improve the visitor experience and safety inside jungle. The safari vehicle will take the visitors from the Orientation Environmental awareness center to the Mirzapur Forest House which includes the stopover points viz, viewpoints, animal shelter, watch tower, grassland, trek loops and forest museum.

Tenting areas Siswan Dam Chandigarh

When you are at Siswan Dam you must spend a night in the forest area that will be a very good adventure activity for your if you are a wildlife and nature lover. There are two sites that have been identified for tenting accommodation along the trail. Where you can stay and experience the Natural Forest Wildlife in the dam and its surrounding areas. This will also increase the revenue of the state government.

Wildlife viewing shelter Siswan Dam Chandigarh

If you want to stay in one place and want to see the wildlife animals and birds, then this strategic point has been identified. It is proposed that natural shelter with animal viewing facilities such as binoculars, telescopes and sitting benches that can be created in hilly regions.

Bird watching and tree houses towers

These trees houses are platforms that are constructed among the trunks or branches of one more nature tree. These tree houses can be used to recreate and observe the surrounding area and protection purpose. Bird watching and tree house towers being elevated will give a protected shelter to the wildlife lovers as well as the jungle experience.

Angling decks

In Siswan Dam water there are plenty remains all around the year. There is a number of fish species in the Siswan reservoir which can attract angling enthusiasts.

Hoarding and signages

The Nature Trail from Siswan to Mirzapur having a smooth rise. To guide the visitors about all features and their proper direction and position signage and hoarding are compulsory.

Distance of Siswan Dan from major landmarks

The distance of Siswan Dam is measured in straight line from sone of the major and famous landmarks of Mohali are as follows-

  • Clarion Inn Sevilla- The distance from Clarion Inn Sevilla to Siswan Dam is around 24.41 km.
  • Heritage Haveli- The distance from Heritage Haveli to Siswan Dam is around 20 km.
  • Sethi Dhaba Derabassi- The distance from Sethi Dhaba Derabassi to Siswan Dam is around 34.57 km.



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